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Romantic Things To Do in Venice, Italy

Venice is not only one of the beautiful cities of Italy but it is one of the best vacation spots of the world. The city is known for being extremely beautiful as it’s a heaven of romance and people find them lucky if they visit this place as their honeymoon destination. The city has 118 islands and it is mostly gets overcrowded by tourists all over the year. But still the couples can find their place of privacy and they can enjoy their honeymoon holidays and there are numerous luxury hotels where you can live the best moments of your honeymoon and can get ample of flowers, wine and chocolates to impress your darling. The ambience of Honeymoon in Venice is so romantic that you can be with your darling and your honeymoon will seem like a fairytale and the couples can enjoy various outdoor activities, view some very ancient structures, and attend numerous events in the city.

Romantic Fun Things to do in Venice

  • Venice can be the best destination for romantic vacations as the couples can fly high in their love as the place actually allows enjoying its numerous destinations here. The couples can visit St. Mark’s square which is a perfect place to enjoy honeymoon and the couples can really find some nice places of their choice.
  • Visit Rialto Bridge and go for the gondola ride here which will be a thrilling experience as you can have some spectacular views of the city and the couples can really find some very posh shopping streets here but the deal can be a quite expensive one.
  • Watch the breathtaking sunset which is visible from the lagoon shore at the Giardini Pubblici in Castello or can also be visible from the park at Sant’Elena. The sky turns pink during the sunset and it declares it strongly as it is the city of love as its blushes in pink.
  • Couples can a trip to the Accademia Bridge as the atmosphere is really romantic and from the bridge the couples can have some very interesting views of the city.
  • Saint Mark’s Basilica, San Giovanni e Paolo, San Giacomo di Rialto are some of the beautiful churches which can be visited by the couples in the weekend breaks and can see some very beautiful and elaborated architecture.
  • San Giorgio Maggiore is the small waterfront where you can spend your time with her and make her feel special with your love touch and caresses. There is a church in front of the place but the place is apt for some private moments.
  • Take your love to a lovely and special candle lite dinner and treat her with some find Italian delicacies and champagne too.
  • Take a new leap to your life and go for a boat sail in the islands of Murano,Burano, and Torcello where you can sees some spectacular views.
  • Visit Zattere as this place is a nice option for quite evening stroll holding hands together.
  • Your romantic holidays cannot be over unless you go for some nice shopping together.

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