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12 Most Beautiful Lakes Around the World

Last updated : Sep 10, 2015

Lakes are considered the most fascinating part of any state of the country and the lakes not only stores the fresh water, but it also becomes the abode of the water species. There are many beautiful lakes in the world that are known for their dramatic beauty and many poet’s love for these natural wonders and people love to see them as they are one of the most spectacular natural scenery that can add more worth of any place’s tourism. The ripples and the chirping of birds beside they make a wonderful site for some people to spend some serene moments beside them visualizing the beautiful picture of life.

12 Most Beautiful Lakes in the World


Photo Credit- baswallet

1.. The Magical Lake Como in Italy

This Italian Lake is settled in a location which has all the wonderful sceneries such as the palm trees, snow capped mountains and mesmerizing backdrop of Lombardy in Northern Italy. On this lake vintage speed boats can be enjoyed.

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Lake-Pichola in Udaipur

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2.. The Lake Pichola in Udaipur

The 14th century Lake is a treat to the eye and the gorgeous palace of Maha Raja Udai Singh is settled amidst the lake makes this a phenomenal beauty. Located in the royal city of Udaipur in Rajasthan in India is a hub for the royals.

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3.. The West Lake of Hangzhou

West Lake is an epitome of natural beauty with the gems of natural beauties and people of China love to watch the lovely sunset from the lake as it is considered as a graceful experience of a lifetime and musicians play lovely Chinese music in the background of the lake.

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4.. Maligne Lake

An outstanding lake located amidst the glaciers in the Canadian Alberta region. The lake is located in the Jasper National Park, which is surrounded by pine trees, fine snowy valleys at the backdrop and the gorgeous cornflower hills. Place for kayaking too.

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Lake-Lucerne in Switzerland

Photo Credit- Tommy Miller

5.. Lake Lucerne

The romantic trip of Switzerland would not be complete if you do not take your darling to the Lake Lucerne which passes through the 13th century Chapel Bridge with the backdrop of the snowy Alps making it a stunningly beautiful place near Mt Rigi.

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6.. Lake Powell

This is a huge man-made lake located in Arizona in the United States. The water of the lake is seen in sparkling turquoise blue in color and lined with the pristine beaches and creating a photogenic appearance where the spectator will love come back again.

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7.. The Ravishing Derwentwater of England

This is a three mile long lake which have a bountiful of natural bliss and the lake located in the Cumbria county which is also known as The Lake District. The backdrop of the lake is extremely picturesque as the location is surrounded by mountains and miniature islands.

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8.. Pehoe Lake

The lake is located in Patagonia in Chile and can be considered as one of the most beautiful lakes of the world. One can see the various colors of the sky changing with the sunrise and sunset and the backdrop blessed with the gorgeous valleys and mountains make a panoramic view.

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9.. Volcanic Lake of Atitlan in Guatemala

Very few people may have heard of this lake of Guatemala which is not a very popular destination, but those who have visited the lake have kept the memories of lifelong as the place is enhanced and can attract you for a long time to its splendid beauty.

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10.. Lake Bratan of Bali

No Bali is not just a land of beaches, but the lake Bratan is a gorgeous freshwater lake located in the volcanic ranges of Bali holding the serene PuraUlun Danu temple on it.

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11.. Adventurous Lake Wakatipu

Located in New Zealand the Lake is an enormous place to go for various water sports such as bungee jumping, and jet boating on the backdrop of stunning mountainous ranges. Ask for a helicopter tour.

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Photo Credit- frank_schulenburg

12.. Lake Tahoe

One of the blissful beauty of sparkling lake located in the serene locations in Nevada and California the lake is a gorgeous place to roam around and gamble. A blissful place for the night lovers who want to spend their night under the stars with a rippling sound beside.

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