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Top Hotels in Italy, Italy

Regarded as the Europe’s topmost romantic destination, Italy holds an unparallel charm and an unparallel legacy as well. The legendary romantics of the World such as Casanova, Cupid and St. Valentine all have been named by Italy. Italy is a destination of amazing natural diversity and rich cultural heritage and the presence of picturesque landscapes, diverse flora and fauna, rich ancient arts, luxurious hotels and World-famous Italian wines undoubtedly make this destination one of the all time romantic favorites of couples. Serving the visitors from all over the World, Italy is also home to some of the most reputed hotels and resorts in the World, with all the luxuries and amenities of life.

List of Best Romantic Popular Hotels Resorts in Italy

Villa Armena Relais

This 16th century renaissance house is located just 20 minutes of drive away from Siena, amidst the rolling landscapes of Tuscany offers spacious and elegant rooms and suites with classical interiors and picturesque views of the surrounding natural beauty. With 10 unique rooms built with red brick, original oak beams and having terracotta floors and attention to detail services, this place is nothing short of a rustic paradise in the lap of nature and a honeymooners’ favorite.

Villa Armena Relais Hotels Landscape

Villa Armena Relais Hotels Landscape

Hotel Palazzo del Capitano Exclusive Wellness & Relais

Palazzo del Capitano is a rustically charming 15th-century building, which now operates as luxury hotel inside the San Quirico d’Orcia’s town walls. Surrounded by olive groves and Mediterranean gardens, the hotel is one of the most finely conserved architectures of Italy. Apart from being an antique romantic residence with charming furnishings and modern comforts, the Palazzo del Capitano also features a wellness centre and 1000-m² garden with rich floral and mesmerizing fountains.

Villa di Monte Solare

Re-opening in grand style on 01 April 2015, the VILLA DI MONTE SOLARE is like an Umbrian heaven on a lush hillside near Lake Trasimeno. The place is surrounded by the green of the olives and vines and is rated as a 4-star luxury hotel with beautiful gardens and scenic beauty. Offering accommodations in an 18th-century mansion and in its annex farmhouses with rustic styled rooms and suites (elegantly decorated with antique argil floors, paintings, and lavishing furniture), the Villa di Monte Solare hotel is one of the most romantic accommodations for honeymooners in Italy.

Relais Villa Monte Solare in Italy

Relais Villa Monte Solare in Italy

Villa Rosa Hotel

The 65-luxurious roomed hotel Villa Rosa is a 4-star property, majestically overlooking the Lake Garda with its characteristic Mediterranean architecture (preserved). Offering picturesque views of the surrounding landscapes and natural beauty, the hotel Villa Rosa sets up beautifully as one of the most romantic accommodations for honeymooners in Italy. Along with all the amenities of life, this place also offers you with the luxuries like a restaurant, an outdoor pool, gym, hot tub etc. Being directly managed by the owners of the place, a comfortable and lovable stay of yours is most guaranteed here.

Hotel Raya

One of the most favorite accommodations for honeymooners in the Mediterranean, the hotel Raya is located on the Aeolian Island of Panarea. Overlooking crystal clear emerald sea with picturesque views of the volcano of Stromboli, the Hotel Raya is one chic and stylish retreat of your honeymoon accommodations in Italy. Also regarded as the “Cult Hotel”, this beautiful place is a destination where lovers of nature and serenity can rejoice in the romantic company of their loved one. Chosen as the winner of the Marco Polo Award for the finest hotel de charme in the Mediterranean, the Hotel Raya is your accommodation perfect for a romantic and intimate honeymoon stay.

Don Alfonso

This exceptional property on the stunning promontory where the gulf of Naples meets the gulf of Salerno is able to produce a hypnotizing combination of warm hospitality and enchanting landscapes that enclose the natural diversity and offer unforgettable views in every season. The Hotel is located in an exclusive area in the heart of the Sorrento peninsula along the Amalfi Coast. The luxurious accommodation at the Don Alfonso is equipped with all the amenities of life, along with added luxuries such as a private bathroom with a spa bath, private balcony etc. Located at a mere 20-minute drive away from Sorrento, the Don Alfonso hotel welcomes you for a romantic and lovable stay in Italy.

Hotel Caesar Augustus

If not any, there will be only a few other hotels in the World that can boast of a supremely majestic geographic location, as that of the Hotel Caesar Augustus. Suspended between the sea and sky surrounding Capri, the Hotel Caesar Augustus is one of the most romantic and secluded escapes in the World. Offering charming views of Mount Vesuvius and the Bay of Naples, the Hotel Caesar Augustus is an elegant and romantic accommodation for your honeymoon vacations. From the luxurious rooms with Mediterranean style and terracotta floors to the garden and terrace offering breathtaking panorama, the Hotel Caesar Augustus sets up ideally as one of the most lovable hotels for couples in Italy.

Caesar Augustus Hotel

Caesar Augustus Hotel

J.K. Place Capri

Majestically located on the island of Capri, the J.K. Place offers you with panoramic views over the Bay of Naples and a relaxing outdoor pool as well. Along with the rooms decorated with state of art décor and blessed with all the amenities of life, this place also offers you with added luxuries like offers a spa, a Neapolitan restaurant, wellness centre, sauna etc. Just 5-minutes of walk away from Capri port, the J.K. Place hotel is one fairy tale of a honeymoon accommodation, set right amidst the mesmerizing beauty of Capri.

Le Rose Suite Hotel

Located at a mere distance of 3 Kms from the Rimini Federico Fellini Airport, the Le Rose Suite Hotel in Italy, welcomes you into a completely serene and secluded environment. With best in accommodation services, this place also offers you with added amenities like spa services, sauna, Turkish bath etc to ensure a rejuvenating and refreshing stay for you. The serene ambiance and romantic aura of the surrounding picturesque landscapes set up this place perfectly one of the most stunning romantic, honeymoon destinations in the Italy.

Hotel Castello di Sinio

Celebrate your honeymoon in one of the most wondrous & undiscovered corners of the world, celebrate your honeymoon at Hotel Castello di Sinio. This luxury boutique hotel is wonderfully located between the Barolo and Barbaresco vineyards and surrounded by romantic natural flora from almost all around. Offering panoramic views of the surroundings, the hotel also boasts of charming floral gardens, and a lavish swimming pool within its premises. This family-run hotel is also famous for its excellent cuisines and hence sets up for a perfectly romantic honeymoon accommodation for the two of you.

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