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Valentine Week Celebrations

The celebration of the Valentine Day, which falls on the 14th of February every year, starts a week ago and is geared up with the Rose Days, which is celebrated on 7th February. Each proceeding days are celebrate with different names and different themes. Lovers find different ideas to celebrate this Valentines week and make their loved ones feel special.

All The Days in Valentine Week Celebrations

Rose Day

Rose day is the first day of the romantic Valentine Week. Couples present roses to their loved one on this and express their feelings. On this day fragrance of roses envelops the atmosphere, all over the world and one can feel the breeze of love.

Propose Day

Propose Day is the second day of the Valentine Week. On this day youngsters proposes their girlfriend, boyfriend and friend and express their feelings by presenting roses, cards or any other attractive gifts.

Chocolate Day

Third Day of the Valentine week is the Chocolate Day, celebrated on 9th Feb every year. On this days chocolate is being gifted and couples take this opportunity to please their partners by gifting delicious chocolates.

Teddy Day

Teddy Day falls on the 10th Day of February every year. On this 4th day of the Valentine week lovers, specially guys present cute Teddy Bears to their Girlfriends and make them feel special. As girls are very caring and soft by nature, a cute teddy can give you the key to her heart.

Promise Day

The next day of the Teddy Day is the Promise Day, celebrated on 11th February every year. Promises builds trust in relationships. On this day lovers express their trust for their loved ones and make promises for eternal love.

Hug Day

It is the 6th Day of the Valentine Week, celebrated on 12th February every year. Hug Day is the perfect day to get cozy with your sweetheart and express your feeling for her.

Kiss Day

One before the world popular Valentine Day is the Kiss Day. On 13th February every year, this day is celebrated with full of colors. Kiss is the remedy to every pain, so this can be the perfect to kiss your partner passionately and express your feeling.

Valentine Day

Valentine Day, one of the most romantic day of the calender is celebrated on 14th of Feb every year. This is one of the perfect day to express your love for your partner and make him/her feel special and let him/her know how much you care. On this day lovers present flowers, small gifts, cards, greetings to their partners. Party or even a small trip to any favorite place is also a part of Valentine Day celebration.

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