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Most Beautiful Skylines in the World

Last updated : May 16, 2016

If nature defines a landscape, the stunning skylines defines a cityscape. Impressive, eye-catching, human-engineered skylines have decorated the cities all around the world. Some of the best skylines in the world can be seen at New York, Chicago, Toronto, Shanghai, Seoul, Hong Kong where technology meets art in a creative fusion to create stunning architecture that will leave you awestruck and bedazzled. Here are some of the most striking skylines that capture the life and essence of the world's greatest cities.

11 Cities With Most Beautiful Skyline in the World

New York skyline

Photo Credit- Butz.2013

New York- USA

New York is one of the most populous cities of the United States and officially called as the City of New York. New York is counted among the cities with top skylines in the world and known as one of the most lavish and urban cities of the globe. People from all over the world have desire to visit this city at least once in their life because of its dynamic city scrapes and also for being the hub of the political, economic, trade, commerce, fashion and culture of the United States of America. New York is one of the most significant cities on the global arena where it houses a number of museums, art galleries, and stock exchange and entertainment centers.The city lies in the mouth of the Hudson River and the city was under the capture of the British in the 17th century and also survived many war with the European and the Dutch. But as everybody known that New York City has revamped gradually after that and at present it is the city with the statue of Liberty which is a global icon. Tourist who really want to see the United States and its luxury should move to the New York City and see the photogenic skyline that makes this city the top ranked on the global platform.

Places to See in New York – Tourists can start with the Statue of Liberty which is an icon of not only the New York City but also of the United States. Tourism is a major industry of the city and the tourist can look for the Empire State Building, The Times Square, Wall Street, Radio City Music Hall, Ellis Island, St. Patrick’s Cathedral, The American Museum of Natural History, Brooklyn Bridge, The Fifth Avenue and many others. Among the wide array of the galleries and museums tourist can visit the Hayden Planetarium, the Museum of Modern Art,the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s assemblage of historic art,Cooper-Hewitt National Museum of Design and many others. Among the various parks and gardens of the city of New York Riverside Park, Prospect Park, Central Park, Battery Park, Bryant Park, Flushing Corona Park, Forest park and Washington Park are some of the prominent places to see the beautiful landscape of the city. New York is also known as the theater district and tourist can watch out for some very good movies here.

Things to Do in New York– New York is a city where tourists can go for shopping and one of the major shopping centers i.e. Manhattan which is one of the most visited fashion hubs of the city and here tourists can go for buying the best designer apparels and the city is also known as a food hub too where you can get any kind of food from the world in uncountable restaurants in New York and eateries and most importantly the city is very famous for its street food and the Hot Dogs, Sandwiches, Pizzas, Cheesecakes, are some of the most loved street foods and the tourists must try them.

Chicago Skyline

Photo Credit- Joel Olives

Chicago- USA

Chicago is the third largest city of the United State and it is one of the cities with the best skylines in the world and known for its vibrancy and lavish metropolis. Chicago is also another with the best surroundings as the Mississippi River and Great Lakes so the city has some very photogenic settings and people find this city a picturesque one and the city is an global center for trade, commerce, communication, transport, trade and industry. The city had started growing in the mid era of the nineteenth century and made it among the best cities of the globe. Chicago is a major hub for transportation as the O’Hare International Airport being the busiest airport in the world; it also has the largest number of U.S. highways and railroad freight entering its region. Chicago is also located on the shores of Lake Michigan and it has many urban centers and with the best skyscrapers and sky touching buildings it really makes an eye striking view. Set beside the rivers the city of Chicago has its own charm and that is why it can be seen by the tourists with a beautiful view all through.

Places to See Chicago – In Chicago people can see some of the very interesting places and most importantly they can see some major buildings out here. Some of the major places such as Navy Pier which is a prominent landmark of the city as it is a place where restaurants, bars, and lots of entertainment are found under one roof. Chicago is also a good place for beaches and that is why people out here can see the beautiful beaches and enjoy the sightseeing at their best. Chicago is home to five rivers and Lake Michigan, Great Lakes and more others together a nice place to have fun. The important beaches of them are the Oak Street Beach, North Avenue Beach, 35th Street Beach, Roger’s Park are some of the place to play and swim in warm water. The Chicago Botanical Garden is also a place where beautiful place to be with the area of 385 acres with the living gardens and to see the various kinds of specialty gardens. Shedd Aquarium, Chicago Architecture Foundation are some other places to see. There are many waterfront parks where the tourists can enjoy their best such as Grant Park, Millennium Park, Jackson Park are some of the parks to visit here.

