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Chennai: Snapshot

Best time to visit Chennai:
January, February, November, December,

Chennai romantic honeymoon destination is also famous for : Beach, City, Heritage, Lake, Shopping, Water Sports,

Chennai is an ancient city in the southern state of Tamil Nadu, that boosts of its ancient culture and heritage. History is etched in every corner of the city of Chennai. The flourishing economy of the city is credited to its key industries - automobile, software services, hardware manufacturing, petrochemicals, textiles and financial services. Chennai is India's second largest exporter of software, information technology (IT) and information-technology-enabled services (ITES). Many Car manufacturing industry are also based in and around the city.

The city houses the popular South Indian hindu temples, the Kapaleswar Temple and the Sri Parthasarathy Temple. Fort Saint George, the Government Museum, National Gallery and Old Portuguese-style churches are also worth a look. Chennai is an important centre for Carnatic Music and classical dance form Bharatanatyam. Food and dining has a different notion at Chennai.

Chennai as Honeymoon Destination (Romantic Getaways)

The Honeymoon is that romantic experience in the lives of newlyweds, which brings cherish able moments, joy and sacred intimacy between the two. Away from the rush of upcoming struggles of family life, the couple gets to know each other before beginning a new chapter of life together. Chennai, a city that embodies romance & beauty is one of the most romantic getaways to live this once in a lifetime experience with your partner, and collect memories worth remembering a lifetime.

Chennai, is a journey into timeless India, a kaleidoscope of moods, rich in the treasures of history. From temples and shrines to forts and palaces, Chennai is home to the heritage paragon of India. The dance, art, music, festivals, religions are very distinctive of the south India culture. Chennai is proud of its long sandy white beaches that are clean and have clear blue water that adds to the beauty of the city. Here, you as a couple can enjoy the beauty of the Marine beach, visit at Fort St George, museums, National parks like the Guindy national park, which is regarded as the smallest national park comprises of various endangered species which is worth watching. Thus, Chennai is a perfect destination to make your honeymoon special one.

Why Visit Chennai as Romantic Getaways?

  • The beauty of Covelong Beach, Elliot’s Beach, and Marina Beach will leave you mesmerized.
  • Amusement Parks, Discotheques, Water Sports, Shopping Malls are some fine examples of the beautiful recreations in Chennai.
  • Freemasons Hall, Fort St. George, Kamaraj Memorial House, MGR Memorial, Senate House, Thousand Lights Mosque, War Memorials, Government Museum and Valluvar Kottam are amongst the heritage beauty of the Country.

Things to consider

  • One thing to be kept in mind is to try to bargain for prices at almost all places while shopping.
  • As Chennai is also one of the most conservative major cities in India, it is important to dress in a manner that respects this.
  • Revealing or tight-fitting clothes, both on men and women, should be avoided even at the beach. Lightweight clothes that cover the arms and legs are preferable.

Best Time To Visit Chennai

Chennai weather is hot and humid as it lies close to the thermal equator on the coast. The best time for visiting Chennai is from November to February.

Best Season: November to February
Summers: March to May
Winters: December to February
Monsoons: June to August

Covelong Beach in Chennai

Covelong Beach in Chennai

Covelong Beach in Chennai by Prateek Rungta

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    4 Responses to “Chennai”

    Shilpa Singh Says

    Chennai is a great holiday destination. there are so many temples and other historic monuments. its is a beautiful place for those interested in ancient Indian architecture.

    Manjul Says

    I’m from North India and have been living in Chennai for the last few months. Whatever you have mentioned Geetika is not true. It seems like you haven’t been to Chennai! I will never recommend Chennai for any romantic getaway or honeymoon. There are other good places in South India like many in Kerala and few in Tamil Nadu itself. But Chennai for a romantic getaway?? Never!!!

    Geetika Says

    We had a short stay in Chennai. The city is special in its own ways. The famous Marina Beach where you can relax and take a long walk on the beach – the beach is really long. The food is awesome. I was mighty impressed with the infra-structure of the city. Thousand Lights Mosque is famous for its architectural splendor. It is said that 1000 oil lamps were lit up to illuminate the hall of the Mosque, which gave it the name Thousand Lights Mosque. It’s a beautiful Dargah in the city and is very popular. And if you love fishing then Barracuda Bay is the most beautiful place to be at. We had a great experience at Chennai.

    davendra Says

    It was the month of march when we went for our honeymoon in chennai…Lovely place to stay… Locations was awesome and no doubt that its a best place for couples.. apart for this hotels,transportation all are easily available there…

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