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Romantic Things to do in New Orleans, USA

New Orleans is a city of the United States located in the state of Louisiana. The city is as beautiful as other cities of the United States and also very rich in cultural values. The city is known for being a hub of the people of all colors and creed. People from all natives can be seen in the city of style and fashion- Africa-American, Irish, Caribbean people are easily seen and even more. The city was hit by a natural disaster-Katrina Hurricane in the year 2005 but it bounced back to be one of the most visited and even the largest city of the state. The city is also known as one of the major ports of the United States and names after the Duke of Orleans and also a center of fine distinct French and Spanish Creole structural design, as well as its cosmopolitan and polyglot inheritance. The city is said to be as a birthplace of jazz music and so the tourists can see many live performances in the city. The city has many other tourist attractions and among them the French Quarter and the Bourbon Street are one of the major spots which are apt for the honeymoon couples as the city is known for its gorgeous and wicked nightlife which is enthralling and bouncing.

Top 10 Things Couples can do in New Orleans

Not Missing the French Quarter

New Orleans is having a place called French Quarter which is one of the best places to visit as the couples who are visiting here for their honeymoon can visit this place and they can enjoy the best food, clubs, museums, restaurants, shopping centers among others and there are many other places which can be the best trips of the honeymoon holidays for the newly wedded couples. They cannot miss the Bourbon’s Street where there is a hub of clubs, bars and restaurants and the couples can have a nice time out there.

French Quarter

Photo Credit – Elisa.rolle

Trips to the Music Clubs

As the city is a birthplace of jazz so it is pretty sure that the couples can visit the best music clubs of the city not only for jazz but also for other music like blues, rock and R&B. Among the best music clubs, the couples can visit The Apple’s Barrel, B.Js Lounge, Monaghan, Bacchanal wine, Balcony Music Club, Blue Nile Bar and many others where they can have nice brunch while listening the best music in town.

Music Club

Photo Credit – Derek Bridges

Shake Legs with Cajun Dancing

The couples can have best time while dancing with each as it will make them come closer with foot tapping with the Cajun Dancing. The dancing session will be accompanied by the best Cajun food which make the night even more colorful. There are some clubs and dancing arenas where the couples can enjoy their dancing night are the Mid-City Lanes Rock N Bowl, Tropical Isle Bayou Club, Mulate’s and many others and here the couples can also enjoy the best Cajun food.

Cajun Dancing

Photo Credit – rosefirerising

Serene Lake Visits

Couples can spend their quality time in spending near the lakes and the lake shores where they can get the best views of the Lake Pontchartrain. There used to be a swimming area in the 1960s but this time you can be there to spend a very nice time near the lake and to have a nice meal near the cafes and the restaurants of that place and also to enjoy the Lakeshore Park which is indeed commendable.

Lake Pontchartrain

Photo Credit – Michele

Test your LadyLuck

There is a casino which is known as the Harrah’s casino and the couples can enjoy the casino and its ambience and the couples can enjoy their visit to the city of New Orleans in a lavish manner. The casino is having 20 poker tables, 1,873 slot machines,and113 table games, the couples can visit theHarrah’s Casino in New Orleans offers card where they plenty of options to try their luck in money.

Harrah's Casino

Photo Credit – Stefan Schlautmann

Participating in the Food and Wine Festival

New Orleans is a city of festivals and the couples who are here for their honeymoon holidays can visit for the best food and wine festival and they can really have the best time over here where they can get the huge list of cuisines as the best restaurants and eateries participate in this festival along with the huge number of 40-60 bars in this festival. The couples can enjoy the best culinary delights.

Wine Festival

Photo Credit – Dennis Brown

Discovering the Historical Museums

Museums are the store where cultures and past eras are saved preciously and the couples can really have a nice visit in them. Some very important and famous museums are the American Italian Culture Center, The Cabildo, Fort Pike are some of the prominent museums where they can get to see the beautiful cultural preservations of New Orleans.

New Orleans Museum of Art

Photo Credit – Tom Bastin

Romantic River Boat cruises

Couples can go for the romantic cruises on the Steamboat Natchez Riverboat and the couples can really have a great time together where they can get to enjoy with each other and they can get chance to enjoy the jazz bands also that sail together with the boat and the couples can also enjoy the views of the Mississippi River while enjoying the dinner and the music by sailing on the boat.

Cruising, New Orleans

Photo Credit – Jeffrey Peeden

New Orleans Swamp Tours

New Orleans is a city where the honeymoon couples can also go for a swamp tour and the trip can follow for a day trip to the Jean Lafitte Nature Preserve which is a free park, and havewell a view of local swamp and the flora and fauna which will be indeed a different approach to them.

Swamp Tours New Orleans

Photo Credit – dutchbaby

New Orleans Halloween Tours

If any couple is in New Orleans then they cannot afford to miss the Halloween festival. The festival is celebrated properly three days before the exact night of Halloween and the festival is met with lots of thrill and joy and the couples can get to see the much celebrated festival all over that is reflected in its food, dresses and atmosphere.

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