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Romantic Things To Do in Santorini, Greece

Offering romantic landscapes and stunning views of sunset along with some absolutely mesmerizing beaches, Santorini is known to be a volcanic island in the Cyclades group of Greek islands. Santorini is home to rich natural bio-diversity and picturesque landscapes and also exhibits a soothing fusion of Venetian and Cycladic styles of architectures. Being honored as the World’s top island by magazines and websites such as the Travel Leisure magazine, the BBC and US News etc, Santorini is roughly semi-circular in shape and is famous for offering romantic views of sunsets, which are amongst the most beautiful ones in the World. Even the Worldwide movie makers could not resist the Santorini’s charm, as a result the movies like Bang Bang (2014), For the First Time (2008 film), Che ne sarà di noi (2004) and many more have been shot in the picturesque beauty of this place.

Romantic Things to do in Santorini Greece

  • Rent a vehicle (two or four wheeler) and take your partner onto a long romantic drive around the island.
  • Do not miss out on watching a romantic Oia Sunset with your loved one.
  • Do not miss out on being mesmerized by the sunning scenic beauty of the beaches of Santorini, such as the Beach of Perissa, White Beach and Red Beach etc.
  • Step together into an evening cruise with your partner and spend some of the most romantic moments of your love live, amidst the turquoise sea waters, away from any sort of disturbances.
  • Visit Art & Space or Wine Museum of Santorini and enjoy a glass of the local wine with your loved one.
  • Go Sightseeing with your partner and enjoy the romantic scenic beauty of Santorini, such as Caldera, Akrotiri minoan, Fira, Oia and many more.
  • Get married in Santorini; it is considered as the second most romantic spot in the World, after the Niagara Falls.

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