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Why You Should Definitely Choose New Zealand as a Romantic Getaway

Last updated : Nov 18, 2015

It is well said that there is no good story without romance and what could be a better way to kindle the flames of passionate romance in your love life then going for a honeymoon. But choosing a place where you both can just be into each other seems to be a hectic task .Still confused about where to head for your honeymoon as the possibility of perfect honeymoon are seemingly endless. So here is a dreamy destination for you that is an ideal mishmash of romance, picturesque landscapes, calm beaches and stunning natural scenery – New Zealand. New Zealand has been called "God's own country" and the "Paradise of the Pacific". It is one of the best places to see in your lifetime and one of the most romantic destination for honeymoon holidays. These splendid reasons definitely make New Zealand one of the best destinations for honeymoon.


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Sail Away in Milford Sound

Milford Sound was carved by the glaciers during ice age. A gorgeous waterfall cascading down the cliffs and enveloped with the greenery on the sides, Milford is breathtaking every time you see it. To soak in the magnificent scenery of Milford you can go for sea kayaking or cruise in its azure waters. Dolphins will give you company while you enjoy the appealing view of the Milford.


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Unforgettable Tongariro

Turquoise lakes, meadows and hot springs surround Tongariro, offering an environment of stunning diversity. To savour the surroundings it is best advised to take a stroll at a slow pace so that you can really know why it is hailed as one of the greatest one-day walks in the world.

Bay-of-Islands, New Zealand

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Beautiful Bay Of Islands

Bay of Island is bliss for those who love beach and water activities. This gorgeous region is made up of 144 islands. Penguins, dolphins, marlin, whales, gannets will be your new playmates. If you are lucky enough you can get a chance to swim with the dolphins. Don’t leave the Bay of Islands without seeing the Hole in the Rock, an opening in a rock formation that you can sail through when the tide is right.


Breathtakingly Luminous Waitomo Glowworm Caves

Waitomo Glowworm Caves are the magnet of tourist attractions in New Zealand. Slide into the starry wonderland and gaze at the glow worms More than 30 million years ago, the legend of Waitomo began with the creation of limestone at the bottom of the ocean. Now these limestone formations stand as one of New Zealand’s most inspiring natural wonders and a must-see destination.


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Spectacular Red Rock Reserves

Book your day to visit this spectacular place in Wellington. The Red Rocks were formed 200 million years ago by undersea volcanic eruptions. Small amounts of iron oxides give the rocks their distinctive coloring. The charm of the place increases as you can see the snow capped mountains of the South Islands and also you can catch a glimpse of seals.


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Poor Knight Islands Marine Reserve

Above and below water, the Poor Knights Islands are abundantly populated with unique and incredibly varied plant, animal and fish life which makes it extra special place that you just cannot miss. Go for diving in the azure waters of the islands to have an enchanting experience of colorful marine life.


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Bungee Jumping at Kawarau Bridge

make sure you do not miss this heart pounding activity once you are in Queenstown. Nestled into a rock face overlooking the stunning Kawarau River, the amazing view will leave you astonished. Bungee site attracts thousands of visitors every year. Attached by your feet, you can choose to bob above the water, touch it, or be fully dunked.


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Most Colorful Thermal Park

Waiotapu Geothermal area at Rotorua, is the most colorful thermal that one can ever see. Hot pools range in hues of turquoise blue and rich green to burnt orange and sulphuric yellow, making the steaming waters of Waiotapu a dazzling must-see. The striking features of the site are erupting mud pools, world famous attractions Champagne Pool and Lady Knox Geyser.


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Lake Matheson

Take a long stroll at the most photographed Lake of New Zealand. The excellent mirror-like reflecting properties are due to the dark brown color of the waters, the result of organic matter leached from the humus of the forest floor.

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