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10 Things No One Should Miss in Switzerland

Last updated : Mar 9, 2016

Switzerland is a dream destination for honeymooners who wish to spent some lovable moments in the vistas of Swiss. The place has some of the best romantic destinations and adventurous places which are waiting to be explored. The couples can take a break from the weary life and enjoy skiing and snow boarding on the snow clad peaks. Be fascinated by the beauty of cascading waterfalls, go on mountain adventures, try some famous delicacies, visit old hamlets and enjoy shopping with your partner. So check out the things you should not miss while you are in Switzerland

Things you mustn't miss when you are in Switzerland


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1) Go for adventurous hiking

Switzerland is bestowed with natural beauty in abundance. It has more than 48,300 km marked trails where you can experience tramping in the wild. The fresh air carries the scent of wild flowers which will make you feel close to nature. One can easily hike in Switzerland as there are several restaurants and hotels along the trails. You can either choose to stay in the cozy hotels or camp in a hut. If you don’t like hiking then you can go for long romantic walks with your partner.


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2) Adventure in Interlaken

If you are an adventurous person then you must visit Interlaken which is a big outdoor adventure park. Break the monotony of doing romantic things when you are with your partner and go for sky diving over Swiss glacier and enjoy water-skiing. Feel the rush of Adrenalin into your veins while you are sky diving over the utterly beautiful Swiss glacier.


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3) A day in Bern – The Capital

Bern is a capital of Switzerland which has a lot of old buildings, taverns and rustic buildings. You can stroll around with your partner in the old city which hasn’t lost its traditional beauty with time. You can explore the old shops which are a decade old. Another such charming city for a day visit is Basel which proudly displays a stunning Town Hall, bridge and cathedral.


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4) Relish mouth watering delicacies

Treat your jaded palates with delectable local Swiss cuisines which are of the finest quality. One can relish mouth watering regional cuisines which are the specialty of Switzerland. Try out the famous Swiss cheese and nut cake whose flavor will burst in your mouth.


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5) Savor some Swiss Chocolates

Chocolates are everybody’s favorite as it melts the heart at once. If you will try the tempting Swiss chocolate then other chocolates will seem to be tasteless. It’s just amazing! Do not forget to buy lots of Swiss chocolates for your loved ones.


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6) Shop Swiss made Watches

Switzerland is also famous for it’s exclusive Swiss made watches. Every second shop in Switzerland is a watch shop as watches have become a part of Swiss lifestyle. Enjoy window shopping or buy a pair of stylish wrist watches for you and your beloved. The best Swiss watch brands don’t even call themselves a watch business anymore but a luxury business.

Swiss Hamlets

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7) Visit the old hamlets of Switzerland

One must visit Graubunden area which houses the pristine old hamlets of Switzerland. Admire the architecture of the old houses which dates back to 13th century. The people who reside in this hamlet speak Romanch, an ancient language in order to keep the old traditions alive through their language.


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8) Train Journey

Traveling by train is not just fun but it is a soul rejuvenating experience. You can see the time pass by as the train gently moves along the metaled roads and crosses the fields. You can travel across the charming environs of Switzerland, see the world famous Glacier Express route and other beautiful places on the way.


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9) Go for skiing

During winters skiing is one of the best thing to do in Switzerland. Many people from far away places come here for skiing on the Alpine cliffs which are shrouded in dense white snow.


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10) Go for Sledging

Sledging is a crazy sport which is super exciting. Wooden sledging is a thrilling fun filled sport which is played at international level. In Bergun you can sledge down a 6 km long sledge run which are present everywhere around the ski areas.

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