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Romantic Things to do in Seattle, USA

Seattle is one of the major cities of the United States located in the King County. The city is also known as the 'Emerald City'. Seattle is one of the most praised destination of the United States when it comes to entertainment and fun and as far the trips of the honeymoon couples then can treat this place is one of the most happening places the can be after their wedding. Right from museums, to night clubs and bars, to food junctions, to zoos and aquariums and to the shopping centers all of the entertaining elements are found in the city. There are many other ways through which the honeymoon couple can make them entertained and the city will not stay behind as the Down Town, and the Capitol Hill is one of the prominent centers to be visited by the couples and they can be sure of many other astonishing centers where they can find a new thing every moment.

Top 10 things Couples can do in Seattle

Cruising & Whale watching in Victoria Clipper

In this romantic cruise the couples can find a gorgeous location between Seattle and Victoria and the couples can enjoy their rides in the romantic cruises at their best because the ship ride goes on the Strait of Juan and the couples can enjoy some very nice moments with their beloved as they can watch some dynamic whales resting in sun and floating on the Strait of Juan and the cruise will sail on the turquoise blue waters creating a perfect romantic ambience.

Victoria Clipper

Photo Credit – Richard Eriksson

San Juan Safaris and Kayaking Tours

Watching the wide animals in their natural home can be a treat to the eyes and the couples can enjoy in a broader way and they can get the best cruises of San Juan to sail on the beautiful sea plane. The cruises can also provide the couples with the kayaking tours and the cruises are done with a lesser number of guests so that the guests can be attended at their best hospitality and the couples cannot miss the kayaking with these guided tours.

Kayaking, Seattle

Photo Credit – kaveman743

Escaping to the Lush Greenery

Couples can cool their eyes with the lushly surrounding by escaping to the awesome environment of Seattle as they can really have a good time over seeing these naturally rich locations. There are fine picnic locations that are seen amidst the emerald green region and places like Mount Rainier to the Woodinville Wine County the couples can see some of the soothing green surrounding that speaks serenity and calmness all through. If you are opting for these forest safaris then you can get some very nice arrangements from the services providers in Seattle.


Photo Credit – Nicole June

Exploring Flora and Fauna

Seattle is a city where you cannot escape from discovering the wild species. The city has very magnetic Zoos where you can see the charming leopards, cheetahs and other animals like the otters can be see here the beaches and the shallow marshes. Visiting the Woodland Park Zoo is a nice place to be and the couples can see the beautiful and unlimited stretches of the rose garden and here the couples can see almost 290 breeds of roses in this park. And more to explore they can get the views of penguins and birds too.

Woodland Zoo

Photo Credit – Kristin Wall

Lip Smacking Savor Seattle Food Tours

Couples who are food lovers can go for lip smacking food tours where they can get the chances to taste some of the awesome foods of the Pacific North West. There are unending options where the couples can get their best choice of foods right from the beer to the main course foods and the couples can also taste some of the best menus of Seattle and thus they can be sure of their choice by choosing this city as one of the best destination for culinary specialties.

Restaurants, Seattle

Photo Credit – Braden

Exploring the Colorful Museums

Seattle is also known as the hub of museums and the couples can definitely explore the wide array of museums such as Seattle Asian Art Museum where the couples can see some of the best examples of Chines and Japanese Arts. The Wing Luke Museum of the Asian Pacific American Experience is a museum which is also a worth visit, more to explore the couples can move on to other museums such as Frye Art Museum, Science Fiction Museum, Burke Museum, Museum of Flight and Pacific Science Center is some of the places which are worthy of visits.

Seattle Art Museum

Photo Credit – David Herrera

Cultural Tours of Tillicum Villages

The tours of Tillicum Village can also be called as the Argosy Tours which is a local cultural representation since the year of 1962, and also a typical Northwest experience that is basically called as an Argosy cruise where it goes around Blake Island State Park, where you can see some very genuine Northwest Coast Native American dancing and the couples cam also enjoy a delightful meal in a best assorted menu where they can enjoy salmon and other traditional dishes of America. The brunches are designed with best menus which is loved by all.

Tillicum Village Seattle

Photo Credit – Michael B.

Trekking and more Wildlife Tours

Couples can also go to the best trekking tours of the wildlife of the Seattle where they can get to see the best wildlife and the couples would also get a chance to go for those valleys where they can go for treks and also can see beautiful wild animals all over.

Trekking Seattle

Photo Credit – Michael Matti

Beautiful Local Parks to Explore

A wide range of parks where the couples can visit during their honeymoon are the Cowen Park, Discovery Park, Golden Garden’s Park, Gasworks Park, Kerry Park and Green Lake are some of the outdoor tours which the couples can explore when they are not in mood to go longer distance.

Gasworks Park Seattle

Photo Credit – Tony Cyphert

Awesome Festivals to Attend

Seattle is a place where the couples can attend many of the cultural fairs such as Seafair, Bumbershoot, Fremont Fair, Hempfest are some of the prominent fairs and festivals which can be enjoyed in the city to see the cultural richness of the state and celebrating the traditional values of the people.

Fremont Fair

Photo Credit – Anna

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