Things to Do ChicagoIn the city of Chicago people who have visited can enjoy the best experience in theaters and there are some prominent places to watch out for theaters and bicycling is also very famous in the city. And one can explore the city through pedaling all around and it could be a great experience. So if you have a small budget you can opt for a bicycle tour. Chicago is a place to buy designer goods so people who are having a lavish choice can go for the shopping places to shop at their best.

Hong Kong Skyline

Photo Credit- Studio Incendo

Hong Kong- China

Hong Kong is a Special Administrative region in China and a city with one of the cities with World’s best skylines. The city is an elegant place and people from all over the world come to visit here. Hong Kong is a city which is considered a city with zeal and thus people from all over the world visit this place and love to see the sparkling urban city scrape all through. The city of Hong Kong is one of the major financial hubs of the world from where the nation has grown in to a major economic hub and has grown in a tremendously fast pace and made itself as one of the major cities of the world. Hong Kong has been a British Colony for the past 150 years and the city has some very grand buildings, apartments and official buildings that become the epitome of the city through which it has been stated as the world best city in skylines and skyscrapers. In Hong Kong you can see a mix of culture as the city is also counted as one of the best cosmopolitan cities around the globe.

Places to See Hong Kong – There are some amazing places of interests are there to discover in the city of Hong Kong and tourists will have unending options to see the city’s skylines in many ways such as through ship cruises, trams , peak trams, railways trains , bicycles and many others. But among some of the most surprising places in the city of Hong Kong people can see the Hong Kong museum of History, Ocean Park, the temple of the thousand Buddhas, which will be followed by Star Ferry pier in TsimShaTsui, and you can also visit the Pin Lo monastery and here you should visit in the morning and can see the Buddha Statue and the serene ambience and the monastery is build up with the beautiful Chinese architecture and tourists can also discover the Ngong Ping Village which is a beautiful themed village and is having a beautiful array of shops and cafes within the area built in a Chinese architecture. Tourist can also visit the Lantau Peak which is considered as this is the highest peak of the city and the tourist can enjoy nice trekking while viewing the beautiful city structures. Tian Tan Buddha is also a worth of visit as it is the largest idol of seated Buddha and can also visit the Temple Street and the Vitoria Peak too.

Things to Do in Hong Kong – Hong Kong is a city where tourists can have ample of fun and they can enjoy the best Chinese food. But apart from that the city is also a hub to many restaurants and eateries where you can get the best seafood too. Hong Kong is having some of the beautiful beaches settled on the Hong Kong Island i.e. Repulse Bay, Hung ShingYeh beach, Shek O and many others and most importantly the city is also known for its various outdoor activities too.

Toronto Skyline

Photo Credit- elPadawan


Toronto is the capital city of the state of Ontario in Canada and among the Cities with World’s Best Skylines. The city is lavish and can be one of the most interesting and entertaining holiday destinations of the world. The skyline of Toronto is known for its Greater Toronto Area and the olden Horseshoe Region which are preferably known for its urban settlements and that are lavish city scrapes that are mesmerizing and attractive. Toronto is also known as the fourth major city and fifth largest metropolitan mass in North America. Toronto is also mentioned to as The New York City of Canada because it is said that people from other country has settled in huge numbers here and make the city feel like New York because it also having a large number of immigrants settled here. The city is settled on the banks of the Lake Ontario and the people out here known for speaking more than 140 languages. Toronto is a city where people are loving and will welcome you in a very warm way and this is one of the reasons that the city is getting more and more populous day by day.

Places to See Toronto – Tourists who visit here often see the major structures of the city and among them the iconic CN Tower which is the tallest free standing structure in North America, with a height of 500 meters. There is a glass elevator to the top with a glass floor. There is also a revolving restaurant and from the tower people can have the stunning views of the city. The Royal Ontario Museum is another building to enjoy the structures of the city and the Art Gallery of Toronto is considered as the largest art gallery of Canada must be visited. Ontario Science Centre, Casa Loma, Spadina House, Ontario Place, Toronto City Hall are some of the major architectures of the city which must be visited by the tourists to see the splendid European architecture. People can also see ancient structures such as the architecture of the 19th century through the Black Creek Pioneer Village overlooks the Black Creek and settled beside the Humber River depicts the life of people during the 19th century of Ontario recreated by the architects. And not to forget the Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada that houses more than 13,500 exotic sea and fresh water species.

