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Romantic Things to do In Sydney, Australia

Sydney is a major city of Australia which is popularly known as the 'Harbor City'. The city is the capital of the state of New South Wales and one of the populous city of Australia. The city is surrounded by major natural harbors of the world and due to this reason it got its title. The city of Sydney is having an interesting mix of old and new architecture, and the city has numerous parks, and streets, with many unique characters represented. The tourists can look at the various and interesting places such as the Royal Botanical Gardens, Sydney Harbor, among the architecture the tourists can take a look to the beautiful cityscape of the city which includes the Sydney Opera House, Darling Harbor, Sydney harbor bridge and many others. Couples who have opt for a Sydney tour can get a glimpse of the city has its various interesting places thus they can visit all the attractions and landmarks of Sydney. But not to forget the beaches of Sydney among which the Bondi Beach and the Cronulla beach are the main ones that get more crowds. Sydney can be a great choice for the couples who are looking for a nice and gorgeous place which is just like a place where the couples can enjoy all over enjoying the water, greenery and other endless entertainment options.

10 Things Couples must do in Sydney

Experience the Best Shopping at Sydney

Sydney is a lavish metropolis of Australia and it is pretty obvious that it possess one of the best shopping malls and centers for its customers and guests, thus we can say that the city has to offer a huge variety of shopping centers and the couples who are in this city for their love holidays can visit the Pitt Street Mall, Westfield Sydney, World, Square, Strand Arcade, Queen Victoria Building and many others are great places to fill up your shopping bags.

Queen Victoria Building

Photo Credit – Christopher Chan

Spoiling yourself at the Bondi Beach

Bondi Beach is a place where the couples can spoil themselves in the turquoise blue water and white sandy beaches and they can get the best waves for kayaking, and surfing. The sea beaches is also meant for more and more fun and the couples can make the best use of the place and the beach is also a dynamic place to enjoy the nightlife of the city and there are beach bars and restaurants so whenever they are hungry can bite some relishing menus on the Bondi.

Bondi Beach

Photo Credit – jellybeanz

Romancing on the Dining Table

For the honeymoon couples Sydney could be one of those places where they can go for limitless options in various restaurants, eating joints, and if any couple is an ardent food lover then they can choose among the best chef choice restaurants that are specially made for handpicked recipes. The couplescan get more cafes and picnic places where they can dine on and also many outdoor restaurants where they can have their meal under the open sky with the best gourmet brunch in the town. Experience the best food and wine in Sydney in the Cherry Bar, Margaritaville in Darling Harbor, amongst the best places.

Dining, Sydney

Photo Credit – Becky Xia

Exploring the best Wildlife and Waterlife of Sydney

Couples who are looking for some real excitement can visit the zoo to explore the best wildlife in the city and all they have to do is to pick a travel pass and explore the city’s best places. To discover the fauna of Sydney the couples can visit the Taronga Zoo, Featherdale Wildlife Park to watch the kangaroos and koalas and among the best aquariums to watch the vivid aquatic life the couples can visit the Sydney Aquarium, and Manly Sea Life Sanctuary where they can also book for a whale watching cruise and the experience will definitely be an awesome one.

Featherdale Wildlife Park

Photo Credit – Xiquinho Silva

Go for a Walking Tour of Sydney

Sydney is a city where the couples can opt for a walking tour of the city and the experience will be an outstanding one. The city possesses a huge number of architectures, and parks and gardens which make this city a beautiful one to stay and the couples can take a walk to the Town Hall to Hyde Park and view the Sydney Town hall and also explore the various cathedrals such as St. Andrews Cathedral, Australian Museum, ANZAC Memorial and can move towards the St. Mary’s Cathedral to the State Library and watch out for the Martin place, New South Wales Parliament house and many more.

ANZAC Memorial

Photo Credit – Matt

Attending the festivals of Sydney

Sydney also hosts a number of festivals and the couples who are here can get the best glimpses of the festivities and among them the international Bachata festival, Crackers Festival at the Concourse, ANZAC Sunset ceremony and ANZAC day are some of the festivals which you may attend if you present in the city.

Sydney, Festival

Photo Credit – Christopher Chan

Whale Watching Cruises

Couples can go for the mesmerizing whale watching cruises on the waves and harborsof Sydney. And visiting the city without watching these water species makes an incomplete tour of the city so that couples can get to visit the Sydney Harbor to do the acts. The couples can also get to walk on the Bondi and Coogee beach to get the glimpses.

Cruise ride

Photo Credit – Yasser Alghofily

Visit the Blue Mountains

The couples can get the best views of nature where the sky meet the earth and the sights are splendid and unforgettable from the Blue Mountains. Couples can have a nice and quiet day out in the Blue Mountains with picnic baskets.

Blue Mountains

Photo Credit – 123_456

Indulge in Watersports

Apart from visiting the beaches the couples can indulge themselves in the various watersports and they have a wide array of choices of water right from Bondi, Coogee Manly, Cronulla or Wattamolla for surfing and for kayaking they can consider the Sydney harbor.

Water Sports, Sydney

Photo Credit – Ian Sanderson

Natural Sight Trips

Couples can go for viewing the best visits of Nature as they can visit the Broughton Pass, Coogee Beach, Burrawang Reach to see the lush greenery and fine Cascades and waterfall and also to the Berowra Valley National Park to spend some serene moments to have a heart to heart talk.

Coogee Beach Sydney

Photo Credit – Nimal Skandhakumar

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