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Romantic Things To Do On Rainy Day

Rainy Season is considered one of the beautiful seasons for which the earth waits for. The season actually continues for a month but it spreads greenery and breezy ness all over and that is why every heart feels loved and wants to love too. Couples who have got married will love the season as it actually wet their hearts with love and they can feel the love in all over the plants, raindrops, the black clouds and it will be more poetic if they on they are on honeymoon holidays in any savannah forests on any tropical region where they will get more rainfall and make them closer. Couples can choose their honeymoon destinations in any Mediterranean city will also love to be there. In tropical region the nights and days will be cozier during the monsoon as daytime high temperatures fall and instant low temperatures raise at night, so a warm coffee or a brandy can help to be hotter and romantic.

Romantic Fun Things to do on Rainy Day

  • Raise a toast to your love life and celebrate with your partner. Do not go outside but inside your living room spread a mat on your floor and enjoy a glass of wine and watch the raindrops falling outside on the grass.
  • Planning for a dinner at a restaurant? Both of you can spend some time in kitchen and cook a nice meal together and this way you will know the tastes and preference of each other.
  • As the rainy season could be the perfect time for romantic moments so do not miss the chance to cuddle and cozy in the bed with your partner as this is the perfect time to be on bed and make love and get a nice sleep.
  • If you are really willing to get wet, just go out in your garden and do some gardening by getting wet and you can simply enjoy the rainfall falling on you.
  • During the rainy day you can plan a trip to a water park and the enjoyment will be indeed a grand affair as you can be entirely in water and have a splash.
  • Click a nice picture of yours in the rain and frame it in your bedroom or click a nice selfie of both of you in a romantic pose and post on your Facebook page so that you can get more and more ‘likes’.
  • If you reside near a seaside then do not miss the chance to enjoy sand and sea and move towards the sea and get your sweetie wet in the waves but make sure to not to go to the prohibited area.
  • Fry some nice crackers and snacks and enjoy it with your favorite coffee or tea as it will be a nice time where you can laugh over with your partner.
  • Take out some challenging indoor games which can really drain mind and you can laugh over them while watching the rain.
  • Go to your favorite to play pool as it is one of the best games of the rainy day.

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