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Less Famous but Incredibly Romantic Honeymoon Destinations in Asia

Last updated : Feb 2, 2016

The continent of Asia carries with itself a number of beautiful locations, each and every more exquisite and wonderful than others. There are a lot of places in Asia where you can spend a honeymoon, but with the rise in popularity of these places it is getting really crowdy and the places are losing its once pristine and heavenly atmosphere. Still there are many such place in Asia without the rush and crowd like the others. So here are the list of places which are less famous but great honeymoon destination.

Asia's Underrated But Incredible Honeymoon Destinations


The beautiful country landlocked from three sides is one of South East Asia’s most beautiful beaches. It is less popular as compared to its counterparts like Thailand. The nation is currently on a verge to become one of the hottest destinations of South East Asia. Its beautiful beaches are untouched and the city carries many important historical and cultural buildings which are known for there architecture and design.

Hot Air Balloon Ride in Bagan

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This landlocked country located in the Central East Asia is the link between the two great nations of Russia and China. Mongolia is a perfect honeymoon destinations for couples who love being with each other away from the outside world. Visit the nomadic capital the birth place of Chengis khan and the beautiful steppes of the Terelj National Park are in no matter less than the most beautiful sights of the world.


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This tiny Himalayan nation is the home to world’s largest peak the Mount Everest. The beauty of this place can be imagined by a single fact that its entire area lies within the mighty Himalayas. Nepal is different from other honeymoon destinations of Asia which are predominantly located near oceans but it is a perfect place for those who have never ending affairs with the mountains.

Boats in Pokhara

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this tiny Himalayan nation is one of the most beautiful part of this mighty mountain range. With breathtaking scenery and a centuries old culture Bhutan is a destination which is not well known but is a perfect escape for couples who look for a place away from the beaches and the crowded destinations. Visit the thousand prayer monastery located deep into the mountains and you will find peace like never before.


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Shodoshima, Japan

The Shodoshima Island is the second largest island of Japan and is considered to be the first island created by gods in the Japanese mythology. Literally translated, it means the small bean island; it is one of Japans most celebrated tourist attraction. The island offers pristine beaches resorts, coastal sceneries and a mountainous interior.


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Koh Rong, Cambodia

Cambodia is one of the least known South east destination, the island of Koh Rong is one of the most beautiful islands in this region. Its white sand and clean blue water will captivate you. Despite being not well known the island has all the facilities required for a perfect honeymoon. There are luxury honeymoon resorts where you can relax and indulge in some spa treatment. The island is a perfect place for couples who wish to go to a beach destination which is serene and less crowded.

Koh Rong

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Haputale, Sri Lanka

The island nation of Sri Lanka is one of the fastest growing travel destinations of South East Asia. This tear drop shaped island has some of the most beautiful location of Asia specially the town of Haputale. It is the most bio diverse region of Sri Lanka and is filled with beautiful mountains and valleys, lakes and forests. It is best for the couples who love being with nature.


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South Korea

South Korea is a modern city with all the luxuries amenities available at your arms reach. It is a destination for those who want to sync with both the nature as well the creations of humans. In South Korea a must visit destination is the honeymoon island which is as the name suggests specially for couples. Visit the lava caves, the highest mountain of South Korea, superb beaches and the Loveland which is in fact the most unorthodox theme park you would ever see.

DukYuSan in South-Korea

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It is one of the most visited and popular landlocked country in Southeast Asia. The entire town is a UNESCO world heritage site and is slow paced and can be said that it carries the essence of Asia. This charming little town does not have high end luxury resorts but you will find a number of hotels and guest houses here. Enjoy the life Asian way in this magical little town.


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