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10 World’s Greatest & Most Romantic Road Trips You Should Travel Once

Last updated : Aug 24, 2015

Road trips are not just about roaming around places and watching the rear-view mirror all the time, it perhaps is one of the most interesting aspects of a journey. And what more could be asked if you have your better half with you during your trip. There are many such roads in the world which are no less than a heaven in disguise for the couples who love to travel together, watching the green meadows and the country folks passing by. Be it along the sea shore or through the mountain side a road trip will refresh you and makes you understand both about this world and your world (i.e your partner). Here are some of the best road trips around the world which you can take along with your partner.

World’s Most Romantic Road Trips You Must Travel

1.Bollenstreek Route ( Netherlands )

Also called the flower route this 25 mile long trip from Haarlem to Naaldwijk will take you through a sea of variety of flowers gardens, such as Tulips, hyacinths and daffodils. Starting from Haarlem this route is the best way to see the beauty of Netherlands as you will find your eyes getting lost in the enchanting array of colors. It is best to go on this route in April and May when the flowers are in their full bloom.


Photo Credit – Tino Stulen

2. Ring Road ( Iceland )

It can also be called the route of the Fire and the Ice due to the presence of the volcanoes on the island surrounded with water and Glaciers. The Ring road surrounds the island and while driving halt to indulge in a refreshing bath in the natural hot springs, see the mouth of the Eyjafjallajokull volcano, visit the Jokulsarlon Glacier Lagoon, impressive Dettifoss Waterfall, the towns of Husavik and Akureyri, and much more. It is definitely one of the most beautiful places on the Earth.


Photo Credit – Moyan Brenn

3. Bavaria’s ‘Romantic Road’ ( Germany )

Of all the popular tourist places in Germany none is better than the Romantic or the Romantic road. This 220 miles long road trip will take you through the medieval towns, villages, castles, and churches. Visit some of the best Gourmet restaurant, taste excellent wines and visit the best historic monuments of Germany.


Photo Credit – ptwo

4.The Great Ocean Road ( Australia )

This 160mile long drive from Torquay to Warrnambool takes the motorist through Australia’s rugged south-eastern coastline. On the way you will encounter beautiful beaches, rainforest scenery and amazing waterfalls. Even a glance outside the window at any given time will make your heart skip a beat; such is the beauty of this route. Australia’s oldest surviving lighthouse at Cape Otway Light Station offers couples the chance to watch the sun set.

12 Apostles Between Great Ocean Road

Photo Credit – Michael Bailey

5. Amalfi Coast ( Italy )

The Amlafi cost road trip is one of the top contenders for the most romantic road trip. It is widely considered Italy’s most scenic stretch of coastline cruising through, a landscape of towering bluffs, pastel-hued villages terraced into hillsides, precipitous corniche roads, luxuriant gardens, and expansive vistas over turquoise waters and green-swathed mountains. It is also one of the UNESCO world heritage sites.


Photo Credit – Dennis Jarvis

6. The Garden Route ( South Africa )

This road route is meant for couples who love adventure and feel closer to the nature. This 150 miles long stretch from the Africa’s southernmost tip is packed with high-energy activities, including bungee jumping, cage diving with sharks, casinos, a bizarre monkey world, caving, and an ostrich ride. Nowhere in the world can you get more than this on a single ride.

Garden Route South Africa

Photo Credit – John Karwoski

7. The Great Alpine Road ( France )

Though it is quite a long road covering a distance of 684 miles but it is worth the travel as for most of the parts the road goes through the beautiful French Alps. It includes some of the highest mountain passes in the Europe, where you can see clouds soaring in front t of you while you drive. The whole route offers beautiful and mesmerizing vies of the Alps.


Photo Credit – Neil Brickley

8. California’s Highway 1 ( USA )

The All American road from Los Angles to San Francisco has been rated as one of the best driving route. Cruising along the Pacific coastline this route provides some of the most beautiful settings for a romantic outing. Hold hands while taking a stroll on the beach or enjoy in some banter over a cup of coffee. The highway number 1 is a great escape for people who just want to be with each other.


Photo Credit – johnkay

9. Ice field’s Park ( Canada )

Canada offers you the world’s most spectacular drive. Just log into your cruise control and wind up on this 144 miles long stretch through the heart of the Canadian Rocky Mountain Parks which is also a known world heritage site. This world-class journey offers access to a vast wilderness of pristine mountain lakes, ancient glaciers and broad sweeping valleys and connects two national parks of the country.

Icefields Parkway Canada

Icefields Parkway Canada

10. Back roads of Provence ( France )

This is a unique road trip as it does not go through wide freeways or highways but through the backyards of the beautiful villages of France. Roads in the Cote d’Azur “Back Country” tend to be narrow and winding, but with, for the most part, good surfaces. It passes through beautifully pleasant areas and offers a unique taste of the French lifestyle.


Photo Credit – Salva Barbera

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