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Top Romantic Honeymoon Destinations in Maharashtra, India

Maharashtra is one of the states of the 29 states of India. The state is the third largest is area and the second largest in population in the country. The state is having one of the best geographical beauties compared to other states of Western India. Mumbai is the capital city of this city which is in itself the city of stardom as it is the hub of the Indian Film Industry and the people who visit Maharashtra for tours never stay back to have a tour of this city to see the glitz and the glamorous homes of the film stars and the Gateway of India.  But not only city tours Maharashtra has some of the gorgeous hill stations and rainforests which make the best destinations for the honeymoon couples as they can see the exquisite views of greenery, waterfalls, ancient temples and hills. Maharashtra is also considered as one of the best places to enjoy the beaches and there are many beach resorts in Maharashtra spread across the many towns and cities where couples from all over the country come to enjoy the best views and enjoy their romantic holidays.

Best Honeymoon Places in Maharashtra

Waterfall at Khandala

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This is one of the best honeymoon destinations in Maharashtra and considered as a hottest place for the honeymoon couples. This is a gorgeous hill station nestled on the Western Ghats and has many places to enjoy the fascinating views of the hills station. Amongst them the Duke’s Nose which is considered as the best one to see a panoramic view of the hill station. This is also a fine place to go for trekking, rock climbing, and rappelling. Among others, the Amrutanjan Point, Tiger’s Leap and Bhushi Lake are some of the most serene places where the couples can enjoy the most tranquil ambiance.

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This is another hill station which is equally popular like Khandala and located in the district of Pune. The hill station has unending sprawling greenery to look at. This is very adjacent to Khandala and the couples who visit Khandala do not miss to visit Lonavala as both are really adjacent to each other. Couples will love the Rajmachi Point which is a lovely trekking point and the couples will also love the Karla Caves, and Bhaja Caves and the beautiful fortresses of, Lohagad and Visapur. The couples can also spend some time near the Lonavla Lake and will also love the scenic views of the Ryewood Park &Shivaji Udyan.

Palm Beach Road, Navi Mumbai

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This is the capital city of the state of Maharashtra and a great place for the tourists too. In the beautiful and busy city of Mumbai people can see some of the very royal and ancient buildings such as Gateway of India, the ChhatrapatiShivaji Terminus which was previously known as the Victoria Terminus, the High Court of Mumabi is one such colonial building including the TajMahal Hotel. More the couples can visit the Marine drive, Haji Ali Dargah and the Beach which is popularly known as the Chowpatty and they should not miss to have the Paobhaji there. There are ample of parks, gardens museums and galleries to be visited to have a nice vacation.

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Tarkarli Beach in Maharashtra

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It is a small village and amongst the besthoneymoonplacesin Maharashtra. Located in the district of Sindhudurg and the village is famous for its fine coral beach and the scintillating scuba diving services. Tarkarli beach is known for its extended coastline and blue waters that can be enjoyed with the confluence of the Karli River and the Arabian Sea. The honeymoon couples who are adventurous and love to be more in water will love the place as they will get some unending chances of waters sports such as Snorkeling where they will get a chance to see corals and fishes, Boating, white water rafting, Scuba diving and also can go for dolphin tours, and tsunami islands tours.

Panchgani in Maharashtra

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This is a fine hill station located in the Satara district of Maharashtra and also known as the summer resort which was discovered by the British. Panchgani is snuggled at middle of five hills in the Sahyādri mountain ranges with River Krishna flowing at the base and the hill station is truly has a magnetic beauty to explore and gives the good chances for paragliding. The place can be one of the most exquisite honeymoon places in Maharashtra where the couples can see the lavish nature all around. The best places to visit is the Sydney Point , Parsi Point from where the couples can see the sparkling views of the Dhom Dham Dam and can also see the Mapro Gradens and the famous strawberry farms.


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This is also a small hill station which is nestled on the Western Ghats and popular for its evergreen forests and wildlife. The honeymoon couples will find the place as one of the best to enjoy as they can enjoy their vacation amidst the jungles and this was titled as an exclusive summer resort by the British due to its awesome weather and tranquil ambience. There are many beautiful points, parks and lovely picnic spots are present and that is why the couples can see them and feel literally romantic as the nature will make them fall in love with the backdrop and with their partner.

Kashid Beach in Maharashtra

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This is a beautiful beach town located in the Konkan district of Maharashtra and this town is having some of the lovely beaches on the shorelines of the Arabian Sea that will win the hearts of the honeymoon couples. Kashid is indeed one of the popular honeymoon destinations in Maharashtra because of its white sandy beaches that touches the blue waters of the Arabian Sea, green emerald forested hilly slopes, and golden paddy fields, and the sparkling streams. Kashid has a 3 km long stretch of beach sandwiched in between two rocky hills and add more glamour to the scene are the Casuarina groves surrounding the seashore.

Mahabaleshwar Pratapgad

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This is a unique hill station settled on the mountainous ranges of Western Ghats. Mahabaleshwar have the one of the evergreen forests of the country, and the British treated this as a summer capital of Bombay (known previously). This is a famous holidays resort and one of the best honeymoon destinations of Maharashtra has loads of natural beauties for its guests. Couples can visit the Monkey Point, the Arthur Seat and most importantly the Venna Lake. Couples can witness romantic sunrise and sunset form the Wilson Point and can also visit the Lingmala Waterfalls that falls on the torrents of the Venna Lake.

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Alibag Fort

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This is a romantic yet scenic coastal town of Maharashtra located in the Raigad District. This coastal town is having a number of beaches to be enjoyed and considered as one of the best honeymoon places in Maharashtra. The couples can start their tour from the Alibag beach and the Alibag Fort and the Khanderi and Underi Islands. They can also visit the Akshi beach, Varsoli beach, Nagaon Beach that are mostly crowded by the honeymoon couples who come here to have a long walk on the beach and very importantly the Kihim-Navgaon Beach which is particularly known for the rare species of butterflies, and birds and colorful flowers.

Igatpuri hill Station

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This is another lovely hill station of Maharashtra located in the Western Ghats and in the district of Nashik. Igatpuri is mostly famous for its charming and ancient temples and the couples can have a look of the most complex yet outstanding architecture of them and there are some of the names as Ghatandevi temple, Amruteshwar Temple which is a 11th century temple dedicated to Lord Shiva and other prominent architectural beauties such as Dhamma Giri Meditation Centre, and Tringalwadi Fort. couples should not miss the beautiful view of the Five waterfalls which is the main tourist attraction of the city beside the stunning Arthur Lake and Bhatsa River Valley.

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