Things to Do in TorontoToronto is also having some of the exotic beaches that are to be enjoyed by the tourists out here. The Parklade, the Toronto Islands, and the Wasaga Beach are some of the major beaches to enjoy for. The Lakefront and Harbour front are the major areas where tourists can go for biking and walking as there are some very beautiful trails out there. Toronto is also known for its films and theaters and it hosts the Toronto Film Festival every year. Chinatown, Korea Town and Little India are places worth of visit and the city of Toronto is also apt for going for some genuine shopping at Yonge Street and Bloor Street.

Sao Paulo skyline

Photo Credit- Júlio Boaro

Sao Paulo- Brazil

Sao Paulo is an astonishing city of Brazil is the largest metropolis of the nation. It is also known with the second name of Sampa. The city is quite different from the usual cities of Brazil that are surrounded by the sand and the beaches. Bu the city of Sap Paolo is one of those cities with world’s best skylines and that is why it is considered as the economical capital of the country of Brazil. Sao Paolo is the capital of the state sharing the same name of Sao Paolo and exclusively known for its cheerful nightlife and cultural activities. The city has UNESCO Heritage Sites and started growing nearly in the mid-20th century. The city is famous for its amazing architecture and photogenic skyscrapers and for its dense and lushly ancient forests. But people mostly visit the city of Sao Paolo to see its supreme architecture and to experiences its lavish and spoiled nightlife that starts after the midnight and can continue up to morning and the people who mostly visit this city are the honeymoon couples who feel that the city is apt for their newly wedded life.

Places to See Sao Paulo – As it is already known that the city of Sao Paulo is known for its ancient forests that are stated as the UNESCO Heritage Sites and they can start of their itinerary from the southern part of the city, where they can see the Parque Estadual Serra do Mar which is majorly a part of the Atlantic Forest South-East Reserves and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The area is surrounded by a mountain range and also by lively rain forest that faces the coastal arena and provide the options of ecotourism too. There are many 17th century buildings are there but they are being over shadowed by the high rise skyscrapers of today. People can visit the Avenida Paulista which is the busiest place of the city and the area is a mixture of both new and older part of the city and there is a ray of pubs, restaurants, galleries, museums, theaters, movies theaters are there so the tourists can have the best opportunity to enjoy their trips here. Rio Pinheiros river area, Historic center, and there are countless parks to enjoy the city and its surroundings and if the people who are here looking for a serene location can visit the leisure park,Represa do Guarapiranga where they can go for cruising.

Things to Do in Sao Paulo – Sao Paolo is a city where you can have loads of fun as the city is popular for its jovial nightlife and people can enjoy the various night clubs and bars that are famous for their interesting ambience and their grooving music that drives any one crazy. And Sao Paolo is popular for its cuisines and the restaurants that serves the best food of the city and the tourists should try the Virado à Paulista, and the churrascharias which are relishing and popular too.

London skyline

Photo Credit- Pug Girl

London- United Kingdom/ England

London is one of the most extravagant cities of the world which is known for its skyline and skyscrapers. And London is among the cities with Best Skylines in the World and thus people from all corners of the world dream of visiting London for at least once in their lifetime. London is the largest and the capital city of both United Kingdom and England and the city is known for its vogue and lavish urbanized colony that are popular on the global arena. And the city is the second name of style, class and royalty. In London there are numerous high rise buildings, ancient architectures,bars, shopping malls, casinos, night clubs and numerous other entertaining centers. London is a city that spells urban and fine lifestyle that is dreamy by everyone who visit here. The city is settled beside the River Thames and is also known as the cultural and historical capital of England with a rich historical background as an asset. Bloomsbury, City of London, Covet Garden are some of the places that are the major tourist catchers in the city and the people who visit here do not miss to shop and to enjoy the major places of interests.

