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Romantic Things to Do in Nicaragua, Nicaragua

Nicaragua is one of the largest countries in Central America. This country is also a growing tourist hub. It offers you with a vast number of activities that would make your trip a unique and memorable one. There are a number of activities to keep you busy throughout your vacation. Nicaragua has a number of museums, churches that you can visit or you can spend a day hiking a volcano. Here is a list of things that you can add to your itinerary.

Romantic Things Every Couple Must Do in Nicaragua

Masaya Volcano

This is an active volcano that keeps bubbling every day and emits a large amount of sulfurous gas. There is about 20 kilometers of hiking trail where you can go hiking and make your Nicaragua trip adventurous.

Reserva Natural Laguna de Apoyo

This is a natural reserve and gives one of the most beautiful sites. The 200 years old Carter Lake is set in the lush green forest which makes it a picturesque place. If you want you can even walk down to the bottom of the carter and swim.

Xalteva Church

This old church built in 1890. It was a military fortress that was destroyed in civil wars of 1856. The baroque and unexpected Islamic architecture is quite unique. Fresco adorns the walls and the carvings on the altar make it gorgeous.

Pearl Keys

This tropical island is a beautiful place to spend your vacation at. Larger islands have lagoons and palm groves and the smaller islands feature cotton-white sand beaches. This sea gets warm water that makes swimming pleasant.

The Cathedral of Granada

First constructed in the year 1583, the Cathedral is an important landmark in Granada. It is styled with neoclassical architecture that gives it an elegant look. Within this cathedral are three naves and four chapels.

Somoto Canyon

This canyon is located in the Madriz department of Nicaragua and was declared a national monument in 2005. It is believed to be 5 – 13 million years old and has become a recent tourist attraction.

Indio Maíz Biological Reserve

This rain forest situated on the south eastern corner of Nicaragua is surrounded by San Juan River. It is home to over 400 species of birds, 200 species of reptiles and 4 species of wild cats.

Museum El Ceibo

This museum is situated on the Ometepe Island. Urns, metates and stone tools are found on the first floor of the museum whereas the second floor features women image, the Pottery Hall and varieties and body ornaments rooms.

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