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Weekend Getaways from Belize City, Belize

Planning what to do this weekend? You can sleep the days out or indulge yourself in some household activities or maybe go out far street shopping. If you are a lazy bone you may stick yourself to that idiot box and watch and keep flipping channels and watch nothing. But if you are bored of these thing and are looking for some change and want to spice up your life with some adventure true then choose from one of these places and spend your weekend enjoying the places around Belize City. Belize City offers you so much to look around and admire that you'll probably decide to take a tour every weekend.

List of Weekend Getaways From Belize City


The town gives you a chance to explore the Stann Creek district, visit the Maya centre and take a tour of the world’s first jaguar preserve. Relax yourself at the beach and try snorkeling at the reef a few miles out. Dangriga is a relief from the hustle bustle of the Belize City.

Maya Site

Photo Credit – Dennis Jarvis

Mountain Pine Ridge Forest Reserve

The Mountain Pine Ridge Forest Reserve abundant in ranges of rolling hills, rough peaks and gorges all decorated with pine trees and grassland. This area is perfect for hiking and mountain biking. The river ‘Rio On’ and the waterfall ‘A Thousand Foot Fall’ adds to the scenic beauty of this place.

Xunantunich Cayo

Photo Credit – sara lupini

Rio Bravo Conservation Park

It is the largest private reserve in Belize and protects vast areas of various habitats. All five species of cat; puma, jaguar, margay, jaguar and, and ocelot are found here along with varied species of birds and other mammals. The Rio Bravo Conservation and Management Area also include over sixty Maya Archaeological sites, many of which are unexcavated.

Orange Walk

Photo Credit – Nick M

Punta Gorda

Shuffle board courts, great restaurants, golfing, fishing, and miles of sandy beaches make Punta Gorda an ideal vacation destination. For those who want to camp , the Babcock Wilderness Adventures offers eco tours through acres of swamps, trails, and wildlife. This place offers you so much that you will never regret coming here.

Toledo Belize

Photo Credit – Kríttik’l Kápchər


The history of Corozal is sketched in a creative mural on the wall of Corozal’s Town Hall. Corozal has two main Maya sites, Santa Rita and Cerros. A visit to market situated along the bay area is a fantastic experience of exotic fruits.

Corozal, Belize

Photo Credit – 1ieve

San Ignacio

This town has a very positive local vibe, with an active market and a steady arrival of immigrants. San Ignacio remains is a rustic place, this makes it a little cheaper as compared to other areas around. Canoe on the Macal River, or walk to Mayan ruins at Cahal Pec to experience the beauty of this place.

San Ignacio

Photo Credit – Zhu

Columbia Forest Reserve

The Columbia River Forest Reserve protects 103,000 acres of tropical rainforest. The most striking physical feature of the Columbia River Forest Reserve is the “Little Quartz Ridge”. It has a height of 1040 meters above sea level. The terrain within the reserve ranges from 900-2700 meters above sea level.

Blue Creek Cave

Photo Credit – Peder Hanson


Placencia is a long, narrow and sandy peninsula that presents to you a casual surrounding. It is an awesome place for scuba diving, snorkeling, kayaking, and fly-fishing. During the full moons of May and June, you can go on a whale shark voyage at the Gladden Spit Reserve.

Placencia Beach

Photo Credit – Walter Rodriguez


The bayside path hosts carnivals and events. The exciting Maya ruins, incredible forest all close by. At times manatees can be seen in the rather muddy bay or nearby mangrove shores. It is close to the Belize border.

Chetumal Belize

Photo Credit – eutrophication&hypoxia

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