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Weekend Getaways from Ottawa, Canada

Ottawa is in itself a complete holiday destination and is the heart of Canada, but is case you are looking for some more adventurous activities around Canada, you could head down to the best weekend destinations around Toronto which you can reach within a drive of maxim eight hours and it includes the world's greatest water fall and the world's most exciting city. And for the adventure junkie there are a number of options to choose from. There is never a dull moment in Ottawa, or the place surrounding it. Here is a list of the top 10 weekend destinations from Ottawa.

Top 10 Weekend Destination from Ottawa

Niagara falls

Located at a distance of just six hours drive from Ottawa the world’s largest waterfalls is a must visit place is you are having a weeklong stay at Ottawa. The falls on the boundary of Canada and USA are mesmerizing to watch and its thunderous roar can be heard from miles away. Make sure to stay a day at any of the resort near the falls and take in the full experience of this amazing place. You can also go for a cycling tour to the nearby wineries in case you want to do something ales from visiting the falls.

Niagara Falls

Photo Credit- Greg Knapp

New York City

One of the best places in the world, nothing beats the charm of the New York skyline. The busiest city in the world is an exciting weekend getaway from Ottawa as you can reach here in a driving time of eight hours. There is so much to do in New York that a weekend is not enough to handle all the action. Go for concerts, amusement parks, dine at the best restaurants, or just stroll through the Central park New York captures the essence of America.

Newyork Skyline

Photo Credit – Stephen Weppler

Thousand islands

With more than 18000 small islands the 10000 islands is a great weekend destination from Ottawa. It is also one of the closest one as you can reach here with a short drive of 90 minutes. This beautiful area is a never crowded and is the best place for nature lovers you can go for Boating, fishing, swimming, camping, picnicking, outdoor dining, theatre-going here or just sit by the water’s edge and gaze into the natural beauty of this place. You could also hire a boat for a day and hop on to any number of islands here but for your information many of the islands are private holdings so all of them are not available for excursion.

Victoria Island, Ottawa

Photo Credit – damian entwistle

Algonquin Park

Located in Ontario on the Ottawa River the provincial park is a great place for outdoor junkies. A great place to go for camping and canoeing down the Ottawa River the park is a beautiful place that can be visited with family or friends. The views of the river and the amazing scenery are the reason good enough for anyone to go to the park. If you camp in the wilderness of the park the only visitors you will have are the harmless animals of the jungle, or you may have a bear as an unwelcomed guests. But still it is one of the best excursions from Ottawa.

Algonquin Park

Photo Credit – Christopher Porter

Cooperstown New York

Truly an gem of a place this tiny retreat far from the chaotic NYC is a great weekend excursion from Ottawa. The village also has a splendid art museum, agricultural museum and the world-famous Glimmerglass Opera. You can reach Cooperstown in five hours from Ottawa. It is also a great place for baseball fans as cooper stone is regarded as the Mecca of American Baseball and is the home to the National baseball hall of fame and museum.

Cooperstown New York

Photo Credit – mpburrows

Saratoga Springs

Located at a distance of 300 miles from Ottawa the Saratoga Springs in New York is an amazing destination to spend your weekend at. The most popular place for race courses the Saratoga is filled with amazing places to explore. You can head out in the wilderness and get natural therapy at the Saratoga Spa state park or go for an artistry treat at the National museum of Dance, for lovers of automobile there is the Saratoga automobile museum and many such attractive places. One of the hidden wonders of Saratoga is the Disney’s Saratoga resort and spa which is an amazing place to go for a group of family or friends.

Saratoga Springs

Photo Credit – Mitchell Weinstock


One of the most visited places in Canada; Montreal is an amazing place that you can explore in two days from Ottawa. This French settlement charms everyone who comes here. It is the best place to get a slice of Europe with its French heritage and charming little European establishment. Pay a visit to the Notre Dame Basilica which is considered as the world’s most beautiful basilica. The mis of food, fun and festivals at Montreal is truly amazing and you will surely fall in love with it once you pay a visit to this charming place.

Botanical Gardens, Montreal

Photo Credit – Harvey Barrison

Quebec City

Quebec is the place where you can witness the French glory outside France. The city is well known for its French heritage alongside Montreal and his on the charts of everyone who visits Canada. Visit the splendid Mont ornery falls, the old Quebec, the Chateau Frontenac or the Aquarium de Quebec there are many things that you can do here. The city is also a center of fine arts and festivals which carries out here whole year.

Quebec City

Photo Credit – Steve Leclerc


A great place for a weekend trip, Toronto is consider as one of the top three cities of the world apart from London and New York in theatrical entertainment. It is also a great palace f you are a fan of sports like ice hockey, baseball and basketball. Toronto can be called the lifeline of Canada as the city never stops to amuse you. Toronto is also home to some of the lip smacking dishes and the best restaurants of Canada. And what more, you could also get a chance to play with the adorable Pandas at the Toronto zoo, isn’t that amazing?


known for the Fairmont Le Château Montebello has many other attractions that make it far better destinations in the vanity of Montreal. You can get closer to the nature by having a visit to the Parc omega zoo or get some of the best culinary experiences in Canada. The best attraction of Montreal, the Fairmont Le Château resort has the best facilities for an exciting weekend. With over 40 adventure activities ranging from horseback riding to off road driving experience there is so much to do at this 4 star resort set in the middle of Natural County.


Photo Credit – Gérard Métrailler

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