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Indonesia Destination Wedding

Indonesia is considered one of the huge countries of Asia which is a cluster of more than 18000 islands among which 6000 islands are populated and that is why the island is known as the largest island archipelago in the world. The country is surrounded by many other popular nations such as Australia, East Timor, Papua New Guinea and shares it borders with Malaysia. The country is settled in between Indian Ocean and Pacific Ocean and that is why it enjoys the world very best beaches and stated as one of the major tourist destinations for beach holidays. Couples who are looking for a picturesque and serene country with both sand and water can have the country as their destination wedding where they can enjoy limitless nature and boundless beaches and turquoise blue water. Being a wedding destination the country can be the favorite amongst the couples from all over the world.

Why to Choose Indonesia as a Destination Wedding ?

  • Indonesia is a nation where the couples can get the world’s best experience of beach weddings in its various island cities and states among which Bali is one of the most significant ones.
  • Marrying in Indonesia opens up all the options of Palace weddings, to cruise weddings, to temple weddings and also wedding with the best natural a place where Muslim couples can have a great wedding as the country has mostly an Arabic culture, but couples from all religion can come here for an awesome destination wedding in Morocco.

Indonesia Wedding Destinations

Anantara Seminyak, Bali

Getting married in Bali is a real pleasure and if the couples will get the chance to get married in this plush hotel where everything is just like photo and you will find yourself landing in a paradise. With turquoise blue waves as your backdrop and scenery the place is a real charm and the couples will get the best services from the professionals as can make your wedding worth remembering. Couples can remember the charm of Spain from the views of the place.


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Hyatt Regency, Jakarta

One of the lavish 5 star hotels of Jakarta and the couples can really enjoy the lavishness and the hotel can accommodate up to 400 guests. The hotel can serve with the best catering and decoration for your wedding and it is also known for serving the best seafood in the city so you can treat your guests with the best menus and your guests will also be more than happy to attend your wedding in such a fine hotel in Jakarta.


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La Merry Resorts, Manado

The hotel resort is a gorgeous place to hold your wedding ceremonies and the couples can get the best of their wedding ceremonies held in the city and they can get the best of the services from the wedding planners who will make your wedding plush and worth remembering. You can also organize your wedding in the beach of Manado which will be great affair as you can get married on the sand and sea.


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JW Marriott, Medan

A 5 star hotel settled in the chief city of Sumatra and the couples will experience true luxury and lavishness with the hotel and the accommodation and catering and other wedding aspects will be managed by professionals.


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