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Turks and Caicos Destination Wedding

Turks and Caicos Islands are full of some exotic and romantic destinations for weddings, whether they are fascinating beaches or some beautiful hotels or resorts absolutely in the lap of the nature. The whole aura of this place takes you into the romantic world of your dreams. While the days are mesmerizing and romantic, the nights are even more charming and full of life here, with best in class parties, music and most significantly the company of your loved one.

Why to Choose Turks and Caicos as Destination Wedding?

A wedding is one of the most auspicious, sacred and happiest moment of one’s life. This moment witnesses the uniting of two souls and their promise to be with each other in good and in bad. Everyone loves to have a beautiful surrounding for his/her wedding. The Turks and Caicos Islands bless you with unmatched romantic destinations and beautiful flora and fauna all around. The Turks and Caicos beaches with yellow sand and the resorts here with all the amenities of life are perfect places for you two to tie a knot with each other.

Best Destination Wedding Locations in Turks and Caicos

Alexandra Resort

The Alexandra Resort is a premier wedding destination in Turks and Caicos. Located just by the beautiful beachside, marrying your partner here with the cool breeze embracing you amidst the spectacular natural scenery all around, you feel like living the happiest moment of your life with your beloved. Moreover, you can also plan for the in house wedding or a poolside wedding here (as it has a private pool of its own).

Alexandra Resort Wedding

Alexandra Resort Wedding Couples

Aquamarine Beach Houses

At mere footsteps to the most beautiful beach you would ever see, Aquamarine Beach house is a world-class wedding destination that defines the beauty of ocean and surrounding areas. From pre-wedding services to wedding gatherings, Aquamarine Beach Houses provide you with everything to make a dream wedding that you will love for eternity.

Aquamarine Beach Houses Wedding

Aquamarine Beach Houses Wedding Location

The Regent Grand

With a very tranquil setting, and delicious food, the Regent Grand has it all for your wedding ceremony, where you take your vows on the golden shores, captivating sunsets and pristine waters surrounding the resort.

The Regent Grand Wedding

The Regent Grand Wedding Location

Grace Bay Beach

The Grace Bay Beach in Providenciales can mesmerize you with its shining yellow sand and its central location. The Grace Bay Beach just alongside the Grace bay Club is the place where luxury and beauty blends to give you a perfect Turks and Caicos experience and offers an amazing, beautiful venue for a memorable wedding with an abundance of natural beauty like its beachside in brilliant sunshine, or beneath a canopy of stars and lush flora and fauna just by the other side of it.

Grace Bay Club Wedding Location

Grace Bay Club Wedding Location

Parrot Cay Resorts

Parrot Cay by COMOs offers a range of rooms, suites and villas that is unique among luxury resorts in the Caribbean. At the Parrot cay resort, you have the maximized natural light creating sun-filled spaces facing the sea and the island’s mesmerizing landscape, making it a naturally gifted and serene Wedding and Honeymoon Destination for you.

Parrot Cay by COMO Wedding Location

Parrot Cay by COMO Wedding Location

Villa Renaissance

The Villa Renaissance is absolutely GORGEOUS, spacious and quiet and offers stunning, beautiful locations for a memorable wedding ceremony. With the charming view of the flora and fauna, followed by the Ocean, the gathering hall here is an isolated, serene and very romantic place for you to tie a knot with your partner and make this moment a more special and more romantic one.


The Gansevoort Beach Hotel has had the joy of hosting unforgettable romantic, Island wedding services for couples and their families. The Gansevoort staff takes care of everything from decorating, to the pastor, to dinner on the beach, and a romantic bonfire. The rooms are modern and pristine with a great ocean view.

Gansevoort Beach Hotel Wedding Location

Gansevoort Beach Hotel Wedding Location

Cruise Charters for wedding parties (Sun Charters)

Exchanging rings with your partner and kissing him/her amidst the mesmerizing ocean, on a cruise ship with a complete isolation from the rest of the world is like a dream come true. Here in Turks and Caicos, you get all the amenities and arrangements you desired for, while you decide to marry your loved one in the lap of the serenity and the beauty of nature.

Cruise Ship

Cruise Ship by blmiers2

Point Grace

The perfect settings of this place let the romance take over. With its casual elegance you will quickly get swept away into a Caribbean escape that is sure to rekindle the romance in your heart. It is designed to stimulate your senses with its quiet atmosphere and Caribbean touch. With the class of personal services truly second to none, Point Grace certainly qualifies as one of the most romantic destinations for your Wedding.

Boat Wedding

Hire a private boat and take your partner away into the distances of the beautiful Ocean here. With candles, friends and flowers all around, away from any sort of hassles of the life, it is a perfect setting for you to express your feelings to your loved one and tie up a knot with him/her. The memories of this romantic moment will cherish in the hearts of you two, forever.

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