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Romantic Things To Do in Sorrento, Italy

Overlooking the Bay of Naples, Sorrento is a popular tourist destination, located in Southern Italy. Incorporating beautiful sea cliffs, luxury hotels and numerous romantic escapes, Sorrento is a destination perfect for you to trance in the loved company of your partner, amidst this paradise of natural beauty. Apart from the mesmerizing landscapes of Mountains, Deep valleys and views of the majestic Sea, Sorrento is also home to some of the most preserved and most beautiful architectures of ancient times. The warm and ever- welcoming hospitality of Sorrento is said to be transferred from generation to generation as a heritage. All in all, Sorrento sets up ideally as a romantic getaway for you to celebrate your weekend vacations with your loved one.

Romantic Fun Things to do in Sorrento

  • Have a taste of Sorrento’s own limoncello digestif made from lemon rinds, alcohol, water and sugar) along with the delicious cuisines, on your romantic date with your loved one.
  • Hire a Ferry boat and ride through the nearby charms like Naples, Amalfi etc. in the loved company of your partner.
  • Take out the first half of your day to enjoy the sun bath with your partner at the sandy stretch of Marina Grande (Beach) and spend the rest of your day on your private visit to explore the unique ruins of Pompeii in absolute serenity of nature.
  • Take your partner on a cruise ride and discover the beautiful stretches of Mediterranean coastline while boarding a traditional gullet.
  • Visit Villa Comunale and capture the mesmerizing views in your camera as tokens of your Sorrento trip; this public park offers gorgeous panoramic view of the Bay of Naples.

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