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Romantic Things To Do in Seychelles, Seychelles

A “No Visa Required” destination for all nationalities, Seychelles is a beautiful archipelago in the Indian Ocean. The land of mesmerizing beaches and refreshing sea breezes, Seychelles appears nothing less than a paradise of natural bio-diversity on the earth. The charming Sunsets and turquoise-water beaches amidst the rich flora and fauna of Seychelles set up beautifully for one of the most romantic outings of your life. Seychelles consists of some of most wonderful island getaways in the world and is rightly regarded as a “romantic beachcomber’s dreams come true” destination.

Romantic Things to do in Seychelles

  • Seychelles is a place of vibrant beach parties; enjoy the local festive beach parties with your partner, to add a new dimension to your romantic vacations.
  • If you two are an adventure loving couple, things were never better for you. Seychelles beaches are famous for water adventure activities like Snorkeling, Scuba-Diving, sailing etc.
  • Visit the Aldabra Atoll (World’s largest coral atol) that stretches around 22 Miles East to West and beautifully embraces a huge tidal lagoon.
  • Go hiking to explore the majestic walking trails of La Digue, in the Vallée de Mai and on the east coast of Praslin.
  • The peaceful and beautifully landscaped botanical gardens of Seychelles are one of the favorite spots of the Nature loving couples in Seychelles. Visit the Botanical Gardens of Seychelles to spend a day out amidst the romantic surroundings of rich natural flora and fauna here.
  • Go shopping and buy some of the antique local stuffs such as handicrafts, ornaments and other local offerings as a token of your trips’ memory.

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