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Valparaiso: Snapshot

Best time to visit Valparaiso:
March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November,

Valparaiso romantic honeymoon destination is also famous for : Beach, City, Evolving, Hill Station,

Valparaiso is the city located on the Pacific coast of the central region of Chile and about 120 km northwest of the capital Santiago. Nicknamed as 'The Jewel of the Pacific' and referred to as simply Valpo, the city is known for its bohemian culture, brightly colored houses, and beautiful seaside views. A nourishing home for poets and painters  pirates and fishermen, sailors and bohemians, Valparaiso has developed its identity and soul as an inspirational, romantic city. Designated as UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2003, Valparaiso is more about roaming the chaotic, hilly streets, and taking in the views and ambiance than touring specific sites. The city is known for its 15 ascensores (also known as funicular elevators) up into the hills and meandering back alleys of Valparaiso, architectural, cultural and heritage sightseeing attractions and the beautiful white sand beaches of Vina del Mar, part of the Greater Valparaiso metropolitan area.

Known as ‘The Jewel of the Pacific’, the city of Valparaiso is a popular port city on the coast of Pacific Ocean in the Central Chile and with its great architectural, cultural and heritage sites, steep hills staring straight at the Pacific and the breathtaking white sand beaches of Vina del Mar, a short trip to Valparaiso is a must while on a romantic tour or honeymoon in Chile.

Valparaiso as Honeymoon Destination (Romantic Getaway)

Honeymoon in Valparaiso has less to do with travelling from one place to another for specific sites but more about roaming the chaotic, hilly streets, and taking in the views of the ancient heritage sites and the beautiful seaside.

Taking one of the 15 outdoor elevators, or ascensores, that take you way up to the top of those 15 hills, or cerros, for amazing, wonderful views is one of the must-do things on your honeymoon in this beautiful coastal city. If you want to take a peep at the history of the this heritage city, then there are numerous wonderful heritage sightseeing attractions in Valparaiso such as Iglesia de la Matriz, Plaza Aníbal Pinto, Plaza Sotomayor etc and some beautiful natural sightseeing at Cerros Alegre and Concepción and Cerro Cordillera. Spending some quality time at the long stretches of beautiful white sandy beaches of Vina del Mar and the nearby attractions such as Reloj de Flores, La Quinta Vergara, Castillo Wulf etc.

Why Visit Valparaiso as Romantic Getaway?

  • Riding the 15 ascensores aka funicular elevators into the hills and meandering back alleys of Valparaiso.
  • Cerros Alegre and Concepción, Cerro Bellavista, La Matriz Church and surroundings, La Sebastiana, Mercado Cardonal and many other architectural, heritage and hill sightseeing options.
  • Breathtaking white sand beaches on the nearby coastal town of Vina del Mar, part of Greater Valparaiso metropolitan area.

Best Time to Visit Valparaiso

Valparaiso experiences a very mild Mediterranean climate with dry summers and foggy and rainy winters. It is an all round tourism destination.

Best Season: March to November
Summers: October to March
Winters: April to September

Abrazo a Valparaiso

Abrazo a Valparaiso

Abrazo a Valparaiso by Mariano Mantel

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