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5 Most Romantic Cities in Australia

Last updated : Nov 18, 2015

Natural beauty, adventure and serenity make Australia a most preferred honeymoon destination among the lovebirds. You can never get tired of exploring immense diversity of cultures and climates, tastes and terrain of the country. Australia is one of the most interesting countries to visit, offering a beautiful mélange of natural and man-made wonders, no matter what the season is it, Australia is always ready to surprise you with its amazing cities having a never fading out charm. If you are already excited about visiting it for your romantic getaway, then here are some of the most romantic cities in Australia to cross off your list.


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Proud of its imaginative arts, vibrant culture and tempting culinary, Sydney is the showstopper of Australia The city has almost perfect year-round weather and a plethora of entertainment options. Even better, the city is a multicultural and diverse place whose residents are known for their charm and good looks.

What to do in Sydney ?

  • Watch out for Sydney Opera House for its dazzling architecture and design.
  • View breathtaking vistas of Jenolan Caves
  • Be friends with the adorable marine creature at Sea Life Sydney Aquarium
  • Soak in some history at Government House Sydney

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Renowned as the cultural capital of Australia, the city is beautiful mishmash of tradition and cultural sophistication. It is one of the most popular destinations in the world, thanks to its enchanting sandy beaches, striking historic buildings, renowned museums and galleries, designer boutiques and effervescent nightlife.

What to do in Melbourne?

  • Watch a film on a spacious rooftop, with panoramic views of the cityscape and a setting sun in the background at Rooftop Cinema
  • Spend some cozy time away from the noise of the city at Studley Park Boathouse.
  • Watch the fantastic sunset and the breathtaking skyline at Brighton Beach
  • Enjoy getting close to the penguins, koalas and kangaroos on Philips Island

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Edgy art scenes, pumping nightlife, great restaurants, lush forests and historic buildings complete the beautiful picture of Brisbane. Brisbane has its fair share of attractions for honeymooner that can make your romantic journey even more memorable.

What to do in Brisbane?

  • Explore the city and have finger licking food while floating along the water through River Cruising
  • Go glamping at Moreton Island
  • Enjoy views from Story Bridge Climb
  • Stroll through the City Botanical Gardens

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Tucked in North Australia, Adelaide is an ideal place for those couples who want to seclude themselves from the world and find some peace. The pristine beaches, majestic mountains and an array of accessible experiences allow you to enjoy full freedom without being disturbed.

What to do in Adelaide?

  • Soak in the scenic beauty of Adelaide’s vineyards at McLaren Vale
  • Take a romantic stroll hand in hands alongside of Torrens River
  • Dive with Leafy Sea Dragons
  • Ballooning in the Barossa

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Perth’s beaches, rivers, streets, cafes, bars museum , galleries and laid back atmosphere make it a fabulous mix of new and old temptations . It is an idyllic location all nature, adventure, aquatic, cultural enthusiasts to explore. Renowned as one of the most relaxed cities of the world Perth will surely makes anyone’ s stay comfortable.

What to do in Perth ?

  • Have a blast with your soul mate at the Adventure World theme park
  • Get up close with the beauty of the nature at Swan Valley
  • Unlock the mystery of stars through stargazing at Gingin Observatory
  • Experience the magical marine life encounter while swimming with the seals at Jurien Bay

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