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New Year Resolutions

A New Year's Eve Resolution is a swearing or promise that you make to yourself to begin doing something exceptional or quit doing something awful from the first day of the year. People make so many numerous resolution in New Year that its hard to tell as what they have been thinking but some of the popular resolution people make are Reading more books , Saving money , quit smoking or alcohol and losing weight. But what really matters is as to what extent you can hold up the resolution, It's hard to keep up the enthusiasm months after you've swept up the confetti, but it's not impossible.

Resolutions You Can Make For New Year 2016

1- Drink Less Alcohol

While many people use the New Year as an incentive to finally stop drinking, most are not equipped to make such a drastic lifestyle change all at once.Chronic heavy drinking boosts your risk of liver and heart disease, hypertension, stroke, and mental deterioration, and even cancers of the mouth, throat, liver, and breast. So wake up in time before its too late!

2- Eat Healthy Food

With the busy schedule or whatever the situations or time management you have now a days people have started to short cut with food intake and are more reliable on fast and junk foods which is slowly becoming a health threat. Its the high time to maintain you food intake for a greater health and future. One must have a good balanced diet in proper intervals. So that one thing you can try from this year.

3- Get a Better Education

You can make a resolution to get better education at better college of institute by working hard for examinations and scholarships. Education is the backbone of your career as knowledge is power and its you education that will pay you in future . So make a resolution that you will start working hard to get better education.

4- Stay in Touch with Friends

If your busy schedule have made you apart from you friends and close ones than its the perfect time to make resolution to get in touch with them and the first step is to wish them all a great prosperous New Year. Research suggests people with strong social ties live longer than those who don’t.

5- Get a Better Job

Humans always strives for better and its a normal tendency of every being. So why not change you job with greater challenges and lucrative salaries. But you have to work for it and widen you horizon of knowledge. This new year is best to try out and get a good job in your field or to get promoted.

6- Get Fit

Health is wealth , but today’s hectic life had made us forgot the value of health. Regular exercise has been associated with more health benefits than anything else known to man. Exercising daily not necessarily gyms and spas a simple walk opr running is the best exercise . You can start this year by maintaining a time table that will efficiently handle your work, food and health.

7- Manage Debt

Debts are one of the most common problems that maximum people have been going through , with good financial planning one can clear out the debts easily, so why not take a resolution today to save as much as possible in order to repay you debt and keep tensions away.

8- Manage Stress

A little pressure now and again won’t kill us; in fact, short bouts of stress give us an energy boost. But if stress is chronic, it can increase your risk of—or worsen—insomnia, depression, obesity, heart disease, and more.

9- Quit Smoking

Smoking is one of the biggest addiction that a being can get rid of, it needs a lot of patience and perseverance to quit smoking. Even if you’ve tried to quit before and failed, don’t let it get you down. On average, smokers try about four times before they quit for good. Start enjoying the rest of your smoke-free life!

10- Save Money

Warren Buffet one of the most richest person in the world says that you must spend whatever remains after savings. So make a resolution that you will save money from now on for a better future. Walk or ride your bike to work, or explore carpooling. Cut back on gym membership costs by exercising at home. Analyze on what things you spend unnecessarily and make a count and try to lessen them automatically you will start saving the money for a greater good.

11- Take a Trip

Traveling is one of the best activities that widen our horizons of mind, gives peace or makes relax our body , depends on you vacations. Make a resolution to go somewhere new place , see some incredible destination or taste some great wine and cuisines or adventures tours or ship cruise whatever according your taste.

12- Volunteer to Help Others

Helping is one of the greatest act one can do while alive but without anything in return. A popular, non-selfish New Year’s resolution can be done in various ways like whether you choose to spend time helping out at your local library, mentoring a child, or building a house, there are many nonprofit volunteer organizations that could really use your help. Go for charity houses or NGO’s that are made for poor people and give helping hand in whatever you can.

13- Spend More Time With Family

Busy Schedule of today’s life have made people less caring about their family, due to work load or timings they are not able to spend much of their times which they must spend with their families. Spending times with your families not only makes them happy but also you stress and hectic life eases with them. Go out with them and give proper time to you family from this New Year Eve.

14- Run a half or full marathon

Marathons are now a days very famous , you can go for them and run a half or a full Marathon and surely you will feel great to complete it!

15- Lose Weight

Over 66 percent of adult Americans are considered overweight or obese by recent studies, so it is not surprising to find that weight loss is one of the most popular New Year’s resolutions.

16- Make Strong Bonds and Relationship

Relationships are bond which is incomplete without two beings, whosoever it is one must trust, understand the other and should try to maintain a healthy and loving relationship. Cut down you ego, temper and be more understanding and loving and have a great bond with you loved ones.

17- Learn a New Language

Everyone knows his native language but what if you learn some other language like Spanish , French, Japanese, Hindi, German . It can add up to you career skills if you are smooth and proficient in any of the other famous language that yours , it will boost you career too and you will feel good as you will be knowing more languages.

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