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Why Promises are Meant to Be Kept & Not to Be Broken

Last updated : Aug 24, 2015

Promises are sacred. They are meant to kept and respected, and not to be broken. When you promise a thing to someone they expect you to fulfil it. But every time you break a promise you even lose their trust and faith in you. Don’t make a promise if you can’t fulfil them or if can’t abide by them. They hurt your loved ones and at one point of time you begin to hate yourself for not standing by your words. So if you make a promise, then learn to maintain them. It helps you earn a lot of love and respect. Here are a few reasons why you should keep your promise and not break them.

5 Reasons Why Promises Are Not Meant To Be Broken

The Root Cause of Every Promise

You make promises because they mean a lot. At times you make them for your own good and other times you make them for the happiness of others. So if this is the reason to make a promise then you should learn to stick to them. If you break these promises you are looked down upon by others and lose your self esteem.

Promises Are Meant to be Kept

Your Words are Valuable

Your words mean a lot to others. When you make a promise it is seen as a pact between you and the others. If you don’t stand by your words, you lose your value and people will never appreciate you in long run for breaking that verbal contract.

Your Promises Affect Others

When you promise something to someone, you show them a ray of hope. They look forward to you fulfilling the promise. It may change their entire world and bring them a lot of happiness. But once you don’t keep your promise you lose all their trust and they may not trust anyone again in future.

Special Feelings

You make a promise to those who mean a lot to you. They might be your world. So abide by those words just to make them feel special and loved. They may not say, but every time you promise them something, they believe you more and more. But if you break them, they may get shattered and depressed.

Low Self Respect

Forget others, but the one person who gets the most affected by breaking a promise is you. You Don’t look upon yourself as a hero anymore and you even feel guilty for breaking a person’s trust in you. They may forgive you after some time but you may lose all yourself respect for not keeping by your words.


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