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Top Hotels in Sorrento, Italy

Located in Campania of South Italy, Sorrento is an absolutely gorgeous town and one of the most romantic destinations in the World. The town of Sorrento majestically overlooks the Bay of Naples and offers you with the picturesque landscapes of mountains and the deep valleys. The unparalleled scenic beauty of this town attracts a number of newlyweds every year. Along with the natural scenic beauty, Sorrento has also managed to successfully preserve the ancient Roman heritage of the town (in terms of ancient architectures, buildings, culture etc.). To combine with all of this, the presence of several World-class hotels and the ever- welcoming hospitality of Sorrento (which is believed to be transferred from generation to generation as a heritage) set Sorrento as an ideal romantic getaways for you to celebrate your weekend vacations with your loved one.

List of Best Romantic Popular Hotels Resorts in Sorrento

Grand Hotel Capodimonte

Majestically built on a rocky mountain, on the lines of the typical Mediterranean architecture, the Grand Hotel Capodimonte is blessed with an unparallel geographical setting. The hotel is a serene, romantic getaway in Sorrento that offers you with panoramic views of both, town as well as the enchanting Gulf of Naples. The spacious, well furnished rooms of the hotel are equipped with all the amenities of your luxury, the place also offers you with several relaxing pools and enchanting gardens within the premises. The highly professional and ever-humble staff of the place ensures that your stay at the hotel is a real comfort.

Grand Hotel Capodimonte

Grand Hotel Capodimonte

Grand Hotel La Pace

Rediscover the natural beauty and intimacy with your loved one, on your romantic trip to Sorrento. Blessed with a naturally romantic aura and serene ambience, the Grand Hotel La Pace is an elegantly carved masterpiece amidst the mesmerizing charm of nature. Offering the hilltop panoramic views of Lattari Mountains and the Mediterranean, this beautiful hotel also provides you with several other amenities like shopping, beauty center, outdoor swimming pool, an American bar, a restaurant open all day long and of course the ever-warm hospitality.

Grand Hotel De La Ville

This 52 air-conditioned roomed 4-star hotel welcomes you warmly in the gorgeous town of Sorrento and sets up perfectly as one of the most romantic accommodations the city. The Grand Hotel De La Ville enjoys a picturesque and tranquil position and offers you with enchanting views of the Gulf of Naples and Vesuvius. The relaxed ambience of the hotel gets you in a cozy mood and not to mention the hospitality of the hotel is absolutely World-class. Equipped with all the amenities of luxury, the well furnished rooms of the hotel ensure an intimate and romantic honeymoon accommodation for the two of you.

Casa Clementia

Just 4 Kms outside the rush of the town of Sorrento, The Casa Clementia is a romantic, private and self-catering accommodation that blesses you with a “home away from home” like essence. With just 3 bedrooms and 2 bath rooms, Casa Clementia is a private apartment that operates like a destination hotel in Sorrento. Offering a large patio with outdoor dining area and BBQ, a private spa bath and free private parking, the Casa Clementina is as romantically tranquil of a honeymoon destination as any other in the World.

Piazza Tasso B&B

Centrally located in the heart of Sorrento, the Piazza Tasso B&B hotel is a pleasantly romantic accommodation in the proximity of picturesque destinations like Naples, Pompeii, Amalfi, Positano and Ravello. The hotel is housed inside an 18th-century building, which adds the rustic charm to this destination. With its private rooms, equipped with all the amenities of life and offering Italian style delicious cuisines, the hotel is a real beauty Moreover, being just 400 meters away from Sorrento Train Station and 300 meters away from the harbor, the Piazza Tasso B&B is easily locatable and an ideal place to live while you enjoy a romantic honeymoon in the Sorrento Peninsula.

Piazza Tasso B&B in Sorrento

Piazza Tasso B&B in Sorrento

Hotel Spicy Sorrento

Situated just outside the Sorrento town centre and in proximity with the beach in Sorrento, Baths of Queen Giovanna, Marina Grande, and Dali Universe, the Hotel Spicy Sorrento offers you with panoramic views across the gulf. Renovated in January 2012, this 21 air-conditioned roomed property is blessed with a peaceful ambience and a naturally romantic aura. With rooms being equipped with amenities like air conditioning, free Wi-Fi, flat-screen TV with satellite channels etc, the room balconies also rejoice you with the glorious views of the sea. Along with all of this, the delicious cuisines and warm hospitality of the hotel flawlessly blend together to make this destination as one of the most romantic honeymoon accommodations in the World.

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