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Guide To What to Pack For Honeymoon

When Going for Honeymoon days before it are sure to be super excited and for which everyone would wants that day to come as soon as possible. In these situations only honeymooners are sometime careless. Packing.Packing is an essential part of honeymoon. It is important to select what and how much you should carry. Packing away too much or too little can play a spoil sport in your honeymoon. Here is a guide on what to and what not to pack for your honeymoon.

What to Pack For Honeymoon

  • Toiletries and cosmetics: The first thing that you should pack is the sunscreen; no matter where you are going you will need a sunscreen strong enough to protect your skin. Apart from that make sure to carry your essential cosmetics and toiletries.
  • Pack your medicines: If you are suffering from any type of disease or any allergies make sure to carry all the medicines you need. As it might be possible that you won’t get the medicines you require in a foreign land. Even if you don’t have any disease or allergies still keep the medicines for headaches, stomach ache and flu handy.
  • Gadgets: Pack all your essential gadgets that you would be requiring on your honeymoon, gadgets like your camera, your phone, tablet, i Pod or any other gadget. Also keep in mind to carry the charger and the extra batteries that you would be requiring.
  • Appropriate attire: You should pack your dresses according to the place where you are going. For a beach destination do not forget to beach make sure to pack bikinis and swim-wear. And if you are going to a hill station of r a skiing resort do pack proper warm clothes.
  • Sexy accessories: The honeymoon is about spending time with each other — and having sex. Bring your best lingerie and any toys just be sure that whatever you bring is something with which you and your husband or wife are comfortable. This vacation is supposed to be about passion and romance and expressing your love for one another.

What Not to Pack For Honeymoon

  • Extra clothes: You will need clothes to wear during your honey moon, but packing extra clothes will just make your luggage heavy. Pack the amount of clothes that will be necessary. The trick is to just carry the essentials. Carry comfortable clothes that go well with your destination and activities planned.
  • Interfering gadgets: While you can pack your favorite iPod, mobile phone and digital camera as you will need them but that does not means you have to carry your entire laptop with you.There will definitely be free time on your honeymoon. But that should be used to refresh yourself for your next activity or event, and not to get busy in checking mails.
  • Prized possessions and valuables: there is no need to carry your valuables with you where ever you go, especially on honeymoon. Refrain from carrying expensive watches, jewelry or any fancy gadgets with you. It is always said that ‘precaution is better than cure’.
  • Too many shoes or sandals: While it is appropriate to carry a nice pair of footwear to go with the dress you are wearing, but packing too many of them will lead to only towards making the baggage heavy. Just pack a pair which will go with most of the outfits in your bag.
  • Full sized products and too much makeup: you do not need to pack each and every toiletries unless you are moving out for a long period of time, it’s just a honeymoon so make sure to pack the essentials but in a smaller package. And also do not pack your entire make up products as you will not be requiring them.

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