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Top Weekend Getaways From Las Vegas, USA

Las Vegas is the largest city of the United States and it is also known as the Entertainment Capital of the World. Located in the Southern part of Nevada State the city is a charming and a plush too. People love to be a part of this city because it serves its guests with the best tourism activities and majorly hotel and casino activities. People from all over the world love to be here to visit the casinos and try their luck in this money showering city. Here are some of the best Weekend Getaways from Las Vegas the entertainment capital of the World Las Vegas. If you want to experience some different destination apart from casinos and luxury here are the list of some nearby destinations where on you can extend your vacation to explore them. There are plentiful of destination nearby Las Vegas for excursions where you can spend a day or two for great vacation experience.

List of Top Weekend Getaways From Las Vegas

Duck Creek Village

This is a village which is located few miles away from Las Vegas and if the couples want to get away from the hustle bustles of the busy city then this is one of the most opted place for them as they can go to the serene place where they can feel peace as the location and surrounding is the couples can see beautiful waterfalls, canyons, caves, ponds, lakes and short biking trails too where the couples can also for short trips of mountain biking.

Duck Creek Village

Photo Credit- brent

Zion National Park, Utah

A beautiful place to watch the rich flora and fauna of the United States and the couples can enjoy the bets weekend trips and breaking backdrop here. The national park also has biking trails and canyons too and they can also go for the park to see the beautiful locations all around. The best part of this place that you can go for the long drive of beside the sandstone cliffs and you can enjoy the picturesque location all around which are alluring and the views of the Virgin River is equally attractive.

Zion National Park

Photo Credit- Joe Parks

Catalina Island

Catalina Island is located about 35 km from south-southwest of Los Angeles, California and is a beautiful island with plethora of activities to indulge in. The area is famous for the schools of flying fish, scuba diving and snorkeling, and Glass bottom boats tour the reefs. Catina Islands have numerous shopping places, restaurants and accommodation facilities too.


Photo Credit- brewbooks

Big Bear Lake

The city located at San Bernardino County, California, United States got its name after the Big Bear Lake on whose shore the city is located. It is a recreation resort town and is famous for fishing ,Hiking, mountain biking,kayaking and canoeing, laser tag in-door fun and horse riding. Not only this during winters the lake gets freezed and it becomes a skiing and snowboarding destination for Southern California

Big Bear Lake

Photo Credit- Rex Boggs

Los Angeles

Just 4 hours by Car from Las Vegas Los Angeles is known as City of Angeles and offers with a long sunny coastline, a flourishing downtown, beaches, acclaimed restaurants, trend-setting art and fashion scenes, Hollywood and plenty more wonderful hot spots. It is second most popular city in USA is also home to some of the most popular shopping avenues and cultural attractions

Los Angeles

Photo Credit- Pedro Szekely

Temecula Valley Balloon and Wine Festival

Started in 1983 as Rancho California Balloon and Wine Festival is held every year first weekend of June at Lake Skinner Recreation Area in the Southern California Temecula Valley AVA. The Temecula Valley Balloon and Wine Festival has become a celebration of life with flavor and appeal for everyone and has become the premier event in the beautiful Temecula Valley.

Phoenix, Arizona

Couples who love music will love to visit the city of Phoenix as it is more known for its very rich tourism significance and the couples can enjoy the museums, its rich wildlife and the botanical garden. The parks and gardens that are located all around are really astonishing and worth visit.

Phoenix, Arizona

Photo Credit- conekt

San Francisco

San Francisco is a great and stunning city in California that has much to see a place to spend as many days you have to explore it. It is known for scenic beauty, summer fog, and great ethnic and cultural diversity. It is major tourist spot in America with numerous sight seeing places. Golden Gate Bridge is one of the most famous spot here and is also called a Seven Wonders of the Modern World. Museums, beaches, art galleries, shopping places, restaurants, cruises, music concerts, cultural events there is lot of thing for every tourist flocking here.

San Francisco

Photo Credit- David Yu

San Diego

Located on the coast of the Pacific Ocean in Southern California, San Diego is known for its ideal climate, impressive beaches, and several tourist attractions which include the SeaWorld theme park and the San Diego Zoo. San Diego have some of the famous beaches of the State and have numerous sightseeing destinations.

San Diego

Photo Credit- Justin Brown

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