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Best Skiing Destinations Resorts in Greece, Greece

The point when most individuals consider Greece they envision islands with little white houses and a foundation of blue ocean and sky. Be that as it may Greece is a place where there is mountains, some of them very high and much the same as in the Alps, the Rockies, the Poconos and the Catskills. Escape in an ideal white mountain setting where the frosty mountain air puts human endurance under test! The inclines offers a life-changing background down marvelous ski runs where the excellence of the snow capped scene is ensured to take your breath away. Enjoy a ski run in a portion of the best known skiing resorts of the nation, and feast your eyes on the delightfulness of snow-clad mountaintops as you experience a moving feeling of flexibility. Get a charge out of you cozy Greek vacations in snow topped mountains and unbelievable ceaseless perspectives of snow.

List of Skiing Resorts in Greece


Mount Parnassos, with a height of 2,260 metres, ranks around the most astounding mountains in Greece. Here you will uncover the grandest downhill ski resort in Greece. The mountain’s high height offers ski sweethearts durable snow-secured crests, and the mountain is an extremely famous spot for guests as it is spotted close Athens. In Arahova, different classy and five star lodgings or customary visitor houses offer you sumptuous accommodation. Fine-eating restaurants and little, sentimental bars serve heavenly plates cooked with the region’s really popular items. Stay up throughout the night and appreciate the village’s clamoring nightlife.


Parnassos (Pic: Flicker, Andreas Nezeritis)


At a height of 2,340m on Mt. Helmos , uncover the most famous ski resort in Peloponnese. Being the second biggest ski resort in Greece, it is placed in an amazing red hot snow capped landscape. Kalavryta ski resort boasts of 12 ski runs of 20km long, 2 seat lifts and 5 ski lifts, unique reason for snowboarding and great amusements, and other winter attractions, for example an exceptional big shots ski run, and a snowboard park. The region likewise brags lavish lodgings, where you can unwind in five star spa facilities, and romantic intimate setting guest hiuses, where you can revel in tasty home-cooked dinners by a wood-blazing fireplace.


Kalavrita (Pic : Flicker, ElGreco )


With open inclines and phenomenal snow conditions Kaimaktsalan Ski Resort standout amongst the most well known ski resorts in Europe. In the unspoilt wild of Mt. Voras, vacationers leave on an energizing winter experience at 2,500 m. A three-storey chalet is assembled at a height of 2,050m. It offers central heating, a 46 accommodation rooms, a restaurant-bar. After skiing you can unwind at the chalet’s parlor. Its expansive windows give amazing perspectives of the encompassed mountain.


Kaimaktsalan (Pic: Flicker, Experience Greece)


In the heart of the most paramount mountains in Greece, Vassilitsa Ski offers fun-pressed winter travels. Encroaching snow-secured mountains approach in the separation, while lovely lakes and the Grevena valley make tranquil view. There are lots of activites to do in nearby areas .Set off on a trekking tour at the National Forest Park of Valia Kalda. Join a rafting gathering to investigate the waterway Venetikos, or take an interest in jeep-safari journe


Vassilitsa (Pic:

3-5 Pigadia ski resort

3-5 Pigadia ski resort is recognized to be one of the best organised ski resorts in Greece, boastin present day, cutting-edge facilities. If you end up here, don’t pass up a great opportunity for the chance to visit the city of Naoussa, and walk around Alonia and Metamorfosi, two conventional quarters where you will pass by numerous mansions of a remarkable architecture. At 30 minutes drive away from the city you can visit Vergina, one of the most fantastic archaeological destinations in Greece.

3-5 Pigadia

3-5 Pigadia (Pic: )


Mainalo is a spot favored with unblemished, rough scenes and beautiful villages steeped in history. Get a charge out of stunning snow capped through snow covered paths in one of the nation’s most oldest skiing destinations, stroll the stone-paved roads, cross its stone bridges and lose yourself in the mountain’s solitary beauty. Savour the fragrance trailing in the chilly winter air off chimneys and wood-smoldering stoves and delight in the flavours of conventional neighborhood cuisines.


Mainalo (Pic:

Agriolefkes, Pelion

Agriolefkes was one of the two extremely first ski centres to work in Greece. There is accommodation facility here which has accessible 80 beds , a restaurant and a coffee and refreshments bar. The skiers skiing in these slants acn enjoy the most dazzling perspectives od snow capped mountains. On one side they can see the Pagasitic Gulf and on the other they can see the Aegean Sea.

East Pelion Greece Agriolefkes

East Pelion Greece Agriolefkes (Pic:

Mount Vermio

Located in northwestern Greece at the Western Macedonia Region, Mount Vermio is 22km far from Veria and 96km from Thessaloniki. It is a zone of remarkable delightfulness where two medium estimated ski resorts are accessible: Seli ski resort and Tria Pente Pigadia ski center. Both resorts incorporate parking facilities, restaurant, cafeteria, medical aid station and ski supplies rental store.

Seli ski resort

Seli ski resort (Pic:

Karpenisi, Mountain Velouchi

A town in Central Greece Karpenisi is the capital of the Prefecture of Evrytania. The zone around Karpenisi is uneven while farmlands are essentially in valley areas. You can do Rafting in the waters of Tavropos stream, Trikeriotis or Acheloos waterway. The individuals who favor the kayaking perfect are the streams Agrafiotis, Karpenisiotis. Karpenisi has a skiing resort Velouhi where you can enjoy the climbing, trekking, going 4×4 romping, paddling and kayaking amidst the snow capped mountains.


Karpenisi (Pic:

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