Places to See London – Although every corner of the city of London is worth visit and among the most important places of the city people can visit the iconic London Bridge or the Tower of London built 900 years back on the River Thames and they can also see the Tower Bridge built in the 19th century and can see the Girl and the Dolphin structure. Most important tourist can also see the Buckingham Palace which is the official residence of the Queen Elizabeth- the Queen of England and the Royal Family. Tourist can also visit the Piccadilly Circus which is one of the most important places in London and people do not forget to take snaps out here as this is considered as the most photogenic place in the city. London Eye, St Paul’s Cathedral, Victoria Museum, National Gallery, Regent Park, Hyde Park, St. James Park are some of the places that tourists never forget to visit without any advice from their guides. London is also a place to enjoy some classic Western Music as there are exhibition and music halls there to enjoy blues and Jazz and some of the prominent theaters to watch movies.

Things to Do in London– London can be an extravagant place to shop for international designer apparels and objects as there are some major shopping malls in the Oxford Street, Bond Street, Covet Garden where the tourists can go for shopping and as tourists should also enjoy the local food of the city they visit then London houses some of the best food and tourists should make sure that they choose the right place to eat according to their choices as there are countless eateries and food outlets. And they can also enjoy good food in the cheapest price of £5 so people can be sure of good tours and cheap food and eventually a great trip.

Dubai Skyline

Photo Credit- Mispahn

Dubai- United Arab Emirates

A wonderful city of the United Arab Emirates Dubai is known as one of the seven Emirates of the Country and among the cities with World’s Best Skylines. Dubai is indeed a prominent city of the Middle East with the best skyscrapers but it is home to the world’s best contemporary architecture all there are 22 such architectures that are having a 200 meters high height and that is why it is counted among the city with the most modern architectures. Dubai also host to the tallest all-hotel building of the world and also home to the tallest all-residential building in the 2nd rank on the globe, and at present the city has also built the world’s tallest structure, the ‘ BurjKhalifa’ which can make to the number 1 spot in the coming times. But before these developments Dubai was just a desert and it was the home to the Bedouins but the scene drastically changed in the year 1966 when the oil revenue was not discovered and as it was discovered as soon in the year the city had started establishing itself on the global platform and it made it among the best and expensive cities to be lived in.

Places to See Dubai – In Dubai people come to visit the tall structures and buildings and also to experience the cosmopolitan culture of the city. The official language that is spoken commonly in the emirates is Arabic, but the other popular languages spoken in Dubai are English, Hindi, Malayalam, Chinese, Tagalog, Urdu, Persian, and many others. So when the tourists will start their trip to the city’s best architecture is the world “the Burj Khalifa” and they cannot miss the beauty of this architecture. Tourists have more options to explore the modern Dubai with the Dubai Marina which is an amazing place to be and the place is filled with shops, restaurants, and Marina is the place where the tourists can go for yacht cruises on it and also an open air market is there where tourists can go for exclusive shopping. The most important place in the city is the Jumeirah which is the ultimate refreshing destination of Dubai and it consists of the Jumeirah Beach, Jumeirah Beach Residence and Jumeirah Mosque are the prime attractions of the place. People can also go for the Satwa known as Little India and Little Manila which is compared to the beautiful city of Gold as “Gold Souk is right here” and people from all over the world come here to buy gold and textile.

Things to Do in DubaiDubai is an extraordinary city and tourists can have their best trips and food here. But tourists should follow their dress codes especially whenever they visit to a mosque or some other places as the country follows the strict Islamic Shariya Rules. And make sure to not to drink alcoholic drinks in the public areas otherwise you have to face monetary fine or even jail.

Tokyo Skyline

Photo Credit- dnlrx

Tokyo- Japan

Tokyo is the capital city of Japan and one of the major cities with World’s best Skylines. Tokyo is known as the most urban cities of the world as this city hold a population of more than 37 million people. The city is also known for its massive architectures that are sky touching and people from all over the world come to this city to see its wealth and its glitz. The city is full of sparkling streets and lively entertaining centers and Tokyo is among those cities that can really makes you astonished with its districts and its surprising urbanized colonies. The metropolis of the city is huge and it is also the economical capital of the country and while you visit the city that will make you feel that you have landed in a dream city. The city is definitely a great tourist’s destination and have loads of places to discover apart from its marvelous architectures, shopping centers, shops, and nightlife. Both the old Tokyo and the new Tokyo are have beautiful city scrapes and in the new city you may be able to see the best modern architecture whereas the old Tokyo has many temples and museums for you to enjoy.

