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Weekend Getaways From Calgary, Canada

Weekends seem so boring while sitting idle at your home and completely pointless unless you don't end up doing something entirely crazy, going on outings, having rest and lazing out. Calgary is fun, captivating, thriving and a cosmopolitan that leaves you astonished with natural grandeur and weekend getaways from this young, dynamic city are even much more fun.

These are some of the places where you can enjoy your weekends and create everlasting memories.

Top Weekend Getaways of Calgary


If you want to try something completely maniac that makes you look cool at the same time then this is the place to be. Located in the north east of Calgary this place could give you goose bumps with its rugged yet so beautiful topography and vast landscapes that seem to have no end. The city is full of museums and if you are one of those who love to know more about the dinosaur and their era then the Royal Tyrrell museum contains a wealth of information on Alberta’s rich fossil heritage. You also get an opportunity to experience the eye catching site of the world’s biggest dinosaur. For a little bit of relaxing fun, head over to the Fun land Amusement Park.


Photo Credit – Mack Male

Dinosaur Provincial Park , City of Brooks

Designated as world treasure by UNESCO in 1979, this place stand in the middle of twisted pinnacles of rock. The property is unmatched because it contains some of the most important fossil specimens discovered from the ‘Age of Dinosaurs’ period of Earth’s history. If you want to traverse through the natural preserve of this mesmerizing site and want to learn the skills of identifying the remains of turtles, fish, mammals and, of course, dinosaurs you can then opt for family fossil safari.

Dinosaur Provincial Park

Photo Credit – JP Newell

Radium hot springs area

This mountain village is a perfect getaway for weekends. The best part is that the village is just 3 hour drive from Calgary .This village has plethora of fun filled activities like , golfing, skiing, natural hot Spring pools, , and the most beautiful alpine scenery you can ever imagine. The village is small in size but high on fun quotient. For an outdoor enthusiast there are a lot options to choose from like ATV tours, biking, hiking, snowmobile tours, aerial tours etc.

Radium Hot Springs

Photo Credit – Pat (Cletch) Williams

Fairmont hot springs area

Situated in British Columbia is full of spectacular views of nature. Besides picturesque scenery the area has a whole lot of adventurous activities to keep you busy like skiing, golfing, hiking fishing, spa treatment and much more.

Fairmont Hot Springs

Photo Credit – Brian Burke

Windermere Lake

Situated in the Windermere village, this is the traditional destination with great beaches. The village is few hours drive from Calgary. The site is full of cottages, camping grounds, recreational beaches, golf courses and various tourist attractions.

Windermere Lake(BC)

Photo Credit – Gord McKenna


An amazingly aesthetic village where you can just relax and adore the beauty of the nature. Start your wonderful journey in the village by going to Rosebud Theatre, Alberta’s only rural professional theatre. The Rosebud Museum displays artifacts and photographs of pioneer life. Go inside and you can pick up a walking tour guide that features 12 stops around the hamlet to explore its history.

Rosebud, Alberta

Photo Credit – Leslie De Blasio


Located in the cypress hills Elkwater is a fun place to explore this summer, where all boats are allowed, for high summer fun. Elkwater town site has all the provisions you need for a great escape. Sleep under the stars at the Elkwater Campground and enjoy the mystical charm of the dark starry night.

Elkwater Alberta

Photo Credit – Neil Zeller

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