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Romantic Things To Do in Oxford, England

Oxford is the oldest university and city of the United Kingdom and has been appreciated all around the globe for its prominence and values for years. The city is located on the banks of River Thames and known with another name of the “The City of Dreaming Spires” which spells that the city is not only for studies but is also a romantic getaways for the couples. Couples can select this city as a great honeymoon destination which actually a place with nice poetic love to express and the couples can really fall in love if they stay in the city for at least one beautiful day. There are numerous churches that belong to the medieval era and there are many ancient monuments those actually beautify the city and make it worth for romancing. The buildings that dominate the city are more of Gothic styles and the charm of the city really makes the couples fall for each other.

Romantic Fun Things to do in Oxford

  • Couples who are in Oxford should explore the city and visit the colleges, museum, library and the college arenas. There are many colleges under the university which allows the tourist to come in.
  • In Oxford cheap romantic getaways the couples can visit the Carfax Tower which is a place to express your inner feelings to your partner and the place is known as the hub of love and you can generously kiss your partner you want.
  • Do visit the Ashmolean Museum which is a place to watch fine and ancient Egyptian collection of artifacts and the couples can enjoy the nearby restaurant and can also visit the local gift shop.
  • Among various luxury hotels in Oxford the couples can visit the Old Bank Hotel which is constructed in Gregorian Architecture and the couples can really enjoy their special moments there.
  • Couples can enjoy punting which is a popular activity in Oxford which is done on a boat with a pole and the couples can have loads of fun as it is mostly enjoyed in water.
  • Do not forget to have a meal in the Cherwell Boathouse which is an extraordinary place to hang out during your romantic holidays and the couples can enjoy relishing food while watching the spectacular riverside.
  • Couples can enjoy their nightlife as Oxford is full of pub and lounges and the couples can really have fun out in the ambience.
  • Visiting the Oxford Botanical Garden can be one of the most romantic ideas you can do in Oxford city as you can take your sweetheart beside the rose gardens and the place is a lovely destination to share your inner feelings.
  • You can sail on a romantic steamer on the river and can really have your most passionate kiss on the waves while you are on sail.
  • You can go shopping to buy some nice books in Oxford and do not forget to buy some romantic novels and books.

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