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Tips on How To Make Long Distance Relationship Work

Last updated : Apr 7, 2016

Long distance relationships may sound adventurous and fun but in real life they aren’t , it hard to maintain long distance relationships in practical world. They scare you and often leave you in a mess. But there are always some ways to make your long distance relationship work. You may not see each other physically but that person is always in your mind. You may cry your heart out when you miss them but you even look forward to every meeting with sparkling eyes and excitement. These distances often play a catalyst in bringing you closer and strengthening the bond that you share. So here are some tips that will help you manage a long distance relationship with ease.

Best Advice on How To Make Long Distance Relationship Work

Take out Time

Take out some time for each other when you can talk to them. This makes them feel special and they begin to appreciate your efforts of taking out time from your busy schedule. If you talk on regulat basis daily its easier to maintain the long distance relationships. Ba talking daily to each other you will get to know each other , there feelings , if you partner is feeling happy or he/she is any problem you can help.

Video Chat

Talk over Skype or any other means of video chat where you get to see each other. Even the virtual presence makes you feel that you are in a serious relationship.You may not visit daily in these type of relation but at-least you can cover up that gap by video chatting which just simply put smile on each other faces to see you good and happy.


Write them a poem or a letter or a song. Whatever you like, just write it down and send it to them through mail. This makes them feel special and loved.

Send Gifts

Even if you cannot meet them make sure you keep surprising them with presents that they will love. Maybe a box a chocolates or a bunch of flowers or maybe something they had wanted for long. Check out here what gifts you can give to him or her.

Plan a Vacation or Meet

Plan a vacation together atleast quarterly of half yearly. This gives you a chance to spend time with each other and to you the excitement of meeting after a long time. One should atleast meet them on period basis which helps in maintaining that lovely spark in you relationships.Make sure you choose a location that suits both of you.

Talk Everyday

Maybe just a phone call can make you feel the presence of that special someone. Talk about your daily activities and let them know your plans. Tell them how you feel for them.

Send Pictures

Send each other your latest pictures and let them have a look at your new looks and avatar. They smile at every picture you send to them.

Give Space

This is important for all kinds of relationship. Give them the space to live their life. Don’t keep bothering them all the time. At times they need time for themselves and their friends too.


Support each other even when you are not present around them. It might be that your partner might be facing some problem in their life, help to sort out those problem.At times they need your motivation to keep things going on the right track. Your absence may haunt them at times.

Make plans about living together

You can’t stay in a long distance relationship forever. You need to make plans about the future as to when and where are you going to shift. You may choose to shift either to each other’s city or go for a completely new place if you want.

Talk to Your Friends

Tell your friends about your sweetheart and how much you love them. This will not make you feel lonely when you see your friends hanging out with their boyfriends or girlfriends.


Trust each other. Don’t keep thinking that you partner might cheat, at the same time keep yourself away from temptations. Because loyalty is a key factor of all the relationships.

Do things Together

Do same things at the same time. Maybe you can watch a movie or play on online game or even cook the same dish at your respective places at the same time.

Don’t Hide

Very often your girlfriend or your boyfriend can make out from your voice that something is wrong with you. Tell them what is bothering you so much or else they might think you don’t feel comfortable in sharing your thoughts with them.

Be Social

Don’t spoil your social life because you are missing your girlfriend or your boyfriend. Go out and meet your friends. In this way you will not feel lonely and left out and can even enjoy your life.

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When my boyfriend and I can’t talk to each other, we play with happycoupleapp! It’s also a good way to discover new sides of each other :)

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