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Top Secret American Beaches you’ve Never Heard Of

Last updated : Mar 8, 2016

Beaches are considered as the most romantic places on earth where you get ample of options to enjoy and there are many countries who have many of them where people love to be and they look more frequent trips if the beaches are beautiful and impress them with their natural beauty and facilities. Secondly, there are many beaches in many countries that are quite isolated and do not get crowded like other beaches of the same nation and that is why they are considered as the most secluded yet private where mostly couple gather for their private moments.

9 Best Beaches in America That You've Never Heard Of Before

Washington Oaks Gardens

Photo Credit : Rain0975

Washington Oaks Gardens State Park

Located in Palm Coast of Florida the beach is indeed a beautiful and a secluded one where massive Atlantic Ocean meets St Augustine in an intra-coastal waterway and the beaches are the powdery shells and the beach also attracts hundreds of birds.


Photo Credit : Olin Gilbert

Keewaydin Island

This is a beautiful beach in Florida where hardly any one goes, but the beach is known for its serenity and natural beauty with lined palm and pine trees if anyone is looking to get some very private moments to be spent then they can opt for it where they can find nice picnic table.

Sandbridge Beach

Photo Credit : lina smith

Sandbridge Beach of Virginia

The beach is a few kilometers away from Virginia Beach and known to be as a different world to the spectator. The beach is adjacent to Back Bay National Wildlife Refuge and having a wide area of 9000 acres of marshlands, and woodlands.

 Roque Bluffs

Photo Credit : Kim Carpenter

Roque Bluffs, Maine

One of the most hidden beaches of the United States the Roque Bluffs is quite a miles away from the main city and surrounded by beach roses. But the beach also serves with grill areas, picnic tables, and changing rooms. The cobalt blue waves hitting the pebbles will be your ultimate love spot.

Endert's Beach, California

Photo Credit : Social Geek

Endert’s Beach, California

A hidden gem of the beaches of the United States calls its tourists to let them live their own loved moments in the 2000 years old beach. The beach delivers you with the best views of the Pacific Ocean and is quite a far away from Marsh lands.

Sunset Beach

Photo Credit : Neil Kremer

Sunset Beach and Bird Island

Located on the Carolinas on Bird Island state nature preserve the beach is a quite one where you can see the best views of the sea and the proud sands of the sunset beach will let you lose in the ambience.

Bowman’s beach, Florida

Photo Credit : Peter & Michelle S

Bowman’s beach, Florida

This is a fine while sandy beach of Florida which can make you walk on its sandy dune till 25 miles and there are rarely anything which is cool and definitely be your own peaceful place with nice barbeque options.

Padre's Island

Photo Credit : Terry Ross

Padre’s Island National Seashore

Beautiful yet secluded and definitely hidden in the city of Texas and this five miles of beach will let you travel both on two and four wheels and you can get the beat hidden vacation here.

Camp Helen State Park

Photo Credit :

Camp Helen State Park

Located in Panama and known among the hidden beaches of the United States. Along with the secluded beach the park also has a coastal lake which is the Lake Powell known for its beautiful backdrops.

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