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Romantic Things to Do In South Korea, South Korea

Korea which is divided in to two parts I.e. North Korea and South Korea and North Korea is not so visited by the tourists from all over the world as major tourist and honeymoon attractions are located in South Korea which is known “Republic of Korea” and the couples should not miss the tours after their marriage as there are numerous locations and destinations where they can visit for very good tours and most importantly to taste the relishing food of Korea. The places like Seoul, Busan and Chuncheon are major places to visit and the couples would love the attractions here as they can get some of the best views of nature and have a romantic trip of the country. Some very nice beaches, temples and landscape are worth visiting here for the couples.

Top 10 things Couples can do in South Korea

  • In Korea basically honeymoon couples visit Seoul where they can visit the various bars and restaurants to dine with each other and there are some very nice cafes and restaurants to taste up for some very relishing food.
  • In Seoul there is a beautiful ice skating rink which is known as the Lotte World Skating Rink where they can go for skating with your loved one and it will be a thrill.
  • Seorak-san National Park is a place where the couples will love to visit the place to see the flora and fauna and the place is very good for hiking purposes and the couples can go for the hiking trips and they can also get good guides too.
  • Couples should not miss to miss visiting Chuncheon as this is the capital city of Gangwon which is surrounded by beautiful rivers and valleys and the place is a real thrilling destination for the couples.
  • Jungdo Island is a must visit in Gangwo and the couples should not miss it to experience the thrills and they can get the best natural views of Soyang Dam near by it.
  • Couples who want to enjoy the beaches and sea front should visit the southern area of Gyeongsang and the couples can have fun in here and view its gorgeous coastlines and fine and serene beaches.
  • Beautiful temples can be seen by visiting Busan where they can experience the best and serene place to pray and the beautiful Buddhist temples are worth visiting here. Busan is also known for its beautiful natural reserves, hot springs and beaches.
  • Couples can also visit the place called Jeonjuwhich is actually famous for its food lovers; as the place have some very exotic range of cuisines and food lovers never miss this place to taste some very relishing Korean cuisines.
  • Jeolla can also be visited for many things that are seen through this place which are combined for many bars and restaurants, places of interests and small islands and stunning landscapes.
  • Most Importantly couples should not miss to visit the Jeju Island which is known as a Paradise of the Honeymooners and the couples should not miss it.

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