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Top Romantic Places in New York, USA

Just you, your beloved and a romantic location in New York makes your emotions flow direct from your heart. New York is one of the most happening places in the world with so many things to do and places to visit. New York offers many romantic spots which takes you all above the sky. Be it world-class shopping places or exotic restaurant to have dinner or some romantic activities and things to do. New York has some never ending list of things for couples.Choose a romantic spot of your choice and feel closeness to your beloved.

List of Some Popular Dating (Romantic) Places in New York

Central Park

Take a stroll in Conservative Garden or a romantic conversation along south shore of the lake in Bethesda Fountain, Central park has all the ingredients for a romantic catch-up. Sprawling 840 acres of Central Parks is located in Manhattan and birding, boating and many more activities can be done in it.

central park new york

central park new york (Pic: Flicker, Michael McDonough )

Top of the Empire State Building

For lovers, its more than an architectural building. A perfect memorable place for a proposal or more than that (a kiss) surely impress her. Take a lap ahead to watch some amazing views of the city. Located at 350 Fifth Avenue, skyscraper and iconic Empire State Building is a New york charms.

From Atop the Empire State Building

From Atop the Empire State Building (Pic: Flicker, infliximab )


Try to tempt each other at the Tiffany with “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” and window shop. Praise New York City souvenirs and your beloved at the same time. Tiffany is world top famous jewellery store located at 727 5th Avenue.


Tiffany’s (Pic: Flicker, Richard Flink )

Brooklyn Botanical Gardens

Add some exotic atmosphere in your lovely conversation. Tropical
Brooklyn Botanical Gardens is same like yours never ending emotions and love. A Valentne Day dreamland and best proposing site, couples specificaly likes its ‘Temperature Zone’. Located at 990 Washington Avenue, Brooklyn Botanical Gardens are best weekend getaways.

Brooklyn Botanical Gardens

Brooklyn Botanical Gardens (Pic: Flicker, Dave Bledsoe )

Brooklyn Heights Promenade

Skyline of Lower Manhattan, river and bridges all turns out to be like your first date. Sunset and nights are even more sensuous. Walk by hands in hands with some unutterable feelings. Beautifully located at Columbia Heights, Brooklyn Heights Promenade opens from dawn till1am.

Brooklyn Heights Promenade

Brooklyn Heights Promenade (Pic: Flicker, Audun Bakke Andersen )

Ice Skating Rink at Rockefeller Center

A private skating with romantic song and a champagne toast, all give words to your unspeakable feeling. New York City’s Rockefeller Skating Rink romantic lights glitters your proposal and a kiss will make it a special night. Located at 601 5th Avenue, it can accomodate 150 skaters at a time.

Rockefeller Center

Rockefeller Center (Pic: Flicker, Gary Burke )

Metropolitan Museum of Art

Art with a romantic theme in the city grandest museum, couples can praise romanticism and cultural civilization of Roman and Greek. Sneak from art to upstairs and enjoy drinks at rooftop bar. Situated at 1000 5th Avenue, Metropolitan Museum of Art opens from 10:00 a.m. till 5:30 p.m.

Metropolitan Museum of Art New York

Metropolitan Museum of Art New York (Pic: Flicker, Metropolitan Museum of Art New York)

Hudson River Park

Walk with romantic views of Hudson river and New Jersey. Couples enjoys recreational and leisure facilities together with sunning in the park. Strolling with your beloved in waterfront Greenway make your emotions comes out at pace. This 550 acre riverside park is strech from 59th Street south to Battery Park.

Hudson River Park New York

Hudson River Park New York (Pic: Flicker, Chris Protopapas )

Staten Island Ferry

Best for a first date and a cheap love ride for couples through Manhattan and Staten Island. Great service by New York City Department of Transportation, couples and lovebirds spends some quality time in this love boat. It runs between 1 Bay St, Staten Island and Whitehall , Manhattan at every half an hour.

Staten Island Ferry

Staten Island Ferry (Pic: Flicker, Steph Mantrom )

Lincoln Center

Entertainment in the world’s greatest artistic hub with exotic fountain fills you and your loved one with music and dance. Enjoy ballet, jazz and other music performances in New York’s Lincoln Center of Performing Arts. Located at 10 Lincoln Center Plaza, Lincoln Center opens from 8:00 am till 10:00 pm.

Lincoln Center

Lincoln Center (Pic: Flicker, inilovely )

Wave Hill

Romance on the slopes of gardens with cultural touch by art houses. Couples enjoys quality time in this 28 acre estate hill public estate. You can tie knots in the sensuous atmosphere of the garden which overlooks the Hudson River and the Palisades of New Jersey. Its entrances are from West 249th Street and Independence Avenue.

Wave Hill

Wave Hill (Pic: Flicker, Mat McDermott )

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