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10 Qualities of Perfect Soulmate That Will Maintain the Relationship Forever

Last updated : Oct 30, 2015

10 signs you must notice about your Mr Right Before Tying a Knot with Him

Girls if you have have someone special in your life who has charmed you by his presence then surely you must have noticed him properly. But before you tie a knot with him you must check whether he is your Mr Perfect or not, he need to have qualities of a good husband. If you haven't noticed those signs yet just have a look at these 10 signs which will tell you if you have found your soulmate.

Qualities of a Good Soul Mate


1) Shows Interest in Your life

If a man loves you he will pay attention to every nitty gritty-things happening in your life. He will love to hear all your problems, your fears, your dreams and how did you spent your day. Notice this sign, even if you strike a random conversation with him and if he responds instead of playing Candy Crush on his phone then he is the one. People don’t have time for anything and doesn’t bother about what’s happening outside and if he is interested in your life that means he loves you whole heartedly.

couples holding hand

2) Becomes your body guard when needed

The thing that most girls love is when she feels secure with her lover and soars like a free bird. If he stands up for you when somebody misbehaves or harms you in anyway then he has immense love for you. In a world where women feel unsafe, you feel safe in his arms then you must cherish him forever.

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3) When you talk to him he lights up your mood

There are days when girls feel depressed, lonely, ugly and miserable when you don’t like to talk to anybody. When you have constant mood swings but with a simple call of that special one or a little chat over coffee makes your dull day bright. You must think there’s magic in him but the truth is there’s magic in his love.

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4) You feel sadness leaving your body when he hugs and kisses you gently

If a simple peck on the cheek and a warm hug by him sweeps you off your feet then he is the one. When you are sad and he gently kisses you and you feel sadness leaving your body then you can’t ignore this sign darling.


5) Encourages you to reach for the stars

A lot of people say that a man cannot see his wife or his girlfriend succeeding in life and achieving greater heights than him. But this is absolutely wrong a great man encourages his beloved to do better in life. He helps her in becoming a strong willed independent woman. If your partner does than I must tell you that your are damn lucky to have him.

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6) Respects your privacy

Relationships are build on trust and faith and if your partner doesn’t interrogates you when you are going somewhere this means he respects your privacy. If he doesn’t asks for the passwords of your social media apps and checks your phone this means he love you well. You must respect him as well because he trusts you a lot and gives you your own little space.

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7) Doesn’t hides anything from you

If he truly loves you then he won’t hide anything from you and will be like an open book. You cannot become a detective and chase your lover to check whether he is cheating on you or not. If he genuinely loves you then he will share everything with you, will be straight forward and honest to you.

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8) He is your best friend

No other relationship is as strong as friendship. If he comforts you, offers a shoulder when you are in grief then he is not only your lover but your best friend. If you can share anything with him without wondering would he judge you or not? then he is the one.

Couples Hugging

9) If you’re becoming a better person

Have you ever felt that you have changed a lot since you have met him. You have started caring about things which didn’t mattered earlier, you have become soft hearted and polite to people. This is an indication that you have grown in love and have become a better person.

Beautiful couples

10) He makes you feel beautiful

This is one of the most important sign that you must notice about your lover. If he loves you when you are without makeup, adores you when you are in your skin and complements you everyday which boosts up your confidence then congrats! because you have found your soulmate. True love is when your partner thinks that you are the most beautiful woman in this world and doesn’t set his eyes on other ladies.

Now you have got the ten signs just notice them and grab him because you will not get true love again dear. Propose him, buy wedding rings and get ready to walk on the aisle.

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