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Weekend Getaways From Philadelphia, USA

Philadelphia is one of the largest cities of the United States and it is located in the state of Pennsylvania. Philadelphia has many things to offer to its tourists as there is an Old City where the tourists can explore the ancient architecture and many other beautiful old streets where people can feel the beauty of the ancient United States and its cities. But Philadelphia is not only just settled to show you the old streets and architectures but these days Philadelphia is getting more tourists as honeymoon couples as it has many diving centers and fashion and shopping centers, art galleries, bars and restaurants and the couples can also enjoy the theaters and music concerts and can dine in some of the best restaurants of the city which will definitely be a romantic affair. There are many romantic getaways for which the couples can opt for.

List of Weekend Getaways From Philadelphia


This is the capital city of Pennsylvania and there are beautiful art galleries and the best places where the couples can have loads of fun and they can move to theSusquehanna River Boat and the couples can go for nice cruises and dinner cruises and they can have a nice night out together as the couples can dine and enjoy the river cruises together that will lit their romance. They can also go for the best shopping centers too for the best shopping experiences.


Photo Credit- Jayme Frye


This is again a beautiful city where the couples can go for their weekend trips and they can go to the Downtown of the city where they can go for some very special shopping and fine dining too. There are many fashion boutiques from where they can shop for their best apparels and accessories and that is why the couples can take it as their one of the best weekend trips where they can shop for their best dresses and also for many spices too. The couples can click some of their best romantic photos from the scenic and cobblestoned streets.


Photo Credit- Charlie Stinchcomb

Atlantic City

The couples can have real fun in the Atlantic City as they have a look to the nice city and they can get the best tour of the casinos of the Atlantic City and the huge array of boutique hotels, spas and best shopping centers will make the couples feel more thrilled as there are all kinds relaxing options available in the city and the couples can get their best moments lived here.

Atlantic City

Photo Credit- Jason Mrachina

The Mountain of Poconos

The mountain of Poconos is often said as the heaven for the skiing lovers and the couples can go to this place during their weekend breaks. Located in the north-eastern part of the state the Poconos is a place where the couples can indulge in to various activities like skiing, hiking, fishing, camping, boating can also be done and the couples can have fun in this place. Not only for the adventurous activities but the couple can visit here for some thrilling and eye-striking natural views.

Pocono Mountains

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