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Must Things to Do In Spain, Spain

One of the Europe’s greatest nations, Spain has long been a traveler’s favorite. Spain has a rich history and culture and it has some of the most beautiful locations in Europe. It is also one of the most tourist friendly nations and has been visited by people from all round the world. From beautiful beaches to snow capped mountains, Spain has a lot of thing that you can do.

Spain Activities -Top Things to do in Spain

Gorge on some Tapas

Spain is the land of Tapas; there is not a single place here where you will not find this mouthwatering dish. Go from bar to Bar trying out tapas and you might get a pint with every meal. But not only the Tapas you can also have known dishes include, tortillas, patatas, bravas and a large amount of chorizo based meals. Spain is full of delectable cuisine and also a lot of places to try it.


Photo Credit- Salomé Chaussure

Skiing in Sierra Nevada

The Mountains of Sierra Nevada are popular worldwide as one of the best skiing slopes. These mountains are intoxicatingly beautiful and with that said they also have the best slopes for skiing. The best part of the Sierra Nevada is that in a single day you can ski over the snow filled slopes and then walk off to the nearest beach for getting you skiing soaked in the warm Sunlight.

Sierra-Nevada Spain

Photo Credit- Hernán Piñera

Have a taste of Flamenco

Don’t get us wrong Flamenco is not a dish to taste, but actually a dance form that is graciously acknowledged with the culture of Spain. Book a performance of this mesmerizing dance and f you have time you can also get yourself trained in this exquisite dance form. Once you have mastered it you will always be eager to showcase your moves in front of your friends and family.


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Camp Nou

Been in Spain and not attended a match at Camp nou, it is such a waste. Visit one of the footballs best club’s home ground, Camp nou the home ground of Barcelona FC is what all football fans are crazy about. Even if you are not a fan of football getting your photos clicked in this arena is a great deal in itself.

Camp Nou Spain

Party hard in Ibiza

There is no place on Earth like Ibiza, if you are visiting Spain from April to October do visit the party capital Ibiza. The welcoming and ending parties here are legendary and are attended by renowned celebrities. Here you will find the best clubs with top class DJ’s belting out great beats. So if you are in a party mood Ibiza is the place to be.

Ibiza Spain

Photo Credit- Ismail Mia

La Tomatina, Bunol (Valencia)

If you are visiting Spain at the end of August, then you are in for a great treat. The La Tomatina perhaps the best festival in the world, is celebrated on the Wednesday of the last week of August and is one hell of an event. In this event people get drenched in tomatoes and throw tomatoes at each other’s. The party starts with a massive feast on Paella ad then ends with the sound of the bottle rocket after which the revelers go and wash themselves.


Photo Credit- Reno Tahoe

Treat you eyes with some art

Visit the Guggenheim Museum located in Bilbao which is considered to be one of the world’s best museum. The museum showcases the 20th century art which can range from exquisite to bizarre. The first thing that strikes about the museum is its artistic design which will make your head spin with its curves.


Photo Credit- Georges Jansoone

Benicassim Festival

one of the best music festivals of the world, while in Spain do head out for the Benicassim music festival which is held at the beaches of Barcelona where world’s best DJ’s clash and churn out the best party music. This is a heaven for music lovers and lasts for four days in a beach rocking, music pumping, and drinking mayhem. It is normally held in the month of July but the dates can vary accordingly.

Running with the Bulls

Now this one only for someone who has enough balls. It is one of the most popular events of Spain and is known all over the world. Here people and bulls run together in a narrow street and considered a great risk. If you are not crazy enough to participate in the Bull Run you can simply stand by and watch the race unfolding in from of your eyes. Even the sound of dozens of bull charging at full speed will send shivers down your spine.


Photo Credit- Camilo Rueda López

Witness Bull fighting

It is the national sport of Spain and is associated with the people fighting with the bulls with sword. It is held in an arena and witnessed by spectators. Though it might not be pleasant to watch the bull die in agony it is still one of the attractions of Spain. If you have the heart of seeing an animal die at the hands of a man you must witness the bull fighting.

Bull Fighting, Madrid

Photo Credit- paul.hartrick

Get clicked at Ronda

Ronda is a magnificent bridge spans the gorge between the new town and the old town, which you can find through taking a picturesque drive through the Andalucía Mountains. Visit this amazingly beautiful place and, make sure your camera is fully charged as the images are unbelievable. You might even fill up all the memory on you r camera capturing this beautiful place.


Photo Credit- Santi Martin

Go for some Shopping

Visit the markets of Spain for some high end shopping but mean while you can also have a look at the flea market located in Madrid by the name of Rastro. This market is vehicle free and is visited only by pedestrians. You can shop for souvenirs here and make sure to bargain for a better deal. And if you get tired the streets are lined up with bars, just head out to the nearest one and dig into some Tapas and grab a beer.

EL Rastro Flea Market

Photo Credit- Eduardo Balmaseda

See the Architecture of Antoní Gaudí

Antoní Gaudí one of the most famous artists of all the times and his sculpture architecture is famous, daring and unique. It can also be said to be unorthodox and unique but it does have its own charm. You should definitely see the La Sagrada Familia an installation which is ghastly but amazing piece of craftsmanship.

Sagrada Familia

Photo Credit- Zé Valdi

Visit the Alhambra

The n the hills of Granada is the Alhambra Moorish fortress, which protected the city’s inhabitants from invasion by the Christians for hundreds of years. It is the biggest castle of Spain and it would take you a complete day to cover it on foot. Just hire a guide and watch this amazing marvel of manpower and craftsmanship.


Photo Credit- jesuscm

Study Spanish

while you are in Spain you will definitely get to learn a few words of Spanish but if you plan on to stay a little longer then it would be beneficial to learn this n=beautiful language. Spanish language is not a tough one to learn and is extensively use in Spain so learning it would be a wise choice.

Photo Credit- Javier

Photo Credit- Javier

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