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How Staying at Home Can Be More Romantic Than Honeymoon

Last updated : Aug 14, 2015

Sometimes honeymoon in your won home can be more romantic than going for a honeymoon holidays. Love does not mean spending money on gifts or trips always. It’s more of spending quality time together and what could be more comfortable than your “Home Sweet Home”. Staying at home is not boring if you are all alone with your best companion that is your love. You can make the most out of it and try something out of the box that will eventually boost up your love life.Stay-home dates are a wonderful, comfortable way to spend time together and get to know each other or to get reacquainted. Take a look at the ideas that make your stay at your home even more romantic.

12 Ways Staying At Home Can be More Romantic

Honeymoon Holidays in Home

Go Offline – Do not allow constant buzzing of gadgets and ringing of phones disturb you both. Switch of all your gadgets and gizmos. Get lost in each other’s company, have endless conversations and feel that only you two exist in the whole world.

Look deep into the Nature – What could be more mesmerizing than romancing in the nature‘s arm. Go to the terrace and watch sunrise and sunset together while sipping hot coffee. And let the dark charcoal sky be your blanket while you both fall asleep watching the brightly lit stars.

Savor the magic of new relationship – You can add more spark to your relationship by turning your home into a romantic suite. You can alluringly decorate it with dozens of roses and aromatic candles that would surely impress your partner a lot. Or you can make it a theme night where everything would be surrounding that theme.

Go filmy –It would be a complete surprise for your partner when you tune into his/her favorite romantic movie . Both of you can have a great time while watching the movie and rehearsing the lovey dovey dialogues while both you lie down on the bed , wrapped in a blanket.

Get adventurous in the kitchen – Try making something new together. Find something you’ve never tried cooking before. Think of a new cuisine; Turn up the music and bustle around the kitchen together, then settle in with a bottle of wine to enjoy your spoils once you’re done.

Relaxing massage at home – To completely woo your partner, you can give a relaxing and rejuvenating massage at home that would be romantic too. Don’t forget to light some candles to give a calm, relaxing ambiance to your less-than-quiet, typical days.

Dance like no one is watching –Turn down the lights , let your hair down and dance to your favorite tunes. It has all the intimacy of a club without the downside of slipping in spilled drinks. Go for passionate salsa or soothing slow dance to ignite your love further.

Read out a book – Make your evening more intimate by reading a romantic and erotic book to your partner. Certainly, even a novel or collection of poetry or short stories will allow you to connect under the sheets on another level.

Freeze the moments -Capture a variety of images and record videos of yourselves to create lasting memories of your special time. Have fun and grab lots of props and plan for some photo props in different rooms of your house. You can have silly, romantic or just everyday pictures.

Walk down Memory lane – Try to re-enact your first date, first anniversary or or the day you were engaged. Wear similar clothing; eat the same food and anything else you can remember from that special moment in time. The butterflies will start fluttering again as you reminiscence this amazing experience together.

Enjoy cozy candle light dinner – Treat your lovely date to a special dinner your beloved would never forget. Have the house set up when she / he arrives with candlelight, soft music and fine wine. Make your partner seat at the table made for two and serve her a full three course meal made exclusively by you.

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