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Top Hotels in Florence, Italy

The city of Florence was rated as the top tourist destination in the whole World, by Travel Leisure magazine in 2010. Apart from being a UNESCO World heritage site since 1982, Florence is also considered as one of the most romantic destinations in the World. Florence is a city rich in both natural as well as man-made charm, same being the reason why the city is one of the most loved getaways for lovers and newlyweds from all over the World. Blended with the rich cultural heritage, the serene and peaceful ambiance of Florence will charm you like anything, in fact it has been often recorded that in tourism season, the tourist even outnumber the locals in Florence. From sightseeing some of the most romantic landscapes in the World, to a cozy and intimate date with your loved one, the options for couples are just countless in Florence. Florence is also home to some of the World-class luxury hotels, offering delicious cuisines and absolute intimacy during your romantic vacations in the city.

List of Best Romantic Popular Hotels Resorts in Florence

Rosati Holiday Rentals

Located at mere 5-minutes of walk away from Ponte Vecchio Bridge in central Florence, the Rosati Holiday Rentals is a peaceful, self-catering accommodation, absolutely perfect for couples, especially honeymooners. Equipped with all the amenities of life like TV, air conditioning, seating area, full kitchen, microwave, private bathrooms etc, the hotel is a two-bedroom apartment. The Rosati Holiday Rentals offers you with absolute intimacy amidst the romantic ambience of the Florence city, just what you ever-desired for your honeymoon.

Palazzo Alfieri Residenza D’Epoca

The Palazzo Alfieri is a fine exhibition of epic rustic charm. The hotel being set in an ancient building, right at the heart of the city carries a touch of irresistible magnetism about its setting. Although the hotel is hosted in an historic building, it still is equipped with all the modern amenities of luxury along with classical interiors and World-class hospitality services. With spacious, luxurious rooms offering picturesque views of mesmerizing Arno River, the added luxuries like Jacuzzi bathtub, rooftop patio etc. just add to the charm of this place. All in all, the Palazzo Alfieri is a perfect accommodation setting for your romantic honeymoon trip to Florence.

Palazzo Alfieri Residenza D’Epoca

Palazzo Alfieri Residenza D’Epoca

Hotel Balcony

Just a few steps away from the Santa Maria Novella train station in the charming city of Florence, stands an elegantly crafted masterpiece, known as Hotel Balcony. The Hotel Balcony is located in proximity with some of the most famous monuments and other cultural/ artistic attractions of the city and offers you with the panoramic view of the Duomo (Cathedral). The sound proof and luxurious rooms of the hotel ensure some absolutely private and uninterrupted romantic moments for the two of you on your honeymoon. You can also ask the hotel staff to book visits in and around Florence for you two, and enjoy a romantic day out in the scenic beauty of the town.

Hotel Mia Cara

Situated in the neighborhood of Florence’s Santa Maria Novella, the Hotel Mia Cara is also a mere 10-15 minutes of walk away from the historic centers of the town, such as Palazzo degli Affari, Statue of David, and Cathedral of Santa Maria dei Fiori and Ponte Veccio. Hotel Mia Cara is a fantastic accommodation for you to enjoy during your honeymoon trip to Florence, the hotel incorporates 18-luxurious rooms equipped with all the amenities of life and ensures a pleasantly romantic and private stay for the two of you. Make Hotel Mia Cara your honeymoon accommodation in Florence and enjoy the World-class services of this family run hotel.

Grand Hotel Cavour

Situated right in the heart of Florence (in front of the magnificent Bargello Palace), the Grand Hotel Cavour is nothing short of a fairytale honeymoon getaway. Offering exceptionally excellent hospitality services, the Grand Hotel Cavour is hosted in an ancient building (1280) and is one of the most renowned hotels in Florence. With the terrace offering some of the most mesmerizing views of the city, this 4-star hotel incorporates 103 well-furnished, luxurious rooms. Also offering you with added amenities like spa with Turkish bath, bar, Wi-Fi etc, this hotel is one of the best places to stay in Florence for a romantically intimate honeymoon experience.

Grand Hotel Cavour

Grand Hotel Cavour

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