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Tokyo Honeymoon Destination & Travel Guide for Couples


Tokyo: Snapshot

Best time to visit Tokyo:
March, April, May, September, October, November,

Tokyo romantic honeymoon destination is also famous for : Adventure, Backwaters, Beach, City, Heritage, Island, Lake, Peaceful, Popular, Shopping, Water Sports,

The world’s most famous metro polis and the capital city of Japan, is situated on Honshu Island. Tokyo is a popular honeymoon destination and also home to the Imperial palace and center of political activities in the country. The city is a must see because of its shopping complexes, skyscrapers, museums, gardens, clubs and bars and neon. Besides this, main attractions of the capital city include Meiji Shrine, Disneyland, Edo Tokyo Museum, Tokyo Tower and Shinjuku National Garden. Past recent years the City of Tokyo has gained popularity among honeymooners and have been attracting them from all around the world.

Well-organized, spotless and orderly, this capital city of Japan has a squeaky clean reputation which makes it a delight for honeymooners to discover.Tokyo is inhabiting rich culture and traditions thousands of years back with a mix of modernization. The capital city also offers unlimited choice of shopping, entertainment and dining to tourists.

Tokyo as Honeymoon Destination (Romantic Getaways)

Tokyo’s natural and man-made wonders provide the perfect canvas upon which a storybook of memories can be written. A walk in the streets of the capital city with your partner or a puzzling day of choices to choose from, is the uniqueness makes it different from any other metropolis city.

Newlyweds often find it more pleasant to go straightaway to the Imperial palace to soak all the beauty and art of palace in their eyes. An evening time sitting on bench nearby to the famous Tokyo Tower is worthwhile for couples. Plan a candle light dinner for your loved one on Odaiba Island and then enjoy late night dance parties in clubs of Tokyo. And even if, you ask for more to do, then a list of gardens and museums will make your honeymoon time memorable.

Why Visit Tokyo as Romantic Getaways?

  • The Imperial Palace – Home to royal family of Japan
  • Tokyo Tower is also the lovers point in the city
  • Odaiba Island is famous for artificial sunset

Best Time to Visit Tokyo

The best time to visit the capital city of Japan is in between the months of March to May & September to November. Although many of the tourists come here for Christmas and the New year celebration. Best Season: March to May & September to November Summers: June to August Winters: December to February Monsoons: March to May
Tokyo Bay from Odaiba

Tokyo Bay from Odaiba

Tokyo Bay from Odaiba by Loïc Lagarde

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