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Why Should You Buy Travel Insurance for Your Honeymoon ?

Most Of Honeymooners Dont Bother About Travel Insurance for Honeymoon and Many Just Think Why Should They Buy Honeymoon Travel Insurance ? A honeymoon requires travel to a foreign location for a specified period of time and it is advisable to have a cover of insurance to your honeymoon. There are certain risks involved when you travel to a foreign location. Some of these risks are unavoidable and so as to cover these risks you can insure your travel.

The honeymoon destination determines the range of risk factors involved that can be covered by the travel insurance. There are certain things that can happen any time which can hamper your honeymoon. Some of such reasons include bad weather, medical emergencies, bankruptcy and cancellations. Travel insurance is also important if your honeymoon plan includes indulging in extreme sports or activities that can get dangerous like, scuba diving, bungee-jumping, hiking through rough terrain/mountain or even camping in dense forests.

How to Buy travel insurance For Honeymoon

Compare the prices and the coverage provided by all the insurance providers. You can check all the insurance plans on the Internet. Keep in mind that the insurance policy covers essential risks such as travel supplier bankruptcy, accidents, airline issues like flight cancellations, and change in plans for the trip and emergency assistance. Try to get your honey moon insured from an independent policy rather than getting it through your travel agency. The cost of the travel insurance could be anywhere between 5-10% of your total honeymoon budget.

What does Travel Insurance Policy Covers

Mostly honeymoon insurance covers the essential risks involved during your travel. Some of the companies have policies which cover even the slightest of the risks. The most important risks the policy needs to cover are:

  • Bankruptcy of an airline, tour, cruise or other supplier you planned to travel with.
  • Trip cancellation and interruption.
  • Accidents before or during your honeymoon that might prevent travel.
  • Missed connections, travel or baggage delays.
  • Emergency assistance.

Remember to keep your insurance policy company’s number handy as most of the companies provide 24*7 hours assistance in case you have the need of using the insurance cover. And also read the fine print of the insurance document to see what exactly it says so that you are not deceived. Read a couple of times and make sure you know what you are signing.

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