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Most Beautiful Places To Visit in Turkey

Last updated : Apr 25, 2016

Turkey is mainly located in Western Asia, with the smaller portion of Eastern Thrace in Southeast Europe. Its rich history, surreal beauty, scenic beaches and gorgeous mountains all will woo you. The moment you enter this mesmerizing land of sheer magnificence, you know you are at one of the most beautiful places earth has. Your journey as a foodie traveler is not complete unless you visit Turkey and gorge on its superb delicacies. So for all those planning a trip to this fabulous country, here is a little guide to some of its most beautiful places to visit in Turkey you should not miss.

Most Beautiful Places in Turkey


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Pamukkale is located inland southeastern Aegean Turkey. The city contains hot springs and travertine, terraces of carbonate minerals left by the flowing water. Pamukkale has served as a spa site for at least 2,200 years.

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Mount Nemrut

Photo Credit- klearchos

Mount Nemrut

Mount Nemrut is a 2134 meter high mountain which is situated south eastern Turkey. Its major attraction is the summit, which is probably a royal tomb from 1 BC and contains a large number of high rising statues.


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Trojan Horse

The Archeological Site of Troy takes you to the back to the history and very well describes the battle between the Greece and Turkey. Head to the nearby city of Çanakkale, where you can see the actual Trojan horse constructed for the 2004 movie ‘Troy’.

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Blue Lagoon

Blue Lagoon is located in Ölüdeniz. It is the most popular as well as most beautiful beach destinations in Turkey. It even offers you a number of water sports activities. Paragliding is a must try activity when you are at Blue Lagoon.


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Sumela Monastery

Sümela Monastery is a stunning rock cut structure perched on the narrow ridge of a steep cliff in the forests south of Trabzon. The dramatic view of the forest is mind blowing.


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Great Mosque and Hospital of Divriği

The Great Mosque was founded 1228 AD. The intricate stone carving on the exterior, recessed gates, the stone columns and vaulted ceilings in the interiors, all are a fine example of Turkish architecture. The hospital next to it established at the same time features equally amazing structure.

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Sultanahmet Mosque & Hagia Sophia

This is the most important attraction of Istanbul. Also known as the Blue Mosque, Sultanahmet Mosque is a very impressive design. Hagia Sophia or Aya Sofya which too was a mosque once is now turned into a museum.

Gürlevik Waterfalls

Girlevik Şelalesi

Girlevik waterfall flowing over rocks in pieces is one of the most gorgeous things that you get to see in Turkey. It is located in Erzincan at a distance of 30 kilometers from the city center.

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Göreme National Park

Göreme National Park is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Here you get to see one of the most striking landscapes of the world. Hundreds of stone hoodoos adorn the National Park. This site has served as hideouts, monastic quarters, and storerooms over the centuries.


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Bodrum Castle

Bodrum Castle or Castle of St Peter is located in Bodrum, southern Aegean coast of Turkey. The castle at present has been turned into a museum. From here you get unmatched views of the city.

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Patara Beach

Patara Beach is situated near the Turkish Riviera coast. This is one of the longest beach of Mediterranean regions and extends up to 18 kilometers. You can take a tour of the numerous ancient archaeological sites located near it.

Aspendos Theatre

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Aspendos Theatre

Aspendos theatre is situated in Serik city of province Antalya. It is one of the most well maintained ancient sites of the country. It is still used as an amphitheater and can accommodate almost twenty thousand people.


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Library of Celsus

This is an ancient monument built in respect of Roman senator Julius Celsus in 125 AD. It served as a library and could even accommodate 12,000 scripts. Later it even became the tomb of Julius Celsus.

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Fairy Chimneys

These are natural rocks with a volcanic look. These fairy chimneys are formed due to water and wind erosion in the region. Their shape helped people to make churches, houses, schools and other buildings over centuries.

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8 Responses to “Most Beautiful Places To Visit in Turkey”

Faruk Says

Turkey has some thing or the other for everyone. weather you are interested in beautiful landscapes, natural beauty, historical wonders, religious avenues, you will never be disappointed in this country. i am mainly interested in history so i have been to most of its historical sites. they are just amazing. Library of Celsus, Aspendos theatre are my personal favorites.

Ayla Says

You are not a true Turkish until and unless you have been to some of the many beaches of the country. they are so beautiful. the calm water and soft sandy beaches will keep you mesmerized for long. some of these beaches have also come up with sports activities for those interested in adventure sports. the Blue Lagoon ans Patara beaches are the favorites of not only locals but also of national and international tourists.

Anie Says

Istanbul !!!
Here Asia and Europe Meets . Istanbul was always in my bucket list from the day i had interest in traveling. The Haga Sophia is a beautiful & magnificent site which is not to be missed in Istanbul. It was built in 6th century as a church then converted to a mosque and then to a museum. It is hard to believe that this whole masterpiece with amazing interiors and exteriors was built 1500 hundred years ago!! Amazing .Another beautiful mosque here is Sultan Ahmed Mosque also called as Blue Mosque. Istanbul has lots of historic sites and places which will give you goose bumps as how beautiful this city can be.

Arif Says

when i visited mount Neemrat, i was astound by its charisma. those high rising statues will amaze you. when you reach the summit you will realize how beautiful this city is. the mountain itself is a great attraction. the statues add to its glory. now i have been here quite a few times and it is one of my favorite places in the country.these simple yet beautiful attractions of Turkey make me one of its proud citizens.

akila Says

Turkey is a very nice place. those who have visited it know what true beauty means. the architecture is splendid and the intricate designs of the Islamic architecture is mind blowing. calling its attractions bewitching beauties actually does justice to them. for those who are still planning a visit to Turkey, you must go to Istanbul and see the Blu Mosque. it is an epitome of beauty and serenity.

Daniel Says

Unbelievable experience !!!!
We came to Goreme for hot air balloon ride and it was most amazing thing to do in Turkey. The town is literally carved into the volcanic rock which is known for chimney rock formations. The setting here is perfect for a balloon ride in Turkey , it was awesome and magnificent. We selected Kapadokya Balloons and our pilot was so Friendly, skilled and efficient. The rock formation from top look like mushrooms and it was best moment for me and my wife. What a morning it was – Spectacular !!!!!

abbas Says

this article is very nice and truly defines my country. each and every place that you have mentioned here is worth a visit. once you come here you may never like to leave because of its colorful beauty and natural diversity. Pamukkale is one of my favorite from the list. i have been there quite a few times and absolutely love it. its a blissful experience to relax in those natural thermal spa. you feel so fresh and rejuvenated after just one dip.

Christin Says

Turkey is really an awesome Destination. I never thought of Turkey be to be so beautiful and friendly. But than my husband insisted to explore Turkey and there we decided to lets take chance. We went to turkey recently on Feb 2015 and believe me it was like Paradise. The Haga Sophia Mosque in Istanbul, i have never seen such beautiful monument in my life. We also did hot balloon ride in Goreme and it was fantastico and a memorable memory. Turkey is really a must visit place in lifetime, all of those who haven’t visited Turkey must visit this place as this place is like none other on the planet.

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