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15 Cities That Gets Highest Number of Tourists

Last updated : Nov 23, 2015

We all love discovering new things and also love watching the classics of all times and that is why love to see them again and again to see the places of interests or just to see the beauty of the city. There are some awesome cities of the world where people visit in millions because of its aura and magnetism and definitely also for its God Gifted natural beauties and for uncountable reasons. But getting attracted to a city and visiting it not just popularize the tourism of the city but also contribute the economy of the country where it belongs to. Some of the cities really carry the charisma following which people from all corners visit there to cherish a slice of life.


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London – United Kingdom

The city was founded by Romans and known as one of the most lavish and contemporary cities of the world. Also stated as the financial and the historical capital of the world with some of the enormous architecture of the medieval era and one of the favorite choices of the globetrotters, executives and couples making it to more than 18 million visitors per year.

Hong Kong

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Hong Kong

Among the countries attracting tourists from all over the world the Asian countries have been dominating for the past few years, and Hong Kong is one of them. Hong Kong is having dual marvels of Chinese and British settlements. Being a global hub of finance, fashion, trade, culture, food and infrastructure; the city is a dynamic place with the gorgeous urbanization and stated as Asia’s World City.


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Bangkok – Thailand

Located on the banks of the Chao Phraya River this astonishing city is a happening shopping destination for the people from all corners of globe. People come here to experience the urban lifestyle as well as to feel the essence of old charm of Thailand and also to see the enhanced architectural views with sky touching city lines and the best of Thai Cuisines.

Kuala - Lumpur

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Kuala – Lumpur – Malaysia

The capital city of Malaysia and popular for its Petronas twin towers; the city has all ways to impress you at the best. The city attracts tourists from all around the globe to see its glittering nights and the marvelous cityscape which are there to define itself as one of the most lavish cities of the world that actually made itself just in 150 years.


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Paris – France

The capital city of France and the city of beauty and romance, and one cannot resist their instincts to visit the city. Called as the City of Lights and Capital of Fashion, the city is a home to some outstanding ancient Gothic and Roman architecture since 1st Century such as Eiffel Tower, Arc de Triomphe, Notre Dame Cathedral, Sainte Chapelle and many others.


Dubai – UAE

Dubai is becoming one of the hotspots of the Middle East hailing tourists from all over the world. A unique desert city that holds the credit of hosting the tallest tower of the World. The city is defined with excellence wherever you go and also has the credit of being one of the owner of the largest old Souks of the world where international tourist visit to buy gold.

New York

New York – United States of America

An enormous city but popularly known with the short name of NYC or the Big Apple. The city is a world class hub for culture, food, trade, finance, arts and fashion. Also known for having the tallest skylines on the global platform. People in huge numbers come in this city to experience urban lifestyle and diversity in Manhattan, Brooklyn and mostly people visit this city to see the Statue of Liberty and the Empire State building.

Singapore City

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A small island-city-country where tourists visit for one of the best experiences of their tourism and for its uncountable shopping malls. Singapore is actually a great choice for the honeymooners as the couples look for the best tourism and nightlife. Singapore is also a huge cosmopolitan city and this is a reason for getting presence of millions.


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Istanbul – Turkey

Counted amongst the best cities of the country Istanbul is a city that created magnificence with the best views of Roman, Bohemian, and other major historical sights. Located with having Bosphorus in its both sides the city is having real charms and get along with the people who are looking for ancient historical cities with the modern attractions. Also visited for its massive Tulip Gardens and Turkish Baths.


Tokyo – Japan

The capital city of Japan is also known as among the most expensive and the most urban cities of the world. The city used to be a fishing village and developed massively in 500 years among the top notch hubs of finance, trade and business of the world. The city has both the elegance of urban cities as well as the village charm and also abundance of natural beauty.


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Shanghai – China

One of the major cities of China that gets crowded by tourists all through the year and people visit this city to see the limelight and the fastest developed city of Mainland China. The city resembles the look of the English cities and also you can have a strong feel of beautiful Chinese buildings all around. The city is also known for its major shopping centers.


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Prague – Czech Republic

People visit this city to see the best and unspoiled Bohemian culture. This is the capital city of Czech Republic which is also the largest city of the nation. People love to see the beautiful castles, cathedrals, churches, and gold tipped towers in the city that creates a marvelous aura and mesmerize the spectators.


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Amsterdam – Netherlands

This is the capital city of Netherlands and people mostly visit here to views it’s beautiful and astonishing architecture that belong to the medieval era and they are also considered as the UNESCO Heritage Sites. The night view of the city creates a romantic atmosphere and deserves to be visited once in a life.

Los Angeles

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Los Angeles – USA

The city is also known as the City of Angels and located in California. Los Angeles gets crowds all through the year because of its exotic beaches of the Pacific Ocean, that are surrounded by valleys, lushly forests and mountains, and make the city the place enjoying extreme modernity amidst the gorgeous natural beauty.

Milan - Italy

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Milan – Italy

The most important and financial city of Italy and also known as the fashion capital of the world. The city is famous for its shopping centers, UNESCO Heritage Sites, cuisines and lovely cityscape that spellbinds the spectator who so ever visits here.

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