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Journey Of Ryan Fontana & Molly Jospeh To Find True Meaning of Their Love

Last updated : Aug 13, 2015

Meet the adventure couples Ryan Fontana & Molly Jospeh who just packed their bags and travelled places around the world to enjoy the love to the fullest and and purpose of their life together. They followed their hearts in spite of what their bank accounts said because they prioritize happiness, and trust that, when you are following your highest excitement and have the intention of being of service, things generally tend to work out in your favor.No money or silver spoon required. The only thing you need is to know is what would bring you joy, then throw caution to the wind and go after it.

Here Is A Short Travel Journey of Adventure Couples

We grow up fantasizing about finding our other half

People grow up fantasizing about finding their better half – that special someone who would complete them and sweeps them off their feet. When they grow old and get wiser and they realise that the person who actually completes them is they themselves. It is only when they feel whole and complete on their own that they start to embrace their partner for what they are and not complain for what they aren’t. Even if their partner is totally different from their original idea of their ‘perfect partner’ they love them wholeheartedly. When they love and accept themselves, it is easy for them to love and accept others, when they realize that they are perfect, they can finally see that their partner too is perfect.

Ryan Fontana & Molly Jospeh

Vulnerable communication is the number one component of any strong, loving relationship.

Vulnerable communication is the major component of any strong, loving relationship. To communicate vulnerably is to speak out the truth in the most honest way possible. Expressing your feelings regardless of how bad you think they’ll make you look or how you imagine your partner will react to them is the best way to have a healthy relationship. Even though it takes courage, but the end result is a happy relationship in which both partners know each other completely, love each other unconditionally, and are free to be themselves without faking things.

Ryan Fontana & Molly Jospeh

Freedom means doing what you love

Freedom means doing what you love, doing it for yourself without expecting anything of pleasing anyone. When people try to win approval they shrink, but when they focus on their happiness they expand. They are alive and empowered when they care about themselves. They don’t doubt themselves or change direction by what people say or do. It’s as if there is an invisible force pushing them forward, telling them that they are safe and that everything will work out. Self love and freedom are synonymous in this sense. It’s not that they don’t care about others or what they think, it’s just that they have finally they know how to care about themselves.

Ryan Fontana & Molly Jospeh

Back in Hawaii

Back in Hawaii for some decompression between adventures. Hawaii is one of the most romantic places in world, full of peace and tranquility.

Ryan Fontana & Molly Jospeh

If you had told me

If someone told me four months ago that, by the summer of 2015, I would have learned the electric guitar, driven a motorbike, pierced my nose and travelled the world I would probably have called that person mad. But when I look back from then to now I can’t help but laugh. I think I’ve seriously lost my mind but found my heart.

Ryan Fontana & Molly Jospeh

Relationship is a vessel for personal growth

Relationship is a vessel for personal growth and transformation, first and foremost.We are evolutionary beings deigned to grow and expand. What better way to push yourself past the limits of your comfort zone than to be with someone on the same trajectory as you?A relationship should not just encourage growth, but expedite it, as both partners uncover and work through their “stuff” (limiting beliefs, karma, emotional resistance, etc)
The result is a true soulmate connection where you look at one another with love, respect, reverence, and the ultimate understanding. The relationship is ever unfolding into greater and greater moments of awareness and joy as you two remember who you really are.

Ryan Fontana & Molly Jospeh

Be with somebody who makes you feel

Be with somebody who makes you feel like a kid again! Someone who makes you laugh and encourages you to be weird. Life is way to awesome to be serious all the time

Ryan Fontana & Molly Jospeh

On the road. Immersing ourselves in nature

On the road. Immersing ourselves in nature. Collecting new experiences. Tasting things we have never tasted before. Meeting people that inspire us to be great. Driving while singing our favorite songs. Reading books to each other. Brainstorming future possibilities. Telling ridiculous stories. Sharing embarrassing moments. Getting lost. Finding more and moe pieces of ourselves. Laughing. Loving. Living.

Ryan Fontana & Molly Jospeh

Communication and Vulnerability

Communication and Vulnerability are the two most important elements for a deep, intimate, and loving relationship. No feeling is too small or thought too embarrassing. Every concern of ours is met with unconditional love and compassion. When people share themselves completely with their partner, they begin to glow. They spread light everywhere they thought they would have shrouded in darkness.
This is what it means to LOVE.
This is what it means to LIVE.

Ryan Fontana & Molly Jospeh


Bali, you will always have a piece of my heart. They Visited Bali in Indonesia and the destination is still resonating in their hearts.

Ryan Fontana & Molly Jospeh

Just remember

Just remember ! To fall in love.There’s nothing else,There’s nothing else . Traveling together with so many ups and downs their love have grown more stronger beyond limits.

Ryan Fontana & Molly Jospeh

Happy birthday to the best teammate

Happy birthday to the best teammate, partner in crime, adventure accomplice, lover and friend a girl could ask for. I love your everything

Ryan Fontana & Molly Jospeh

Never happier than when we’re in Nature

They say Nature brings joy and peace in their life. When in laps of natural beauty ,life becomes more happier more beautiful.

Ryan Fontana & Molly Jospeh

A month and a half ago

A month and a half ago a trip to Yosemite inspired us to take off and see the world. I’m writing this as I board a plane to Asia – going further from home than I have ever been before. It’s crazy to think that only three years ago I was a cancer patient, seeing doctor after doctor in New York. When I think of where I’ve been in comparison to where I am now, I know for sure that anything is possible, that dreams do come true. I know that hitting bottom makes life at the top that much sweeter, that without the lows the highs would be meaningless. I am so thankful for my life, for my health, for the opportunity to live every day to the fullest, to start this journey in the vibration of gratitude.

Ryan Fontana & Molly Jospeh

Chasing Sunsets

One of the most beautiful sunsets. Enjoying a spectacular sunset with you love is one of the best experience one can have in their life. Its purely a romantic time.

Ryan Fontana & Molly Jospeh

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