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America’s Evergreen Holiday Destinations You Must Visit

Last updated : Aug 14, 2015

United States of America is the third largest country of the world and one of the significant nations too. But not just for powers and credibility the United States of America is also known as a noted tourists destination as there are some awesome holiday destinations where people can have fun and can spend long tours. Starting from gorgeous beaches to shopping destinations to honeymoon locations, to natural backdrops America has it all. The United States also has dominion over other territories in the Caribbean and the Pacific regions and tourists can explore them in their holidays.

Best Tourist Places in United States To Visit This Year

San Francisco

A significant and popular city of America located in the state of California is known as the gateway to the Golden Bridge settled on the Bay Area where people can see some of the best views and places of interests. People can enjoy the various sandy beaches in the Ocean beach, China Town, North Beach, the telegraph Hill and many other points that are considered the most happening places of San Francisco. The city can be explored with more historical monuments such as the palace of Fine Arts, Transamerica Pyramid, the Presidio and most importantly the Golden Gate.


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Maui is a gorgeous island settled in the Hawaii state which is also a cluster of islands. This is the largest one and known for its amazing beaches and lively water sports to be carried out here. This is an extremely beautiful place and considered as one of the hottest honeymoon destinations of the United States. People who visit here get themselves lost in the dynamic beaches and the spellbinding natural backdrop. Hana, Haiku, Kapalua, Kihei, are some of the destinations that is known for their significant and distinct tourism specialties and natural beauties which can be enjoyed by people of all ages.


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Washington DC

The capital city of the United States and one of the major metropolis of the world. The city is apt for a tour to see the major official and historical buildings of the United States are located here including the residence of the President of the United States the White House. More to explore the Lincoln Building, the Capitol, numerous museums, Universities parks and Gardens are there for the tourists to see in one of the wealthiest capital cities of the globe. The city has more political value than a typical tourism value but there are loads of places to be seen in the city.

Lake Roosevelt Washington

San Diego

This is an awesome coastal city of the United States of America which attracts millions of tourists every year. San Diego city is known for its long swimming beaches, universities, lively nightlife and the best tourism activities and people who want to take a break from the hustle bustle of the other cities of the United States then they can go for San Diego. Right from the beaches and the water sports such as the surfing, sailing and boating the city has it all to deliver its tourists. And do not forget to visit the Balboa Park.


New York City

New York City is one of the major cities of the United States of America which is known to be an epitome of utmost lavishness and urbanization. The city is known for its iconic the Statue of Liberty and many other places which are the solid examples of a high profile metropolis. The city is the most populous city of the nation and also home to some of the major shopping and nightlife destinations. Among the most popular places in the city are Manhattan, Brooklyn, and in the main city you can visit the Empire State Building, World Trade Center, New York Stock Exchange and many others.


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This is the city which is also known as the Disney Land or the city of the ‘Mickey Mouse’ and ‘Donald Duck’. The city of Orlando is located in Florida and known for housing the best theme parks of the world. Among the major ones Disney World, Universal Studios, Sea World, Ripley’s Believe it or not, Holy land, Gatorland are the small ones are also quite famous among the tourists. The city is mostly loved by children and also loved by their parents too as they can get their children the best tours of their life.


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US Virgin Islands

This is another place in the United States that equivalent to heavenly beauty as the islands is settled between the Caribbean Sea and Atlantic Ocean. The city is a paradise to the honeymooners as there are some beautiful and exotic islands and the tropical climate is a perfect place to enjoy your vacation and people visit this place all through the year. The islands are the best place to go for water walking and other beach activities and people can get the best beach party if they are going in a group. There are good eateries that are enjoyed by the tourists.


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The city of Chicago is the third largest city of the United States and is one of the most important cities of America that is known for its high rise skyscrapers and buildings. Settled on the banks of Michigan the city is home to some exclusive architecture with world class museums, beautiful parks and gardens, and the city is well known for its music i.e. jazz, blues, and also a center for dynamic public art. People can visit the various museums and galleries and there is also good option to watch for flora and fauna in the Lincoln Park Zoo.

Chicago Nightlife

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Las Vegas

Las Vegas is also known with the nickname of ‘The entertainment Capital of the World’ and people visit his city to experience the gorgeous nightlife of the city. The city is located in the Mojave Desert and possess a huge numbers of hotels and casinos, settled in the state of Nevada the city the city was founded in a massive way in the year 1905. The Adventure dome at Circus Circus, the Aquarium, Botanical Gardens, Flamingo gardens are some of the places where people can visit. But mostly people visit this place to enjoy the casinos and test their luck.

Las Vegas Nightlife

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Los Angeles

Los Angeles is also known as “The city of Angels” is also a lavish city of America and one of the best tourist destinations of the world. The city is known for its charismatic beauty as it is surrounded by valleys, beautiful parks and gardens, dense green forests and the pristine beaches on the shores of the Pacific Ocean which all together make this city a real wonder and is a gorgeous place to spend your vacation or honeymoon. Among the major places of interest people can visit the Griffith Park, the Getty Center, Grand Park and many others.


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Napa Valley

A gorgeous valley which is specially noted for being a romantic destination as the city is a perfect place for wines tasting and for the tours of its vineyards and natural locations. The valley is famous for its wine forests and grape forests located in the state of California and people can have a relaxed escape from the hustle bustle of the other cities of the state such as Los Angeles and San Francisco. Napa Valley is one of the best tourist destinations of the state and people mostly visit here to be in the greens and to spend some lonely time.

Napa Valley,California

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Aspen is popularly known as a skiing resort of the United State of America. It is located in the state of Colorado in the Rocky Mountains and attracts people from all over the world. People can visit the city all over the year as there are valleys to look out for where natural splendor can be experienced and people can see the Maroon Bells and the John Denver Park which is a famous place of the city. People can get the best skiing mountains in the Aspen Mountain, Aspen Highlands, Snowmass, and Buttermilk where they can move on with guides too.


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New Orleans

New Orleans is one of the oldest cities of the United States and known for its glamorous lifestyle and unlimited tourism options. The city is having a great cosmopolitan culture and among the best cities of America. You can see the influences of French, German, Irish, Vietnamese and many other cultures in the city and there is a district of French quarter which is known for its lineup of shopping streets, restaurants and entertainment options. Zoos, museums, and many other places especially to entertain the kids can be enjoyed in the city to have more fun.


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New Jersey

New Jersey is a gorgeous city of America located in the eastern coast of the Atlantic Region. The city is an awesomely beautiful place rich with natural wonders. The city can be an ultimate holiday destination that can cater all your needs as it can be a great place for the bird watchers, nature lovers and also for those people who love gambling and enjoying their life. People can also go for outdoor activities like camping, hiking, rafting on the Delaware River and can enjoy the shores to watch birds and beaches. Lakes are also there for the swimmers too.


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