Places to See Tokyo – Tokyo has several places to enjoy and among them the suburbs are the beautiful places where the tourists can enjoy in various night markets and other prominent places like the temples of the Asakusa such as the Sensoji Temple. If you are looking for a relaxing place then you must visit the Goku-ji Temple which is a temple with a strong Japanese cultural influence. The temple is one of the last enduring Edo temples. The imperial palace and its garden is one of the major attractions of the city that you must not miss at any cost. So Kyokyo is the place where you can see the palace and the Meiji Shrine is another place where you can visit and see the shrine of Emperor Meiji and Empress Shoken and this is another place where you can be relaxed. The Ropongi Hills are the place where every tourists must visit during their trip in Tokyo and people can see the panoramic view of the city from the hills which is photogenic.

Things to Do in TokyoIf people are looking to buy some electronic equipment and gadgets then you can visit the Akihabara where you can get to see numerous shops selling the goods and can get you a wide range of electronic items that will get you the best shopping experience in Japan. People can also ride on the sky bus of Tokyo and they can have a nice ride to the city and its major attractions and they can also see the Imperial Palace and other prominent places of interest such as the Tokyo Tower and many others. In Tokyo people should try the best Japanese cuisines and they can have them in various restaurants and eateries.

Shanghai Skyline

Photo Credit- carloszgz

Shanghai- China

Shanghai is the largest city of China and also known as the commercial capital of the country. Shanghai is also known for its high rise buildings and counted among the cities with best Skylines in the world. The city is also known as the cultural capital and also the most established metropolis of the country. Shanghai has always been a prosperous city but in the past few years it is also becoming the apple of the eyes of the tourists from all the corners of the world. Shanghai boasts many of the high rise buildings that are the epitome of the modern architecture and known to be the best city with the gorgeous looking skyscrapers. The city is also called with several nick names such as "Pearl of the Orient" and "Paris of the East" Shanghai was also came under the global scanner when it hosted the prestigious “World Expo” in the year 2010 and welcomes the largest number of guests in the city. The city of Shanghai is divided in two parts by the Hangpu River with Puxi and Pudong in the eastern and the western part respectively. And the part of the city settled in the river sides have their own growth and developments to see.

Places to See Shanghai – The main attraction of the city of the Shanghai is the Shanghai Bund which is nestled on the Hangpu River and from the coastline people can see the beautiful and panoramic view of the Shanghai city. From the shoreline there are 52 attraction that can be seen that are built in Roman style, and some of the buildings are also built in Gothic architecture and Baroque Style. Nest the people can see the beautiful Oriental Pearl Tower which is one of the prominent architectural surprise of the Shanghai city. The tower is the 3rd largest tower of the world and here people can find many options of entertainment as historical exhibitions can be seen here. Yuyuan Garden and Shanghai National Park is the places where the people can go for the best views of flora and fauna. There are many temples to look out for as the Jade Buddha Temple, Chenghuang, Longhua Temple and Jing’an Temple.Zhujiajiao Water Town is another place to have loads of fun as the place is known for its cruises, shopping centers, pubs, restaurants, and many other entertaining options.

Things to Do in Shanghai – Shanghai is an amazing place where people can have the best Chinese foods in the various restaurants and eateries and they can have the best menus such as the Chinese flat bread, Birds on Stick, red cook pork, a wide assortment of sea food and the tourist can have them in tourists will have the best cruises in the rivers banks and among other entertaining places the Shanghai Amusement Park, is the one. Among the best shopping places people can shop in the Nanjing Street and the Yuyuan Bazaar from where tourists can shop for Chinese crafts and jewelry. Also keep safe from the pick picketers on the shopping streets.

