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Romantic Things To Do in Washington DC, USA

Washington DC is a huge marvelous city and the capital of the United States of America. Being a city with national significance in politics and economy of the United States it also boasts some of the very interesting vacations spots which are also considered as nice. So couples who have got exhausted with their wedding rituals and continuous invitations from their family and friends can finally go for a nice escape to the city and the city holds the highest portion of the ancient monuments and architecture of the country in its share. Some of the important structures are the White House, Lincoln’s Memorial, Capitol, and Washington Monument is noteworthy. Couples can take this city as their honeymoon destination and visit the various parts of the country which will fulfill their needs and co-operate with them being a couple’s getaways.

Romantic Fun Things to do in Washington DC

  • Go for a sail in the paddle boats in the Jefferson Memorial Lake and you can go for a nice boat ride as this is a nice couple’s getaway to be enjoyed with your partner and named as Tidal Basin and with the boat ride you can also reach to the Roosevelt and Martin Luther King Memorials.
  • The couples can visit one of the most beautiful architecture of the city named as National Cathedral which is extremely beautiful and the romantic getaways in this place is the Bishop’s Garden which is a majestic place to romance.
  • Go for a quiet stroll in the National Mall in the evening and spend some nice time with your partner as you will get ample of time to talk your heart with him/ her. The tree lines walking trails with a reflecting pool nearby will definitely make a romantic ambience for you.
  • The Roosevelt Memorial is an excellent place to enjoy romantic breaks as the place has a beautiful waterfall and the unique ambience to live best moments of your honeymoon holidays.
  • Rock Creek Park is a nice place to enjoy where you can beautiful rocky areas and the place is counted among the best places to enjoy romantic vacations for the couples. The forested green hills, walking trails and parks are the place to explore.
  • Couples can enjoy a maximum part of island vacations without being completely in water. Roosevelt Island is such a place which can be enjoyed in the city with an exotic park and a beautiful swamp.
  • During your honeymoon in Washington you cannot miss the Jazz and Blue Concerts which are considered as one of the best concerts in the world and they are worth attending.
  • View the dazzling city of Washington from the terrace of Kennedy’s Memorial as the place is admiring and apt for romantic moments.
  • Take your sweetheart to the National Gallery of Art Sculpture Garden Ice Skating Rink and go for some ice skating holding your hands and feel the love in the air!
  • Go for a nice meal with smoked lobster, soufflé deserts and wines and raise a toast to your married life!

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