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Best Tourist Places to visit in Norway, NOrway

Have a romantic getaway in the Kingdom of Norway, where you can spend the chilliest winters. Chase the invigorating winds, hold the snowflakes on the palm of your hand, explore the serene islands and admire the awe-inspiring Northern lights, which glitter amidst the vast expanse of universe. Have a quick look at these 20 most visited places of Norway and pack your bags to go on a long awaited holiday.

List of Top Attractions in Norway

Western Fjords

Western Fjords in Norway

Fjords are the most popular places to visit in Norway that are found nearly everywhere in Norway. The most unique fjords are found in West Norway which are considered as the most dramatic of all. The Western fjords are slightly different as they are narrow and are surrounded by steep rocks facing mountainous terrains and are shallow. You must not miss the Geirangerfjord and Naeroyfjord.


Bergen in Norway

Bergen is the second largest city of Norway and it has been a leading western port from where the trade work is carried on since middle ages. Today it stands firm as 15th century waterfront in the Bryggen district which is both a functional port and a popular tourist destination for visitors. If you wish to go there you can relish fresh sea food at the sea side restaurants. Bergen showcases plentiful scenic beauty as it is encircled by fjords. It is also an abode for great explorers.

Lofoten Island

Lofoten in Norway

Lofoten is a beauteous group of islands which are located in the northern part of Norway. Here you can explore the little fishing hamlets nestled in the fjords , dotting the coast with steep peaks rising from the ocean itself.


Stavanger in Norway

Stavanger is an ideal summer destination which has utterly beautiful silvery sand beaches, the tropical plants and the soothing sea. It is located in the southwest region of Norway. The famous tourist spots in Stavanger includes the City Harbor, The Rogaland Kunstmuseum which showcases impressive Norwegian art, the Stavanger Cathedral which is the country’s best Medevial Church and the Gamle Stavanger district which takes its visitors on a time travel to 18th century Scandinavia.


Oslo in Norway

Oslo is the capital of Norway and is the most populated city of Norway. It is a lively modern city with a pleasant climate. The city proudly displays the horseshoe shaped shores of Oslofjord. This place possesses two third of the forests and well manicured parks which offers a wide variety of recreational activities. You can see probably everything in this vibrant city from old taverns, museums, bars and lavish restaurants to the Nobel Peace Center .


Svalbard in Norway

Svalbard is a cluster of islands nestled in the four islands namely the Arctic Ocean, Barents Sea, Greenland Sea, and the Norwegian Sea. This place is best suited for the solitude seekers as it is less populated; nearly 3,000 people reside in the main settlements of Longyearbyen and Barentsburg on Spitsbergen. At Svalbard you can admire the raw Arctic nature, the untouched glaciers and craggy mountains.

Jotunheimen National Park

Jotunheimen National Park in Norway

Jotunheimen is  located in the south central region f Norway and is popularly known as the Home of the Giants. It is Norway’s premier national park which encompasses several mountain ranges including Norway’s 29 highest peaks. You can admire the eternal beauty of Vettisfossen, which is at 275 meters (900 feet) and is the highest waterfall in Norway. There are many lodges and well-marked trails in the area which offers and easy access to glacier hikes, summit tours, mountain climbing and skiing. Tour companies and trekking associations offer outdoor adventures for visitors of every age and skill level.


Trondheim in Norway

There is a lot to explore in the northern city of Trondheim. It has a glorious past and culture which displays great architecture of Sverresborg, a restored 12th century castle. The city abounds with the remnants of the past you can visit Nidaros Cathedral which is the northernmost Medieval cathedral in the world.


Tromso in Norway

Tromso is known as the largest city in Northern Norway. It is a culturally rich city which is known for its wooden houses and the aesthetic natural surroundings.  Tromso is a place from where you can admire the beautiful Northern Lights. Top visitors attractions include The Arctic Aquarium Polaria and the Polar Museum.


Alesund in Norway

This place is the gateway to the stunning northwestern fjords and the surrounding mountainous terrains. Alesund was reconstructed when a blazing fire destructed the town in 1904. Now the same town displays a remarkable architecture and intricate stone quarry.


Femundsmarka in Norway

One of the most famous places to visit in Norway, Femundsmarka is a vast green area near the border of Sweden. The wilderness of Femundsmarka attracts a lot of nature worshippers for a rendezvous at Velmunden. Top visitor attraction includes Femundsmarka, Gutulia National Parks on the Norwegian side of the border and Tofsingdalen on the Swedish side and adjoining areas form one of the most distinctive high mountain biotopes in Scandinavia.

The Telemark Tunnel

Telemark in Norway

The Telemark Canal of Skien is the gateway to West Telemark. The travelers can have a nostalgic journey by a boat  through this tunnel and see some of the remarkable places of Norway.


Lyngen in Norway

Lyngen also known as “The Alps in the ocean” offers a panoramic view of the breath taking landscape. It is truly a paradise for the city dwellers who wish to spend some time in the verdure of nature. One can enjoy a wide variety of recreational activities such as fishing, hunting, mountaineering, skiing, diving and hand gliding at The Lyngen Alps.

Oscarsborg Fortress

Oscarsborg Fortess in  Norway

Oscarsborg Fortress is a stunning island in the middle of the narrow section of Oslofjord which is primarily an interesting monument to Norway’s military history.


Nordland  in Norway

Those who wish to explore the unassuming beauty of Arctic, Nordland is the best option. One can see the lush green fields, pristine lakes, verdant forests and the summits while heading northwards.


Honningsvag in Norway

Honningsvag is the northest city in Norway and probably in the world. It is one of the best home base to reach the world famous Cape North, which is the best place to enjoy the view of Midnight Sun.

The Coast

Haukland Beach  in Norway

The gorgeous Coast draws the attention of the leisure seeking travelers. The scenic vistas of the mountains and cluster of islands are a treat to the eyes.

Southern Norway

Southern Norway

Beat the heat of the summer season and have a retreat in the southern coastline which draws Norwegian holiday makers in droves. The string of the pristine coastal hamlets of whitewashed timber beside an island studded sea is popular attraction among the visitors who visit Southern Norway.

The Interior Norway

Setesdal  in Norway

Absorb in the quietude of quaint mountain valleys such as Setesdalen and the magnificent peak of Gausta, close to Rjukan are the top attractions of this place. Another major attraction that adds five stars to this place is the lake studded Telemark region which is connected by a canal with pretty Seljord.

The Southern Norway Archipelago

Jomfruland Place to Visit in Norway

The amazing Southern Norway Archipelago from the Ryvingen Lighthouse to the Jomfruland Island is a must visit place. It comprises of thousands of large and small islands and skerries. There are lots of rocky and sea side areas at this place which are ideal for kayaking. The leisure seeking tourists can hang around the landward oceans and canoes where one can bond with nature. One of the most beautiful places to visit in Norway

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