Chongqing Skyline

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Chongqing is one of the huge cities of China known among cities with world’s best skylines. The city is also getting more and more noticed on the global platform because day by day it is becoming one of the economic and financial hub of China and growing in a very faster pace. Chongqing used to be the capital of the Republic of China for seven years period between the late 1930s and early 1940s during the Anti-Japanese War (World War II). The city is located beside the Yangtze River and the city is also arranging for nice cruises on it where tourists can enjoy the trip more in the city. Chongqing is launching special area for scenic boat trips which will be flown on the Yangtze River through the Three Gorges Dam. The city is also having an UNESCO World Heritage Site which is the Buddhist Dazu Rock Carvings but the place is located a bit far away from the Chongqing City. Chongqing is also compared with the other major cities of China such as Beijing, Shanghai, and Tianjin as the city have its own significance. There are numerous places to see in the city and the tourists can also enjoy the food tours here.

Places to See Chongqing– Among the important places to discover in the city of Chongqing people can visit the Foreigner Street which is a street full of entertainment and fun. There are numerous shops and there is an amazing amusement park, an Australian Bar, church, train, and many other attractions. People can also visit the Great Hall of the People where they can see a unique architectural phenomenon. This is a beautiful icon of Chongqing City built in the year of 1951, but it depicts the traditional designs of China that are done with mirrors which is a mark of China’s ancient empire’s conventional designs. People can also visit the Three Gorges Museum is the place where people can see the ancient and glorious remnants of the Qing Dynasty of China. Chongqing city is a city of Hot Springs where people can have nice baths and rejuvenate them. Cable car ride is also another option to have fun in the city and the Yangtze River Cruise which will be an impeccable experience for the tourists.

Things to Do in Chongqing– One of the most important part of the city of Chongqing as it is also known as the food hub of China as the food of this city is very relishing and it can serve and satisfy its guests with the very best food so that people can come more to this place. Chongqing is mostly famous for its Hot Pot which is an exclusive preparation to be enjoyed in the city and there are numerous food outlets and restaurants where you can enjoy the Hot Pot in many variants and the options can be spicy or mild. There are good shopping options are also there in the city where people can go for items related to IT goods like CPUs, RAMs and computer accessories.

Seoul Skyline

Photo Credit- con4tini

Seoul- South Korea

Seoul is among the cities with world’s best Skylines and also the capital city of South Korea. The city is known for its gorgeous highlights and its amazing high rising architecture. Seoul attracts tourists from all over the world. And the city has many features that are spectacular and spellbinding to watch as this is the economic, cultural, financial, historical hub of South Korea. Seoul is also getting attention from the global tourists and the data is rising day by day. The city of Seoul is home to the historical heritage of South Korea which is 5000 years old and it also boasts some of the best architecture to present to the world. And the historical presence can be experienced in form of temples, palaces and many other architectures. Seoul is also considered as one of the largest cities of the world and it has a plethora of fine architectural structures such as Buddhist temples, skyscrapers, and also the best places for the tourists such as marketing complexes, shopping streets and malls, museums, and the best night clubs and bars where the tourists can experience the best and lively nightlife.The city is located on the banks of the Han River, and the city was considered as the World Design Capital by International Council of Societies of Industrial Design some times back.

Places to See Seoul- In Seoul people can start with their trip with the five UNESCO World Heritage sites i.e. Royal Tombs of the Joseon Dynasty, Changdeok Palace,Hwaseong Fortress, Namhansanseong and Jongmyo Shrine. More they can go for the various palaces that are Gyeongbok-gung and inside the palace there is a Korean Folk Museum, Joseon Palace Museum and there is another places to visit here which are the Namsan Park, Olympic Park and Boramae Park. Seoul is a gorgeous place to go for hiking as there are fine hiking mountain trails in the city. Among the best mountain trails are the Mount Gwanak, Mount Samseong, and the best one is the Mount Bukhan. Among the temples and shrines people can get to watch Jogye Temples, Jongmyo Shrine, Mount Inwang and many others. And among other places of interest people can visit the N Seoul Tower, COEX, the National Museum of Korea, Seodaemun Prison, and among the best amusement parks the Lotte World, Everland, Seoul Land and many others.

Things to Do in Seoul- Seoul is a place where people can go for mountain biking and hiking in the beautiful mountains and they can also get many opportunities of Skiing too. And Seoul is a city that is very open to gambling too in form of Horse racing and casinos so people who are new here should not indulge into these grounds to make money instantly as you need to have experience to play them. But people can enjoy the city in the various spas that will get them the best relaxing moments here and also can experience the best shopping in the markets of Namdaemun, Insa Dong to shop for various articles.

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